Alison Goodman is a woman who came into the ER after driving her car over a cliff.


Alison was in her car when Keith got in and held her a knifepoint and forced her to drive into the woods. When he started to rape her, she hit the accelerator, sending them off the cliff, wanting to stop the assault even if it meant killing herself.

Alison was taken to the ER, where she and Keith were both unconscious and mistaken for lovers. Alison's leg was broken and blood flow to her foot was cut off. When she woke up, she started coughing up blood, so they did REBOA to buy time and then took her to the OR. After surgery, she was stable and awake. She also asked if she'd killed Keith and told the doctors what had really happened out there. By then, Keith had disappeared with Stephanie and Bailey ordered constant monitoring of Alison for her protection.