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Alex and Izzie's Wedding is the wedding originally planned for Meredith and Derek, but ultimately used by Alex and Izzie.


After Derek proposed to Meredith and she accepted, they turned planning the wedding over to Izzie, who was in the hospital for her chemotherapy. They wanted a small, simple wedding, but allowed Izzie to plan a larger one because she was sick. ("Sweet Surrender")

On the day of the wedding, Derek discovered that Izzie had a new brain tumor, one he couldn't remove. Because of this, they went to Alex and decided to give the wedding over to him and Izzie in case she didn't make it. With Meredith as Alex's best man and Cristina as Izzie's Maid of Honor, the wedding started. Weak from her cancer treatment, Izzie struggled to get down the aisle, but made it when George stood up and took her arm, leading her down the aisle. The wedding went on, with Alex using a speech he'd heard from a patient as his vows. ("What a Difference a Day Makes")

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