Aliyah Hamed is a patient who came in after being hit by a train in an attempted suicide.


After learning that her girlfriend, Jessica Tanner, was going to be sent to a gay conversion camp after her mother learned about their relationship, Aliyah and Jessica attempted suicide by train together, wanting to be together dead or alive. They both survived the impact and were taken to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Aliyah was disoriented and unable to give the doctors her name when she arrived. She was taken into a trauma room, where she asked for her mom before being intubated. Callie then noticed the heart drawn on her arm that matched the one on Jessica's and asked Jessica for her name, at which point Jessica confessed that they love each other.

One of Aliyah's legs was completely turned around as the impact had caused a wishbone tear. Callie turned her leg back around and said she'd stabilize the pelvis after they fixed her other injuries. They took her into surgery for an exploratory laparotomy. While they were working, the uncovered a pulmonary artery bleed. They paged cardio, but no one was available to respond quickly enough, so Tracy McConnell, who was in the gallery on a tour, talked them through clamping the bleed. Aliyah survived the surgery and her father was informed that even though it was complicated, she'd be okay. He was later able to visit her and read her a letter from Jessica after she woke up.



She is dating Jessica Tanner. The two of them often passed elaborately folded notes. When Jessica's mother found out, she planned to send Jessica to a gay conversion camp and so Jessica and Aliyah planned a joint suicide. The attempt failed and they were both awake and stable after surgery.


Aliyah was raised solely by her father from the age of 10, following the death of her mother, two years after they moved to Seattle. She didn't talk to him about dating Jessica and he was completely unaware that they were together. When he found out, he was accepting and after reading Jessica's letter to Aliyah, said he likes her already.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She and her family moved to the US when she was 8.
  • Her mother died when she was 10.