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Alex's Arrest and Trial are the series of events of Alex being arrested and charged with felony assault.


When Alex attacked Andrew after walking in on him on top of Jo, Andrew was hospitalized with many serious injuries. Alex had also injured his hand, leading Meredith to conclude what had happened to Andrew. While Andrew was being treated, Alex decided to go to the officers who were investigating the assault and confess to the assault. He was arrested and taken to jail. ("Undo")

Meredith bailed him out and he returned to work while he waited for his hearing. His lawyer, Lena McCallister, believed he'd been charged with misdemeanor assault and he planned to enter a guilty plea. They were both shocked when instead, he was charged with felony assault in the second degree. Lena tried to defend him, but the judge reminded him this was just a hearing and he just needed to enter a plea. Alex pled not guilty. ("Catastrophe and the Cure")

The day before his hearing, Alex learned that Jo was married and was worried about it coming out in court. He decided to go to the court and take a plea deal to get two years. ("You Haven't Done Nothin'")

The day his hearing was supposed to take place, Meredith was unable to contact him. She searched three counties trying to locate where he'd been taken, only to find him at her house, where he'd been sleeping all day. ("Jukebox Hero")

Alex then told Meredith and Maggie that while he was meeting with the DA, Andrew had come in to drop the charges. When he was told he couldn't do that as they weren't his charges, he declared that he'd tank their case by saying it was an equal fight. ("None of Your Business")

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