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Aftershock is the season six premiere and the 99th episode of Private Practice.

Short Summary[]

Addison settles into her new life after making a decision between Jake and Sam. Violet fears the worst when Pete doesn't show up to his preliminary court hearing and Charlotte swears Cooper to secrecy when she receives shocking news. Meanwhile, Amelia celebrates one year of sobriety and Sheldon rekindles a romance with his ex-wife.

Full Summary[]

Sam is making breakfast and takes it upstairs.

At a meeting, Amelia gets an AA badge from Sheldon and smiles. Sheldon hugs her.

Charlotte, Mason, and Cooper are having breakfast in their living room.

Addison is standing on her balcony with Henry.

Jake wakes up all alone in a bed and seems to miss the person he slept with that night.

Violet is woken up by a text from Pete that says that he went for a run and that he loves her no matter what happens.


8:00 am - Violet tells Lucas it's going to be a great day, and Lucas asks where daddy is. She tells him he went out for a run and that she'll meet him in court, where the judge will show mercy because Pete did what he did out of compassion and empathy. There's a small earthquake and Violet comforts her son, saying they're doing just fine.

9:15 am - Violet enters the kitchen at the practice, where Charlotte and Cooper agree they won't tell anyone else. The other doctors come in too and they're surprised Violet's at work as it's the day of Pete's preliminary hearing. Violet can't sit around and worry over every possible outcome. It's not healthy. "Neither is denial," Sheldon replies. Violet says she and Pete agreed that the best way to get through this is to live their normal lives. Jake asks how their lawyer thinks about the case, and she is optimistic Violet says. Troy's father may not blame Pete anymore for pulling the plug after all this months he had to grief the loss of his son. Charlotte wants to know what Violet thinks, but Violet prefers to focus on her patient for now. As Violet walks to her office, Sam enters the kitchen where Cooper asks him to just admit it.

10:01 am - Violet is in her office with an old man, waiting for his daughter to arrive. He thinks his daughter, whom he hasn't seen in 23 years, hates him and he's afraid she won't show up. Just as he says she's not coming, a pregnant Debra appears and tells him she actually keeps her word. Ed didn't know she was married, which she says she isn't. They sit down and Violet gives Ed the word. He tells Debra he's 6 months sober and that this is not easy for him. He needs them to do something, but she interrupts him before he can finish. She needed him to be there for her in her youth and not leave her and her mother. Violet asks Ed if he regrets what he did, which he does. Debra says she needed parents, and Ed replies she had her mother. That's not true, as her mother got depressed after he left. Ed claims he never stopped loving them, but Debra keeps on raging about how he ruined her childhood. As she yells she will never forgive him not that he's supposedly sorry, her water breaks. Violet comforts her as Ed asks if he can help her, but she yells at him to go away. He does so as Violet starts calling someone.

10:45 am - Addison just finished her exam on Debra. She's only 5 centimeters dilated and they will transport her to the hospital, so she can meet with her regular OB. She'll be alone with the paramedic and she says he's probably going to leave her too, like all other men in her life. Violet assures her her father really wants to be there for her. Debra says she's already in enough pain as it is. The paramedic takes her away and Addison asks if Violet is okay. Violet wants to stay in the exam room so she won't have to go to her office, where's look up prison visiting hours. She still hasn't wrapped her head around the fact that her husband may be going to prison. Addison tries to cheer her up by tap dancing and using medical instruments as puppets. Violet asks her about her love life, but Addison just doesn't know what to say about it.

12:00 am - Violet sees Ed in the waiting room of the practice. He doesn't know where to go, so she suggests he go to the hospital. Ed thinks Debra doesn't want him there, but Violet reminds him that his biggest regret is that he listened when she told him to leave. He will always stay Debra's father, but he doesn't know what to do. Violet asks how many times he tried to get sober. This is the first time, which Violet thinks is inspiring, as most people of his age would just keep on drinking to the end. He doesn't want to die as an alcoholic. Violet concludes he knows what to do then. Cooper interrupts them. They have to go.

1:00 pm - "Seriously, I'm like Michael Phelps," Cooper says as he and Violet enter the courtroom. Their lawyer asks her where Pete is, as he never showed up at her office and doesn't answer his cell. The judge takes her place, and the lawyer asks for a short recess as her client is absent. The lawyer is sure there's a logical explanation, as Violet stands up and says she's sure Pete will show. The judge doesn't want to listen to her and orders an arrest warrant for Pete Wilder.

2:00 pm - Back at the practice, Charlotte is trying to come up with a logical explanation to Pete's absence. Violet questions how he can just disappear on the first day of his trial. She and Charlotte think it may be time to call the police, but Addison says it isn't. In the police's eyes, he's a fugitive who jumped bail. Violet then starts thinking he ran on purpose. Addison doesn't think so and asks Charlotte for support, but she thinks Pete may have run. Violet remembers how a few weeks ago, Pete proposed to just go to Central-America when Lucas pointed towards an airplane in the sky. She thought it was just a fantasy, but thinks he's on the plane now. Charlotte doesn't think so, but Violet then tells them what Pete texted her this morning. Charlotte says that having had a mother in jail makes Pete want to protect Lucas, but Violet says Pete is just being a weak, selfish coward. She won't ever forgive him for this.

3:15 pm - Violet is thinking in her office as her phone rings. It's Pete. She picks up and asks him where the hell he is. She's shocked by what she hears.


Addison gets back inside from the balcony with Henry. Jake is lying in her bed and watches her as she comes in. He asks her how she can look so incredible first thing in the morning.

...& Jake

8:00 am - Jake takes Henry and asks Addison how he slept. Like a rock. She asks him how he slept, knowing he usually sleeps better at his place. "My place doesn't come with you," he replies and they kiss as things start shaking in their room too. Addison recalls his phone kept on buzzing last night. He checks and it's from Megan Stewart. He says she knows how his patients are in the first trimester. He's acting as Megan's husband until her real husband gets back from his business trip. Megan calls again, so he hands over Henry to Addison and answers the call. 

11:00 am - "My husband might go to prison," Violet says, after having asked Addison about her love life. Addison doesn't know what to say, but she definitely made the right choice by choosing Jake. He makes her very happy. Violet notices there's a but. Addison blurts out Jake is extremely pretty and attracts a lot of women, which is difficult for her as he closely helps those women with their fertility issues. Violet laughs, and Addison is glad her insecurity makes Violet happy. Sam's patients are worried about their hearts, Derek's are usually brain damaged but Jake's are in love with him because he can give them a gift that their husband can't give them. She compliments his looks some more until Charlotte interrupts, needing Addison.

Same time at the hospital, Jake enters Debra's room where Stephanie presents the case. He introduces himself. Debra asks about her regular OB, but he got stuck with other patient's. Stephanie assures Debra she's the best delivery nurse while Dr. Reilly is just someone to yell at when the pain gets too bad. Jake examines her and concludes she has some time left, as she's only at 5 centimeters. Debra tells them that her best friend, who was supposed to be there, is in Cabo having fun, even though she told her not to go as due dates aren't written in stone. Stephanie asks if there is any other family they can call. Debra says there isn't.

11:30 am - Charlotte is lying on the exam table. Addison is about to examine her and takes the instruments to do so. Charlotte recalls that last time Addison used these instruments on her was when she was raped, which makes her feel weird and uncomfortable, so she asks Addison to talk about something. She asks about Henry. Addison starts doing so, but Charlotte soon calls to stop. She wants Addison to hurry and get this over with.

1:30 pm - Debra is on seven centimeters now. Debra asks where Stephanie is. Jake paged her, she should be there any minute. Jake wants to give Debra something for the pain as it could go on for hours, but she refuses because needles remind her of her past. It gives her memories about her waiting waiting in the ER while her drunk bastard father was treated for dehydration with IVs and needles and she can't think about that right now, because she's about to become a mother. She starts crying and expresses her fear over becoming like her father. Jake calms her down and assures her she will be a great mother. Yes, she'll make mistakes, because everyone parent does, but this right here is the most beautiful thing in the whole world and yes, there's a little bit of pain but it's temporary. When it's all over, she can enjoy her baby. That's why he's doing this, for her moment. So she needs to trust him a little while longer, he's going to take care of her. She rolls over on her side and while she's counting and waiting for him to put in the needle, Stephanie comes in. She tells him there was something with her father. Jake tells her not to tell Debra yet.

3:00 pm - In a hospital lounge, Jake tells Addison Pete should've stayed and fought for his family. Addison thinks it might be better to run for the hills if you're losing yourself. Jake questions if they're still talking about Pete here. "I'm not me!" Addison calls, but he doesn't understand and asks to explain. She reveals she gets up at 5 in the morning when he sleeps over to try to be all she can be for him, but she's failing miserably because she just used an army slogan to make her point. He advises to keep talking so at least one of them will figure out it. She says she checks her phone a lot, willing it to buzz because it might be him and when it is him, she has this feeling in her stomach. Could be butterflies, but it hurts, like actual physical pain. Like a tumor, but it's not, it's him. "Did you just refer to me as cancer?" he asks. She sighs and sits down, saying she can't focus, she can't eat, she's insecure and jealous and she resembles more closely to her 14 year old self than the woman she's come to recognize as her, which is what she meant when she said she was not her and when she maybe accidentally referred to him as cancer. "This conversation was a bad idea, I got to go," she says and leaves, not giving Jake a chance to reply.

Cooper & Charlotte

8:00 am - Charlotte, Mason and Cooper are having breakfast and joking. Suddenly, there's the earthquake, which has Mason hiding underneath the coffee table. He calls "triangle of life". As the earthquake's passed, Cooper asks what that is. Charlotte explains they did a unit on earthquake preparedness last week and they now have enough water to get them through the apocalypse. Mason replies having enough water is very important. "So is getting to school on time," Charlotte reminds him. He leaves to get ready. Charlotte tells Cooper she has something to say but she wants him not to get excited. He won't, but he knows it's a good thing because she didn't say "don't freak out". He jokingly asks if she's pregnant. Her face tells him she is. He gets excited, so Charlotte reminds him of what she just said. Cooper thinks it might have been meant to be, because she has an IUD which means there's like a 1% chance for her to get pregnant. Charlotte reminds that when she is, the IUD has to be removed and she'll likely miscarry because of that. Cooper says she might not and starts thinking about their future baby. Charlotte is going to see Addison later today and she wants him not to tell anyone. "Pregnant," he dreamingly says. "Not for long," is her reply.

9:45 am - As a giant bouquet is delivered, Charlotte meets Sheldon at the reception of the practice. She apologizes for not having made it this morning, but she hopes he saved her some cake. He asks since when she eats cake. Charlotte takes the card in the bouquet and says she's going to kill Cooper, but then reads the flowers are for him. Sheldon smiles as he reads the car and then asks why she would be getting flowers today. She hesitates.

11:30 am - Addison and Charlotte enter the exam room. Addison asks how far along she is. Couple of months, give or take. Addison says irregular periods are the downside of an IUD. Charlotte is not thinking about the pregnancy, as she thinks Addison removing the IUD will take care of it. Addison replies she's very good at her job, but Charlotte says there's no need to be an overachiever today. "Well, if I can't help myself from being the best, you do have options," Addison says. Charlotte replies there's a common misconception that being pro-choice means you relish the opportunity to run into an alley with a hanger. She believes in a woman's right to choose, but she doesn't have a choice. Addison tells her to put her feet into the stirrups and that she can use the blanket to cover up. Charlotte knows the drill. Addison thought Charlotte didn't want kids. She doesn't. She has Mason and she loves him, but she doesn't want kids. Charlotte leans back and says the problem is she's not 16 or single or anything else, so she can't justify an abortion. She tells Addison she needs to be not great at her job today because she doesn't have options. Addison asks if she's okay, but Charlotte simply tells her to go on with it.

1:00 pm - Cooper and Violet are in the courthouse. Cooper tells her it's going to be okay. Violet appreciates he's trying to make her feel better and there's no one needing better news more than her. He then blurts out Charlotte is pregnant. She says that's amazing but realizes that Charlotte would kill him for telling her. He tells her Charlotte thinks the pregnancy is not viable because of her IUD. She asks why he's so happy then. He says his guys are champions: his swimmers beat the big, bad IUD. They pass through a people-screening metal detector.

"Seriously, I'm like Michael Phelps," Cooper says as they enter the courtroom. Violet sees her lawyer, Roberta, looking angry and she realizes something is wrong. Roberta asks where her husband is.

3:00 pm - Mason runs out of school towards Cooper, who asks where Amber, his playdate, is. Natasha got jealous and things got annoying, so he's going to play alone. Cooper asks if that bugs him, adding that he as an only child knows how he used to want a sibling to play with. He wants to know if Mason feels that way too. He sometimes does. Cooper asks if he might like to have a little brother or sister. Mason says they could adopt one. "Or we could just have one," Cooper says. That's gross, Mason says, as that would mean that Cooper and Charlotte are doing it.

3:30 pm - Charlotte gets into a toilet stall. She looks at something, sighs and thanks Jesus.

4:00 pm - As Addison is setting up to do an ultrasound on Charlotte, she tells her to stop smiling, reminding her that removing the IUD is what could have caused the bleed. "I'm miscarrying, don't ruin my joy," Charlotte says. Addison asks if she knows how creepy that sounds, even for her. Charlotte says she's only relieved and rushes Addison to do the ultrasound. She does so, and they're both shocked by what they see on the screen.

Sheldon & Amelia

8:00 am - After having given her the AA badge, Sheldon presents Amelia with a cake with one candle it. She blows it out. As everyone applauds, Sheldon gets away from the stand and takes a seat as Amelia starts speaking. She's amazed by the fact that she's sober for a year now. She tells the audience they saved her life and that she's grateful every day, because the man she loved wasn't so lucky. She doesn't get why she gets to be here and he doesn't. All she knows is that one day at a time, they carried her through her grief and through her pregnancy. She smilingly says she stayed sober this year, fro 365 days and that is no small miracle. She can't take credit for it. These steps, this room, these people, they carried her through. Everyone applauds, including Sheldon.

While people are getting cake and coffee at a small buffet, the earthquake hits. She asks Sheldon if that was an actual earthquake or just her being delirious with joy. He says it's maybe both and hugs her, saying he's proud of her. She asks if he wants cake. He does, but he won't eat it because he has a physical with Sam and if his sugar is up, he's going to have to listen to Sam's lecture. He says he's gotta run and leaves after another hug. Ed Diamanti lines up next to Amelia at the buffet and they great each other. As he's eating cake, he tells her not to look at him as a doctor because he can't drink, nor smoke, so eating cake on someone's sobriety birthday is all he has. She asks when his appointment with Dr. Turner is. He confesses he thinks he can't do it. It's too late for him, he thinks. Amelia replies it's only too late for Ryan and her baby, but they, they are still here. She pats his shoulder.

8:45 am - In the exam room, Sheldon tells Sam he wants him to know he refused cake today. Sam reminds him he didn't say never, he said in moderation. It's all or nothing, Sheldon thinks. He spent the weekend in Chicago eating skinless chicken breasts, which made him feel miserable, but the company cheered him up. As Sam starts his exam, he knows Sheldon's talking about her ex. He asks if she has a name, because his ex is not his ex anymore if he's seeing her again. Laura, Sheldon says. Sam concludes he must be happy with Laura, as his blood pressure has never been this low. Sheldon wishes he could see her more. Now, they meet up in a new and exciting city every month, have three marvelous days at the Four Seasons and then go back to their lives. It works, because there's no fear of failure this way, there's nothing to fight over, and they don't get sick of each other. It's just perfect. Except he wishes he could see her more, Sam says. Sheldon says that it might not work if they did. Sam says that if they don't try for real, they can't know. They did try for real. They were married, subsequently divorced, and the idea of two strikes gives him pause. Sheldon then says he does not want to bug him about Addison, but he wants to know if Sam's okay. 

9:45 am - "They're for you," Charlotte says as she hands over the card to Sheldon. He reads and wants to know why she thought she was getting flowers today. She doesn't answer and asks who the flowers are from. From his ex, he says, and he thinks about having her move her. Maybe it could work this time. Charlotte asks what happened last time. He explains he wanted children, she didn't. "You don't want them anymore?" she asks. He says that when you're young, there are certain things you think are deal breakers because you don't know how elusive love is, but later, what you want changes. "Not always," Charlotte says as she walks away. Ed comes out of the elevator and makes a comment about the roses as he walks towards Violet's office.

2:30 pm - Sheldon enters Amelia's office. She asks if he's heard it and says she doesn't believe that Pete ran, as Pete doesn't run from the tough stuff. He risked his medical license, his family, and his freedom to help Troy find peace. And Troy wasn't the only one he did it for. She talks about how she didn't have the strength to do what Pete did when her friend Michelle asked her to end her life because she didn't want to die twitching and incoherent from Huntington's. Sheldon says that part of her recovery is taking responsibility for her failures and this last year, she has shown tremendous strength. He won't let her undervalue her accomplishments and the pride she should feel, not ever, especially not today. She says he needs to live a very, very long time, because she never would've made it here without him and it is going to take the rest of her life to make it up to him. He smiles.

3:45 pm - Sheldon calls a frustrated Violet, who keeps on walking. Sam stops Sheldon, glad to have found him. Sheldon asked if they had plans, but Sam says he has his blood results. Sheldon doesn't want Sam to start talking about cholesterol again, but it's not that. Sam asks to come into his office.


8:00 am - Sam takes breakfast to his bedroom. Nurse Stephanie comes out of the bathroom and asks if they are cinnamon. "Your favorite," he replies. They sit down on bed and kiss. The earthquake hits and she quickly grabs the juice. He laughs about this, but she explains she only did it to save the pancakes from the juice. She confesses she wondered how the first night at his place would be, as she usually tosses and turns and stares at the ceiling. He said she was peaceful. She says he has a really good matras. He gives her a look, so she adds it was a really good night. They kiss.

8:45 am - Sheldon doesn't want to bug Sam about Addison, but he wants to know if he's okay. Sam is fine, which he repeats a couple of times as Sheldon doesn't believe it. Sheldon knows how much it sucks when you're not the one they choose. Sometimes, you're a little too late, Sam says. He thinks they maybe weren't meant to be together. Sheldon says that Sam is either a really good liar or psychologically very healthy. "Looks like we both got our check-ups today," Sam smilingly says. Sheldon has to hop down and bend over. Sam does his thing just a Sheldon proposes a doctor with smaller hands.

9:20 am - As Sam enters the kitchen, he wishes Violet good luck today on her way out. Everyone is in the kitchen, and Cooper wants him to admit it, as they all know it. Charlotte tells Cooper Sam may not want to talk about it. Jake walks out as he's on call, just as Cooper says everyone knows about Sam and Stephanie. Except for Sheldon, he has no idea who Stephanie is. Charlotte replies she's a labor and delivery nurse which she stole from UCLA. Cooper wants Sam to just nodd if they're right, but Sam stays motionless. Cooper asks Addison if she's seen a car in his drive way, but Addison replies she's not neighborhood watch. She says it's none of their business and walks out too. Cooper just needs a little vicarious thrill, especially now. He asks Sam if he's going to deny him that. Sam is. Cooper says he's being a baby, but Sam replies he's the only adult at this table right now. Sheldon says he's an adult too, albeit perpetually in the dark. He bumps into the door as he wants to leave.

12:30 pm - Addison knocks on his office door, asking if she can come in. Sure, he says. She apologizes about earlier with Cooper and says that he does not have to keep his life private out of respect for her. He says he proposed, she said no and she was right. He agrees his timing was off, or their timing, whatever. He assures her he is fine. She wants him to be happy, which he claims he is. Really.

1:15 pm - At the hospital, Sam and Stephanie are talking about Pete. Sam doesn't want Pete to have to serve time, but he says Pete did end a man's life. Stephanie can see why he did it. So can Sam, but he thinks Pete risked too much. He has a wife, a kid. She agrees it's easier to take chances when you're single, so she jokingly says it sucks for him that he met her. He then takes her apart and says they have been outed. She thinks it's good, as when a man doesn't tell his friends, you don't know where you stand. He apologizes and says he likes her a lot, but since the doctors at the practice always talk about everything, he just didn't want to share her. She smiles and kisses him in public, which she can do now because they have been outed. Stephanie gets a page so they start walking, passing by Ed. Sam notices he doesn't look good and asks if he's feeling all right. He says he is and that's here to see his daughter Debra, who's having a baby. Sam says he doesn't look well and asks if he minds if he'd check him out. Ed starts objecting as he needs to go see his kid, but he suddenly experiences heavy chest pain and Sam catches him, preventing him from falling. Sam lies him down on the floor and starts CPR. Stephanie runs off to find help and a crash cart. 


2:00 pm - Sam is operating on Ed in the cath lab while he keeps talking about his daughter. Sam tells him he just had a cardiac event. "Is that what they're calling it now? It sounds like a Bar Mitzvah, " Ed asks. Sam says it's not funny and he explains he has to unclog his coronary artery, monitor his heart function, then Ed has to rest and then he can maybe go see his daughter. Ed is convinced he's not going to do right now. He asks Sam if he would've died if he'd had the cardiac event at home. Sam confirms he would have. Ed says he never believed in a higher power until today. He believes his was visited by his emissaries. He wasn't planning on going to the meeting this morning, but he couldn't sleep because they were using jackhammers outside his house. Then he met this sweet kid at AA who gave this sweet speech and also gave him a kick in his behind. Then this shrink made him realize he couldn't move on until he made things right and he came to see his daughter, only to run into him, the heart guy, on the maternity ward because he was flirting with a pretty nurse. He had a cardiac event in front of him, and that's why he lived. Ed asks Sam if he believes in a higher power. Sam says he believes in God. "He all but came down and told us, it's not my time. Not yet. I have something left to do and I need to do it," Ed says. Amelia is watching from outside the cath lab. 

Outside the hospital at the coffee cart, Sam tells Jake that they're okay. Jake replies he said they were okay two months ago, but Sam confesses he was lying back then, but now they're really okay. "Good," Jake says.

Debra is holding her back as Amelia comes in. She introduces herself as a friend of Debra's dad. 

In his office, Sheldon watches the bouquet. He pours himself a drink, and starts drinking it while thinking.

Sam is checking on Ed's heart function. Amelia stops by, with Debra and her baby in a wheelchair. Ed apologizes and starts crying. Amelia wheels Debra closer and Debra introduces him to Max, his grandson. 

Charlotte storms into Cooper's office and punches him for having knocked her up. "My guys prevailed," a smiling Cooper says. Cooper is delighted that they're having a baby. "No, Cooper, we're not having a baby. We're having three babies," Charlotte says. He's totally surprised to hear this. 

Jake sits down in Addison's office and says that costumarily, the woman moves in with the man, but because Henry's got his nursery all set up and the beach is a draw, Jake guesses it'll be her place. "You're moving in with me?" she asks. Yes, it's time. He says she's in love with him. She didn't say, but everything she was saying before, she said because she felt it was right, she and him. He's not gonna let her run away because she's scared. Like he said before, he stays and fights. He fought for a year to be with her, and that was hard because he likes Sam a lot, but he knew the moment he met her in that grocery, and the moment she randomly appeared on his exam table, he knew again. If he had to wait, that was just what he was going to do, so he joined the practice, and waited. He's not going to wait anymore, because this is their time. They're supposed to be together and he's in love with her too, though he actually said it. She is charmed and asks if he really is in love with her. He is, and by the way, he checks his phone too, a lot. She gets up and sits down on his lap. "You've been warned, I'm crazy, you should run for the hills," she says. They share a long kiss.

Violet is sitting in her dark office. Cooper comes in, asking if she has any word from Pete. Yes, she got a call from Pete's phone. A very nice police officer told her the owner of the phone had met with an accident. Cooper asks what happened and if Pete is okay. Violet tells him Pete went for a run this morning in the Runyon Canyon. She guesses he collapsed and fell off the path, so nobody found him. He didn't run out of the country, didn't leave her or their son. He had a heart attack lying in the dirt by himself somewhere off a path in Runyon Canyon. Somebody's dog found him, and they asked Violet to come in to make sure it was Pete and not somebody who had stolen Pete's wallet or something. She went and looked, but he just looked like some guy that didn't look anything like her husband, as Pete is filled with warmth, even when he's pissing her off. He's in motion, he's alive, and that body looked so cold, still, empty. Cooper asks if Violet is saying that Pete is dead. "Oh sorry, yeah," Violet replies. Cooper is shocked. Violet says she knows she has to get home soon, but going home means she'll have to tell Lucas. "How do you tell a 3-year-old that his father is never coming home?" she asks. 


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Ed Diamanti[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Alcoholism
    • Cardiac episode
  • Treatment:
    • Talk therapy
    • Catheterization

Ed was seeing Violet. He invited his daughter to a session so that he could try to make amends with her. He'd been sober for six months. Later, when he went to see his daughter in the hospital, he had a cardiac episode and collapsed. Sam took him to the cath lab to open up his artery. He was stable and awake after the procedure.

Debra Diamanti[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
  • Treatment:
    • Vaginal delivery

While in her father's session confronting him, Debra's water broke. Addison examined her and sent her to the hospital, saying her regular OB would meet her there. When he got held up, Jake took over. Her baby was delivered successfully.

Megan Stewart[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
  • Treatment:

Megan was one of Jake's patients who was in her first trimester and called him a lot because she was worried about things.

Charlotte King[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
  • Treatment:
    • IUD extraction

Charlotte had a positive pregnancy test, so she had to have her IUD removed.

Sheldon Wallace[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Sheldon had an exam with Sam. His blood pressure was down, but one of his labs came back with a troublesome result.


Song Performer Scene
"Anything Anything" Dramarama
  • Sam makes breakfast.
  • Amelia speaks at the meeting. Sheldon is there to support her.
  • Addison holds Henry on her balcony.
  • Jake wakes up alone in bed.
  • Violet wakes up as she gets a text from Pete.
"Breezeblocks" Alt + J
  • Cooper picks up Mason at school.
  • Charlotte has a bleeding and goes to see Addison.
"Flaggin' a Ride" Divine Fits
  • Sheldon pours himself a drink.
  • Amelia brings Debra to see Ed.
  • Charlotte informs Cooper she's pregnant with triplets.
  • Jake talks with Addison.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode scored 6.45 million viewers.
  • Filming for this episode started on July 30, 2012.
  • This episode focuses on every main character of this season.
  • The episode spans one day and starts at 8:00 AM.


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Amelia: I stayed sober this year for 365 days, and that is no small miracle. And I can't take credit for it. These steps, these rooms, you people, you carried me through.

Cooper: My swimmers beat the big bad, IUD. Seriously, I'm like Michael Phelps.

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