A view of the living room from the deck.

Addison's house is located on a beach in Los Angeles. The house is right next to Sam's house.



After visiting her friends Naomi and Sam, Addison concluded she needed a change in her life. She decided to join their medical practice and purchased the beach house. After moving in, she discovered the house next door was owned by Sam.


Amelia moved in with Addison when she decided to stay in Los Angeles. She and Addison lived together until Addison moved out to go live with Sam, but she allowed Amelia to continue to live there. After she broke up with Sam, Addison moved back into the house. Not long after, Amelia moved out after a fight with Addison over her pregnancy.

Henry and JakeEdit

Addison's son Henry came to live with her after his birth mother chose Addison to be his mother. Addison turned her guest room into a kids bedroom. Shortly after, Addison chose Jake over Sam and he moved in with her as well, since her house was nicer than his. Jake later proposed to her on the deck.


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Addison Montgomery 's House - Private Practice

Addison Montgomery 's House - Private Practice

  • Kate Walsh really liked the house, the bedroom in particular.
  • The deck is often used for parties.
  • The set of house is based on the house that was used for filming in the first episode of the series. That house is also the one that's used for exterior shots.
  • A blue screen was used to create the ocean Addison's house looks out to.
  • Derek and Addison owned a vacation house in Santa Monica (which he gave to Addison in the divorce). This is not that house, as Addison was surprised to find out that Sam was her neighbor, which she would have known had it been that house.

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