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"Big Daddy" King was the father of Charlotte King.


"Big Daddy" had been diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctors anticipated he would only live six more months, but he lived another two years. When the time came that he was dying and someone needed to turn off the machines, Charlotte flew down to her parents' house to do so, as neither of her brothers could do it. After a stretch of time sitting with him and debating it, Charlotte went to turn off the machine, but found she couldn't do it. After she struggled for a while, Cooper took over and turned off the machine, allowing "Big Daddy" to die. She gave him a kiss on his forehead to say goodbye.



He was married to Augusta King until his death.


He had three kids: Duke, Landry, and Charlotte. According to his daughter, he was cruel to everyone but her. He loved her being a doctor and not just getting married and having babies.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He didn't believe in tears, so she said cancer was his chickens coming home to roost.