Agent Heyward is an FBI agent who responded with the computer system at Grey Sloan Memorial was hacked.


When Grey Sloan Memorial was hacked, Heyward led the team of FBI agents that came to the hospital to stop the hack and restore normal function. He quickly ordered everyone to turn off wifi on their phones and stop using all technology. Then his team set up to track the hack and try to restore normal function. In a desperate attempt to restore function, Webber suggested just paying the ransom. He was shocked when he learned that the amount the hackers were asking for was close to $20 million. When Bailey asked Jackson to loan them the money, Heyward said it was a bad idea, as it would open the door for other hospitals to be hacked in the same way, putting thousands of others in danger. They continued to work on the hack, but Bailey eventually got tired of waiting and decided to call Jackson and get him to loan the money. ("Out of Nowhere")

Bailey, after consulting with Casey Parker, went to Heyward with some information about what to do to restore normal hospital function. Heyward told Bailey they had tracked the hacker's IP. Casey suggested using that to save the hospital, but Heyward wanted to find the hacker's physical location first, so they could make an arrest. Bailey secretly gave Casey access to her laptop and login so he could fix the hospital himself. ("1-800-799-7233")


He is an FBI agent.



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