Alison Clark is a woman who had a stroke after surgery to remove her cancer.


Hospitalization and DeathEdit

While at the grocery store with her husband, Alison collapsed. She was anemic and they determined that she had internal bleeding coming from her tumor. Rebecca Swender had told them that Alison's cancer was back, but that they may be able to remove it. Richard Webber promised them he'd do everything he could. In surgery, Webber believed he could do a local resection. The surgery went well and her husband was told they got good margins and she'd be okay.

However, when April Kepner went to wean her off the ventilator, she wasn't breathing on her own, so April had to restore previous vent settings. Richard suspected a stroke and had her run a CT and an EEG. She had a stroke and a large bleed. There was nothing they could do as she was already brain dead. Her husband was told that she'd never wake up. He wanted them to leave the ventilators on, but the advanced directive she'd signed three years before when she was first diagnosed with cancer specifically said she wanted no mechanical ventilation. They had a meeting where he tried to get them to keep the machines on, but the ethics committee reviewed the case and determined that her advanced directive stood, so they turned the machines off and Alison died.


After her death, her husband filed a lawsuit against the hospital. ("How Insensitive")



She and Gary Clark were married for 32 years before her death.

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