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Ted was brought into the ER after the rig he was on exploded. He had partial-thickness burns to his upper chest, which were treated in the ER.
Ted was brought into the ER after the rig he was on exploded. He had partial-thickness burns to his upper chest, which were treated in the ER.
===[[Paramedic Jonathan]]===
===[[Jonathan Todd|Paramedic Jonathan]]===
**Depressed skull fracture
**Depressed skull fracture

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All I Want is You is the tenth episode of the twelfth season and the 255th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary

As the hospital deals with Meredith's trauma, Maggie and Callie perform a risky, experimental surgery on Alex's 15-year-old patient against his professional opinion. Meanwhile, Owen and Nathan are still at odds with each other, and Maggie and Andrew's relationship continues to develop.

Full Summary

Meredith tells her therapist she's happy to be here. She gets that she's lucky to be here, because she knows she's been through a lot. The therapist says most surgeons get rankled at mandated therapy, but Meredith understands Bailey is just looking out for her. She knows the drill, so it should be okay. He got the good straw.

Meredith is honking. Alex gets in and Maggie asks if Jo's coming. Alex doesn't know, since they barely talk, but that's probably good so he won't piss her off again. Jo enters the car, too, and says she told Alex she needed a minute. He didn't hear her. Meredith says she's so done with carpool and drives off.

April tells Owen there's a chest trauma coming in in 20 minutes. He asks her to page anyone but Riggs and walks off. Bailey tells her to page Riggs. The only way they're gonna learn to work together is to actually work together. April asks her not to ruin her one happy place, but while Bailey says she feels her, she asks to page Riggs anyway.

Alex and Isaac walk into an exam room, where Maya and her mother Judi are waiting. Maya already knows about Alex as she looked him up. Isaac presens the case. Her lower right leg was amputated due to bone cancer, which is now recurring in the ribs and sternum. Maya reads Alex's CV and wonders about his detour in butthole making. Maya is looking for an epic size miracle, and miracles happen in this hospital. He's supposedly the one who can give her her miracle. Alex asks her to let him be in charge and tries to talk to the mother about her past, but Maya takes over. Judi states her daughter has a great mind for this stuff. Hearing it all again makes Judi tear up, but Maya reminds her they said no crying. Maya said there was a 25% chance the cancer would return, so it's not a huge shocker. She gives the doctors her material and says they have their work cut out for them.

Andrew tells Maggie Robbins is going out, so he invites her to come over. Maggie says she has a Mer thing again, but she suggests she come over after. He agrees to that.

Owen, April, and Nathan enter the ambulance bay. Owen doesn't like to see Nathan there. Nathan asks him to at least let him work as he's already turning everyone against him, but Owen still thinks Nathan has no business working at this hospital. April tries to get them to calm down. The paramedics bring the patient and the doctors ask about his pain. Owen and Nathan argue over whether or not Nathan should work on the case, when suddenly the ambulance explodes.

Meredith tells her therapist the sessions shouldn't take long. The therapist says it would be no problem for him if she preferred a female therapist, but Meredith sees no problem. She just needs a tape and glue guy. He can ask her a few questions and patch her up and send her on her way. She dealt with the big stuff, and this is not that. The therapist says she was attacked in her own hospital, and he can't believe she considers that small stuff. She asks if he's read her file.

Meredith lists who has died in her life. That file of hers is a real pageturner. Meredith says terrible things happen every day.

The doctors bring in the burnt paramedics. April asks Amelia to meet her in trauma room 2. Bailey asks to have all the incoming patients taken somewhere else and to keep everyone out of the ambulance bay. Owen and Nathan bring in the other paramedic and take the other trauma room. The patient with chest pains tells Andrew and Richard he should've gone somewhere else.

Jackson joins April and Amelia and April fills him in. Amelia does a quick exam and Bailey appears, telling her they need her in the other trauma room. Jackson asks if they know why the rig blew up. Bailey replies the fire department is still looking at it now. Their patient says it's his fault as he didn't secure the oxygen tank. His colleague Jonathan always tells him to, so he thinks Jonathan's gonna kill him. Amelia says he'll understand it was an accident and she goes to the other trauma room.

Owen wants to take the patient to the OR right away, but Nathan wants to check his chest down in the ER. Amelia sees there is a depressed skull fracture and orders a CT. While Owen and Nathan continue arguing, April tells Bailey her plan is working great. Owen throws Nathan out and April steps in.

The therapist asks what the first thing is Meredith remembered when she woke up after the attack. Meredith says people, running around everywhere. It was pretty crazy.

Richard tells his patient he has indigestion and says DeLuca will get him an antacid and schedule an upper endoscopy, but Andrew is distracted by constant pages. Richard asks if he's got somewhere to be. Andrew says no, so Richard asks him to put his phone away. Richard tells the patient to sit tight and walks off, but yells at Andrew to get to work.

Jo informs Alex that Callie is on her way. Alex asks her if they could hang out tonight, but Jo says she's having people over, and she'd rather spend time with those friends by herself. He says he's got something else later, so it's okay. Callie and Maggie come in and Alex asks them to take a look. He guesses standard titanium plates, but Maggie says unless her parents will go for a stem cell scaffolding in her chest. Alex says it's just the mother and he doesn't want to leave the girl with an unprotected heart for years. Callie says they could look at new technology, but Alex wants the safest option, which means the plates.

Alex and Isaac enter Maya's room and he presentst he titanium plate sternum and rib cage. Maya asks about the revision surgeries. He says it'd probably be once a year until she reaches full growth. She asks what happens if her chest will even suffer a minor blow. He says that would mean surgery. Maya understand they'd just be opening and closing her chest. Like a zipper scar, she explains to her mother. Alex assures her it's the safest best option. Maya says she figured out how to do everything on a leg and a half, and now he wants to limit everything she does for the rest of her childhood. Alex says this is how she gets a childhood. Maya said all her three previous doctors referred her to Alex. She's disappointed in him and fires him from her case.

Meredith tells her therapist she got knocked around, but nobody died. Any day where nobody dies, that's a good day.

The therapist asks who visited her most when she was recovering. She says that was Alex, the one who proposed to his girlfriend. She didn't really say yes. nor no, and then she booted him and he came to live with her again. The therapist says Alex was there when she woke up. Meredith says she handed Alex to Jo on a silver platter and it's a mess anyway. He moved back in to their place, but they're not really together, but they could be together. The therapist asks if she has feelings for Alex. Meredith laughs and says no. The therapist is just trying to understand why they're talking about Alex and Jo. Meredith says because they're stupid.

Isaac asks if Maya can actually fire them. Alex says she'll come around and tells him to go check his post-ops. Isaac says this hasn't happened to him before and asks if it goes on his record.

Maggie and Andrew are in a supply closet and he tells her to stop paging him. He's okay. She thought he got blown up by an ambulance. He realizes she was worried about him and kisses her. Maggie gets paged for another consult and takes something from the rack before walking out.

Meredith tells her therapist nobody cares if DeLuca's an intern. It's all sexy and secret at first, but then it's a pain in the ass. They should bring it out in the open. That's what she and Derek did and now they have 3 beautiful children. The therapist asks if Maggie is the hoverer or the one in AA. Meredith says the former, and thinks that maybe if Maggie was getting it regularly, she might stop hovering all the time.

Penny bumps into Callie and she asks Penny if she's good. Penny brings up the ambulance and lists multiple reasons why they explode, which apparently happens regularly. It's weird since it's their job not to kill people. Callie asks if she's good. Penny says she's okay and leaves.

Meredith tells her therapist she didn't break up Penny and Callie. She was nice while Penny killed her husband. She took her in and she's teaching her. She didn't have to do that. Now Callie and Penny think she's coming between them, but that wasn't her. The therapist asks who Callie is. Meredith tells him and urges him to keep up.

Amelia tells Owen and April that their patient's ICP is normalizing. Owen will operate on the liver lac tomorrow. Amelia will remove the drain at the same time. April will scrub in and walks out of the room. Owen asks Amelia if she's still living with Richard. She says she's crashing her as it's a better commute. Owen says she can stay with him, but she says it's not a good idea for her sobriety. She's gonna need dinner, though. They agree to meet up for dinner tonight.

April is talking to Bailey about the case outside the room. Bailey says she should have cardio in the OR, too, and she suggests Riggs. April objects as she doesn't want to see another explosion over an open patient. Bailey says she has a point.

Callie and Maggie are proposing a plan to Maya, who paged them for a consult. Alex walks in and Maya thinks he'll love it. Callie explains they can remove the tumor and 3-D print a new sternum and ribs. They'll be molded to her exact body specifications, so she can move around more naturally. It's only been done once in an adult, but Callie can modify it for a child. Maya is really excited to be the first. Alex asks his colleagues to have a word.

Maggie explains she didn't know before that Callie could print Maya her own rib cage. Callie says it'll be fewer surgeries in the long run. Alex says Maya is not old enough to know the risks. Understanding what it's like to be labeled too smart for you age, Maggie is sure Maya understands. Alex still disagrees, but Callie says Maya's not his patient anymore and her mother has the consent forms. Alex says Judi is useless, only to have Callie inform him that they're right behind him. Alex turns to Judi and says that it's a really dangerous procedure and says she really shouldn't allow this. Judi says it's what Maya wants and gives Jo the forms.

Callie and Alex are getting drinks at Meredith's, still arguing over Maya's case. Maggie comes over and reminds them to be fun, for Meredith. She postponed sex for this.

Meredith tells the therapist that Maggie hovers all the time. She's not bothered by it as she's just being sisterly.

Meredith, Callie, Bailey, Maggie, and Alex are sitting in the living room with drinks and pizza. Meredith wants to go to bed. Alex does too, but he can't go home. Callie misses Penny. Alex misses sex. Callie says she and Penny had great sex. So did Alex and Jo. Meredith doesn't want to hear about sex and gives Bailey's presence as a reason not to talk about it, but Bailey doesn't mind. Alex says Maggie's getting some too, but she quickly denies that.

Meredith tells her therapist Maggie has people over all the time, like she's gonna explode if she's alone. It's annoying.

Meredith tells the guests they can really go. They doubt it as she's really cranky. Maggie says that's understandable with everything she's gone through.

The therapist asks if she wants to be alone. Meredith says she's good at it, as a widow.

Meredith tries to tell her guests what she wants. They ask what they can do for her.

Meredith tells her therapist she doesn't want to tell them to go away as they're trying to help. Her therapist says they aren't being helpful and it's okay to tell them that.

Meredith tells her guests to leave and go be with whoever somewhere else so she can go to sleep. 

The next day, her therapist says she seems angry. Meredith took his advice and kicked them out last night. It worked. They left her alone. Her therapist says that that's what she wanted. She says she knows, but her face tells otherwise.

Andrew lets Richard in and says Arizona is coming any minute. Richard yells to get down and she replies from upstairs that she's coming. Richard notices Andrew is looking sharp and asks if he has a date. Andrew says they're keeping it quiet. Richard guesses she works at the hospital. Andrew doesn't know what to say. Richard says it's okay as he understands. Keeping it secret makes it all that much more exciting. Andrew says he's right. She keeps it so together at work in front of other people, but when they're alone... She's a wildcat, Richard adds. Andrew nods. Arizona comes down, ready to go out. She and Richard leave, but Richard turns around and tells Andrew you can't tame a wildcat.

In her loft, Jo is talking to Penny about her problems with Alex while Ben and Stephanie are getting wine. Ben asks when the rest of the guys are coming. Stephanie smiles and says this is it. Penny asks Jo why she let Alex move in. Jo says because he stood in front of her with his big, sad face, making her forget everything that was wrong between them. Penny understands. She gets stupid from just seeing Callie walk down the hall, while they barely even talk. Stephanie wants to get stupid too, but all she ever feels is smart. Jo wants to pummel and kiss and marry Alex's face. Penny gets everything but the pummeling. Jo doesn't know what she wants. Stephanie doesn't know what guys want and asks Ben. Ben says it's tough and tries to steer the conversation to the ambulance, but Jo and Stephanie seriously want to know. Ben gets saved by a text and says he has to go. Penny says women are just as impossible. Ben can't speak for all men, but he's just a guy who wants to go home to his wife. He leaves. Stephanie says Bailey got the good one.

April and Nathan are playing darts at Joe's and April's winning their bet. She asks him about the deal with Owen. She talked about Owen a bunch of times in the army and Nathan never even mentioned knowing him. Nathan didn't and still doesn't want to talk about it. April asks if they've always hated each other. Nathan never hated Owen. They became doctors together, including field training. There was no one Nathan trusted more. Owen was a like a brother. That's all he has to say. April shows off her dart skills again and explains you pick up a few things when you have no reason to go home. Nathan asks if she's going to sign the papers, but April doesn't want to talk about it.

Amelia meets up with Owen outside the hospital. She's starving, but he wants to postpone it to another night. She asks if it's about Riggs, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Amelia says he'll call her another time, but he won't. Or he will and she'll cave and talk to much and he'll say nothing. She doesn't know how to do this thing where he says nothing and still makes her feel like crap, so whatever. He'll call or he won't and maybe she won't care. She walks off and Owen says he had a sister, Megan. She was a better person than him, but she did everything he did. She became a doctor too and that's where they met Riggs, who was like a brother to him. Megan loved him and he was with her the day they lost Megan. Owen trusted him and he should've... but he didn't. Owen doesn't talk about it. Amelia says okay, but she want to say one thing. Megan loved him and there's a reason for that. That's what Amelia holds on to. Derek loved Meredith and his sister loved Riggs, so there's good in there. That makes him family and that means he may deserve another chance. Owen asks what they're eating. They decide on pizza.

Maya is being wheeled into surgery. Alex joins her and takes her hand. He won't operate on her, he's just there to hold her hand. Maya agrees, if he has nothing better to do. Her face shows she really appreciates it, though. They get her ready in the OR, but as the other surgeons come in, Maya starts panicking. Alex asks to clear the room to give her a minute. Maya doesn't want her mom. Maya says her mother was practically her age when she got her, and she works two jobs to cover her bills and the good insurance. Her mother tries. If Maya doesn't make it, she wants Alex to tell her mother about the envelope under her bed with bank statements and the deed to their house. Alex says none of that, as she's not gonna die. Maya says they both know he can't promise anything. Jo watches them from the scrub room. Maya has calmed down and she's ready. Maya asks him for a favor: she wants him to keep her mother company. The surgical team continues to prep her as Alex backs away.

The therapist recalls Meredith said she was good at being alone, and thus wonders why she's so angry. Meredith says she's not. The therapists asks her how it was. Meredith says it was fine. She checked on the kids, read a book, and went to sleep. She got what she needed. Meredith has flashbacks of people leaving her, and she finally admits what's bothering her: her people left her alone.

The therapist recalls the first thing she remembered after the attack was people, but Meredith corrects him. It was pain. The therapist says she told him everyone was there. They were there to help. Meredith says they were just doing their jobs.

In the OR, Owen and April remove the liver packing and there's a bleed. The blood's not clotting. April doesn't know what to clamp as she can't see anything. Owen instructs her and she gets the IVC, but the patient is still bleeding. They keep packing the abdomen, so Owen decided to open up the patient. He needs a venovenous bypass. Owen's only done one in the field, so April decided they need another set of hands. She asks to page Pierce, but Owen asks for Riggs.

Maggie, Jo, and Callie have opened up Maya's chest. Callie asks for a template for her sternum and ribs and starts working around it with a bonesaw. 

Nathan enters Owen's OR and immediately understand what Owen wants to do. They immediately get to work in sync. Bailey comes in and Amelia confirms Owen himself called for Nathan. April, meanwhile, backs off to let them work. Nathan and Owen keep on working, anticipating each other's moves. April assists them and they pull off the bypass successfully. They agree it was not bad and continue working.

The therapist asks Meredith how it felt to only be able watch, and not speak. Meredith says crappy. Her therapist says she uses that word a lot and asks her to use another one. Meredith says open, exposed, alone. Her therapist says she wasn't alone. They were all there for her. Meredith remembers people coming to visit her. The therapist says they all had her, so he asks again how it felt for her. Meredith says crappy really is the best word.

Callie is about to put in her printed piece. She swears and says it won't fit. It's like a fitted sheet on a bed. Once you attach one side, the other one pops out. Another set's going to take 14 hours to print, but they obviously can't leave her open for that long. They take a moment to figure out what to do.

In the waiting room where Judi's asleep, Jo tells Alex they want to retract her rib cage to make room, but Alex says they could slip and puncture her lung and her heart or crack her ribs. If she's under too long, she might never make it off the vent. It's either this or back to the plates. Alex says she doesn't want that. Jo says that's why they wanted to check with him before they went ahead. Alex doesn't want to wake up the mother, but Jo says he doesn't have to as she signed a consent. Alex says his mother was just like Judi. He had to take care of everything. Jo says it makes her happy to have been left at a fire station. They smile. Alex says it made her tough. Maya's tough, too. He says she can do it.

In the OR, the surgeons try to retract the ribs without compressing the heart. The monitor starts beeping, indicating she's been under too long. Her heart is failing.

Owen and Nathan leave April to close. Amelia, Bailey, and April are very impressed with how in sync they were. Bailey thinks April owes her an apology, but they than see and hear the men arguing in the scrub room, so April doubts that.

Meredith tells her therapist that she wants the people to leave when they're at her house, but she doesn't feel any better once they're gone. She asks if that makes her crazy. He says it makes her human. Meredith says taught herself how to be alone. She doesn't mean her kids, who she loves. She has her job and her class. She's moved on. Her therapist says a widow hasn't really moved on. She's sort of still married to a dead guy. Meredith's not married anymore, but she's also not a widow anymore. So what is she? Meredith thinks back on her life, but she doesn't know what she is.

Meredith asks what happens know. Her therapist says that's up to her.

Judi is crying outside Maya's room. Alex comes over and says Maya did great. They were able to do exactly what she wanted. Judi can't bring herself to go in. Alex suggests she go get some coffee and meet them back here when she's given herself some time. A nurse walks away with her and Alex enters the room. Jo tells him the incision looks good. She'll be back in an hour to check. Alex tells Maya her mom will be back soon and shows her a scan of her chest. He says she was a badass today.

Meredith's therapist says they can keep going. He feels comfortable signing the papers for Bailey. She shows no signs of PTSD and she's certainly capable of taking care of her patients and herself. Meredith feels terrible. She came in here feeling great and now she doesn't know who she is or what she wants. Her therapist says she wanted a tape and glue guy, and he thinks she's holding up pretty well.

Richard is waiting for an elevator. It arrives and Andrew and Maggie get off together. He gets on and then suddenly realizes Andrew is dating Maggie.

Meredith tells her therapist he's really bad at this. He says she should've gotten a woman. She asks what to do now. He doesn't know.

Callie runs into Penny in the staircase. Callie tells her she misses her. They start making out against a wall.

Meredith's therapist tells her she got really good at being alone, but something terrible happened to her and they were all there, and they still are. Meredith asks if he's saying she can't be alone anymore. He says she can, but he thinks she just doesn't want to anymore.

Outside the hospital, Maggie, Meredith, and Jo are waiting in the car for Alex. Maggie is eager to go and Meredith realizes she has someone to do. Maggie doesn't want to talk about that. Alex finally gets in and Jo stares at him. While he begins to say it's been a long day, she leans in and kisses him. Meredith looks at them in her mirror.

Meredith's therapist says she told him that any day someone doesn't die is a good die. She is alive. So, he wishes her a good day. Meredith wonders what she can do now. Her therapist says the scary truth is that she can do anything she wants.

In the car, Maggie asks Meredith what she wants to do. Meredith thinks about it.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • April Kepner
  • Jackson Avery
  • Amelia Shepherd
  • Jo Wilson
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Maggie Pierce
  • Ben Warren
  • Nathan Riggs
  • Andrew DeLuca
  • Therapist
  • Isaac Cross
  • Penny Blake
  • Judi Roberts
  • Maya Roberts
  • Heart Patient
  • Paramedic Ted
  • Paramedic Jonathan Todd

Main Cast

Guest Stars


Medical Notes

Meredith Grey

  • Diagnosis:
    • Emotional trauma
  • Doctors:
    • Therapist
  • Treatment:
    • Talk therapy

Meredith was in therapy, mandated by Bailey. Meredith believed she was fine and would be in and out. However, she had several sessions with him and at the end, he said she needed to figure out what was next and he felt comfortable signing the papers for Bailey.

Heart Patient

  • Diagnosis:
    • Indigestion
  • Treatment:
    • Antacid
    • Upper endoscopy

A patient, 55, was brought in with chest pain. They determined he had indigestion and gave him an antacid and scheduled an upper endoscopy.

Maya Roberts

  • Diagnosis:
    • Chondrosarcoma
  • Treatment:
    • Tumor resection
    • 3D printed sternum and ribs

Maya, 15, had chondrosarcoma. She'd had her right leg amputated below the knee two years prior, but the cancer had recurred in her chest. She came to GSM hoping for a miracle. Alex consulted with Maggie and Callie and suggested titanium plates, the standard of treatment to bridge the gap after surgical resection of the cancer. Alex wanted the safest option, so they settled on the plates. However, when Maya heard about it, she asked about revision surgeries and decided she wanted another option. She consulted with Maggie and Callie and they made a plan to use a 3D printer to make Maya a new rib cage. Alex believed it was too risky, but Maya decided she wanted it. When they went to place the printed frame after removing the cancer, they found it didn't fit. In order to finish the procedure, they decided to pull on Maya's ribs to create the space they needed. It worked and they were able to place the new ribs. Maya was stable and awake after surgery.

Paramedic Ted

  • Diagnosis:
    • Partial-thickness burns to upper chest
  • Treatment:
    • Burn treatment

Ted was brought into the ER after the rig he was on exploded. He had partial-thickness burns to his upper chest, which were treated in the ER.

Paramedic Jonathan

  • Diagnosis:
    • Depressed skull fracture
    • Liver laceration
  • Treatment:
    • Wound vacuum
    • Ventriculostomy
    • Venovenous bypass

Jonathan was brought into the ER after the rig he was on exploded. He had serious abdominal injuries and a depressed skull fracture. They used a wound vacuum to close his abdomen and put a ventriculostomy in his head. They planned to go back in the next day to operate to repair his abdomen and remove the drain. In surgery, his drain was easily removed, but when they removed the wound vacuum, he started bleeding profusely and wasn't clotting. Owen had Riggs paged in and together, they did a venovenous bypass, which was successful and allowed them to repair his liver.


Song Performer Scene
"Daughter" Sleeping at Last
  • Amelia tells Owen his sister loved Riggs for a reason.
  • Owen asks Amelia to go have dinner with him and she accepts.
  • Alex comes to hold Maya's hand as she's wheeled into surgery.
  • He asks her surgeons to give them a moment.
  • Maya cries and says she doesn't want to die and he says she won't.
  • She asks him to keep her mom company.
"Run Run Run" Jill Scott
  • Richard realizes DeLuca is seeing Maggie.
  • Meredith tell her therapist he's bad at this.
  • Callie and Penny meet in the stairwell and kiss.
  • Meredith's therapist says she has people and doesn't believe she wants to be alone anymore.
  • Meredith, Maggie, and Jo wait for Alex to carpool.
  • Jo leans over to kiss Alex once he's in the car.
  • Meredith's therapist reminds her she's alive and she gets to decide what's next.
  • Maggie asks Meredith what she wants to do.

Notes and Trivia

Grey's Anatomy 12x10 Promo "All I Want Is You" (HD)

Grey's Anatomy 12x10 Promo "All I Want Is You" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song All I Want is You, originally sung by U2.
  • This episode scored 7.82 million viewers.
  • The table read for this episode took place on November 6, 2015.
  • This episode is one of few that doesn't feature an opening and closing voiceover by any character.


Episode Stills


Miranda: Uh, Kepner, I think you owe me an apology.
(Nathan and Owen start arguing in the scrub room.)
April: Do I, though?

Alex: How about you humor me and let me pretend I'm in charge for a second?

Meredith: Any day where nobody dies is a good day.

Meredith: Truly, I have been through a lot, and I'm lucky to be alive, and I'm lucky to be okay, and I get that. So, yes, I'm just happy to be here.
Therapist: Great. You know, Doctor, most surgeons, uh, get kind of rankled at hospital-mandated therapy.
Meredith: Bailey's just looking out for me. I know the drill. So this should be quick. You know, you chose the short straw, or the... is it the long straw? Whatever the good straw is.

Miranda: Page Riggs.
April: He just said...
Miranda: I can hear.
April: You know that Dr. Hunt punched Dr. Riggs.
Miranda: The only way they're gonna learn to work together is if they work together, so any cardio consults that get paged to the pit, you page Riggs.
April: You know this is my one happy place right now? Please don't make it a crappy place.
Miranda: Oh, Kepner. I feel you. I do. Page Riggs.

Therapist: You said the first thing you remember after the attack was...
Meredith: Pain. Everything hurt.
Therapist: No, actually, you said it was people. Everyone was there, you said.
Meredith: Yeah. Every time I opened my eyes, it was like the freaking "Wizard of Oz." Everyone as there. Maggie was there. Richard was there. They were there to help. I mean, they were doing their jobs.
Therapist: Just being good doctors?
Meredith: Yeah. Doing their jobs.

Meredith: I am very good at being alone. I've taught myself how to do it. And I don't mean my kids. I love my kids. And I have my class and my work. I have moved on.
Therapist: You see, but, uh, a widow really hasn't moved on. She's still sort of married. She's just married to a dead guy. You're not married anymore. And you're not a widow anymore. So, what are you?
Meredith: I don't know.

Amelia: Hey, you ready? I'm starving.
Owen: Listen, can we do this another night? Uh, okay. I'm not hungry, and I don't want to...
Amelia: What's wrong?
Owen: Nothing, nothing. Just be better another night, okay?
Amelia: Is this about Riggs?
Owen: Can you... I'm not getting into it. Everything doesn't need to be talked about.
Amelia: Okay. Yeah, I understand. So another time you will call me, and we'll go out. But you won't, will you? Or you will and I will cave and go and I will talk too much and you will say nothing. And I'm... I don't know how to do this thing that you do where you make me feel like crap and there are no words coming out of your mouth. So... Whatever. You'll call me maybe... Or maybe not. And maybe I will not care.
Owen: I had a sister. Megan. She was three years younger than me. Smarter than me, funnier than me... Better person than me, okay? But she did everything I did. We went to med school together, and that's where we met Riggs. Nate was my best friend. And Megan loved him. And he was with her the day that we lost her. I trusted him with her, and he was like a brother to me. And he should've... But he didn't. And I don't talk about it.

Meredith: I want to go to bed.
Alex: Oh, I do, too, and I can't go home.
Callie: I don't want to go home, alone. I miss Penny. I miss having sex. Ugh. Penny and I had the greatest sex. It was that "journey of discovery" great sex you have in the beginning.
Alex: Jo and I had sex like that all the time.
Callie: And now no Penny, no sex. No sex with Penny. None of it.
Meredith: Okay, let's not talk about sex, because the Chief is here.
Miranda: I'm just eating my pizza. Besides, it sounds like none of y'all are getting any anyway.
Alex: Pierce is getting some.
Maggie: No, I'm not. Don't say that. Forget he said that.

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