Aaron Karev, born Aaron Evans, is the younger brother of Alex Karev.


Early LifeEdit

Aaron's childhood was likely very similar to his brother, Alex's. His father was abusive and his mother was schizophrenic. He also spent time in foster care. Before ending up in foster care, Alex acted as a dad to Aaron.


Aaron came to Seattle and paid Alex a visit almost seven years after Alex last came home. He showed him his hernia, which Alex guaranteed would be repaired after he got Dr. Bailey to agree to a pro-bono surgery for him. When Aaron found out through Arizona and Lexie that Alex had gotten married and was going through a divorce, Aaron was livid at Alex for not telling them. The two brothers clashed and fought in the hospital. Aaron tried to back out of the surgery, but ended up having it anyway. They later reconciled and Aaron left. ("Sympathy for the Parents")


Months later, Aaron was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After he tried to kill Amber, Alex returned to Iowa because he was the only one in the family of legal age and mentally fit to have him committed for treatment, since their mother was also schizophrenic and was off her meds. ("Something's Gotta Give")



According to him, his young sister, Amber, is smart like their older brother, Alex. ("Sympathy for the Parents")


Aaron is a mover.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • When Cristina met him, she thought he was nice, so she nicknamed him "Angel Spawn".
  • Although Aaron introduced himself with the surname Karev, it was later revealed that Karev is his mother's maiden name, and, like Alex, likely chose to dissociate himself from their father, James Evans, and presumably had it legally changed.


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