Abraham is a patient who came in after a bus crash who struck up a friendship with Arizona Robbins.



He had a fall in February and hurt his left hip. Gabby said he hadn't been the same since, but it hadn't slowed him down.


Abe was on his way to a singles cruise with his girlfriend of five years, Gabby Margraff, when the bus they were on was in an accident. He and Gabby were both taken to the hospital, where they were more concerned about each other than themselves. After Gabby was taken for a CT, Abe called out to Arizona Robbins in the hallway, asking her about Gabby. She updated him and then went to get him jello.

He and Arizona continued talking. He told her all about how he had met Gabby and that he was planning to propose on their next cruise. She was then paged away for a patient, but said she'd come back with more jello to hear the rest of the story. When she returned, he was dead. The nurse had just checked on him, but she suspected an MI or a stroke.



Abe had been dating Gabby Margraff for five years at the time of his death. They met on a singles cruise and had been together ever since. He says that when he first saw her, he got so dizzy that he had to sit down. They were going on another cruise together and Abe was planning to propose, but they were in a bus crash on the way and he never got the chance.


He has a sister who encouraged him to go on his first singles cruise, saying he needed to get up out of his chair.


While in the hospital, he struck up a friendship with Arizona Robbins. She brought him jello and they talked. He told her all about Gabby and their relationship. She got paged away after he told her he was planning to propose to Gabby and when she returned, he was dead. She later told April that she felt like she could talk to him forever. He said she was a wise ass, but he likes that.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 90 at the time of his death.
  • He had a very nice chair with a warmer in the seat, a powered foot rest, and a place for the remote.
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