Alan Griswold is the husband of Kimberly Griswold.


Alan's wife, Kimberly, had had several heart surgeries before, so when she had to have another one, they advised her that they couldn't stop her heart because it was too dangerous. Before her surgery, Alan, whom she treated poorly, snapped and yelled at her. She had a heart attack and had to be stabilized before her surgery. They took her into surgery and started operating. During her surgery, her chest cavity caught on fire. However, they were able to put out the fire quickly and finish the surgery successfully. Her husband was told she'd be okay, but he decided that he was leaving her.



Hee was married to Kimberly Griswold. She was highly critical of everything he did and berated him when he made mistakes. Before her surgery, he yelled at her and she had a heart attack, which left him feeling guilty. When he was told that her chest had caught on fire during the surgery and she had still survived, he left her, saying he couldn't put up with her anymore and he believed she'd never die, so she could live without him.