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The Ambulance Crash was a crash that occurred when a car crashed into a broken-down ambulance.


Alex and Meredith were on their way back to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital with a newborn when the ambulance broke down. The driver pulled off the road as much as he could, but warned they were in a spot with low visibility. He advised them to leave the ambulance, but they were unwilling to leave the baby and knew it wasn't safe to have the baby on the side of the road. The driver put out cones and went to walk to a service station to get help. After he left, Alex and Meredith waited in the ambulance. The Anderson family, six passengers in a station wagon, hit the ambulance. ("Dark Was the Night")

After the crash, Alex and Meredith left the ambulance with the baby, now swaddled in a blanket instead of in the incubator. They found the Anderson family, strewn out in the area. Lily, the eldest child, crawled out of the car and saw that her mother wouldn't wake up. Meredith handed her the baby and instructed her how to ventilate so she was free to help work on the others.

Grandma Anderson was dead, with brain matter present on the scene. Jessica Anderson, the mother, was unresponsive. Middle child, Abby, had a shard of glass in her eye. Robert Anderson, the father, then alerted them that there was another child, Michael, trapped under the door. Meredith tried to free him, but was stopped by oncoming headlights. She went to try to flag down the vehicle and found it was the ambulance sent to help them.

All the victims were taken to the hospital, where Jessica was DOA and Robert, Abby, and Michael were taken into surgery while Lily's more minor injuries were treated in the ER. The baby was taken to the NICU and then had surgery, which was successful.

After surgery, Robert continued to decline and his organs started to fail. Newly 18-year-old Lily decided to turn off life support and allow her father to die.

Abby had surgery, during which they removed the shard of glass and repaired her eye. After her surgery, she was stable and awake.

Michael was taken into surgery for a serious liver laceration. His surgery was successful, despite malignant hyperthermia.

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