Alex's Christmas Party is a party Alex threw at his house to celebrate Christmas.


The Christmas after Derek's death, Alex held a party at his house for some of the doctors. They ate pizza and Maggie made eggnog. The tree was poorly decorated because Arizona had started decorating and then was paged for a laboring patient, so she gave up. Under the tree, Maggie found a present from Sofia to Zola, because she'd talking Arizona into buying one, also asking when Zola would be coming home. Richard then arrived and brought a yule log. At the party, Jackson FaceTimed with April and their call was abruptly ended when insurgents attacked.

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Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Alex liked Maggie's eggnog despite normally hating eggnog, which she says is because hers is mostly alcohol.
  • The yule log package really contained a bag of saline.
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