This page lists all patients treated by or operated on by Dr. Amelia Shepherd. This means she either operated as the lead surgeon or scrubbed in with other surgeons.


Seattle Grace Mercy WestEdit

During her travels to Seattle working at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, Amelia treated or diagnosed 2 patients on screen.

Image Episode Patient Procedure Outcome
7x03Todd 7x03 Todd Assisted Derek in a craniotomy to remove the pituitary tumor Patient Alive
PP5x15EricaWarner 8x15 Erica Warner Practiced with Derek how to do the procedure in less than 90 seconds

Department HeadEdit

First YearEdit

During her first year as an attending at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Amelia has treated or diagnosed 27 patients on screen.

Image Episode Patient Procedure Outcome
11x01MrPeterson 11x01 Mr. Peterson Brain surgery after fall from roof Patient deceased
11x02TraceyMitchell 11x02 Tracey Mitchell Consult and exams after ischemic stroke Patient alive and well
11x03SteveTate 11x03 Steve Tate Surgery to fix depressed skull fracture Patient alive; Derek took over, ultimately deceased due to aneurysm
11x04RoyPepper 11x04 Roy Pepper Inducing hypertension to avoid paralysis during TEVAR Patient alive; case handed over to Derek
11x07NorrisStraughn 11x07 Norris Straughn Trauma exams Patient alive
11x07HattieStraughn 11x07 Harriet Straughn Examination of temporal bone fracture Patient alive; taken off the case per patient family's request
11x08JordanCarter 11x08 Jordan Carter Craniotomy to tend to multi-focal hemorrhage Patient alive, possible deficits
11x08NicoleHerman 11x08 Nicole Herman Learning about Nicole's astrocytoma
11x09NicoleHerman 11x09 Nicole Herman Coming up with treatment plan for astrocytoma
11x10NicoleHerman 11x10 Nicole Herman Scans and further detailing of treatment plan
11x11DrewHawkins 11x11 Drew Hawkins Resection of butterfly glioma, which caused cortical blindness Patient alive, eyesight restored; residual tumor left behind
11x12NicoleHerman 11x12 Nicole Herman Scan of astrocytoma Tumor grown as expected
11x12HillaryList 11x12 Hillary List Brain surgery after fall Patient alive and well
11x13NicoleHerman 11x13 Nicole Herman MRI of astrocytoma Tumor invaded the optic nerve
11x14NicoleHerman 11x14 Nicole Herman Tumor resection Patient alive, but blind
11x15 Ruby's mother Talking Ruby through a thoracotomy and CPR; surgery to fix subdural hematoma Patient alive
11x15 Unseen patient Consult on believed brain tumor Hypochondriac patient discharged
11x16BlairVinson 11x16 Blair Vinson Examining scalp lac; sedation to stop seizures Patient deceased
11x16MartinDavis 11x17 Martin Davis Consult on lucid (believed) Alzheimer patient Patient alive, treatment plan refused
11x17 Unseen patient Laminectomy Patient alive
11x17EvelynHunt 11x17 Evelyn Hunt Consult on head lac and mild contusion Patient alive
11x18PeterGibson 11x18 Peter Gibson Trauma work-up Patient deceased, organs harvested
11x18Jared 11x18 Jared Consult on gun shot wound, bullet hit spine Patient alive, no damage to spinal cord
11x19MarissaMcKay 11x19 Marissa McKay Surgery to repair spondylolisthesis Patient alive, but unable to play golf; lot of physical therapy required
11x20KateShaw 11x20 Kate Shaw CT and neuro checks on memory loss Patient regained memory on her own
11x21 Unnamed patient Neurosurgery Unknown
11x22DanPruitt 11x22 Dan Pruitt Surgery to repair cervical spine fracture and surgery to remove bone spurs Patient alive

Second YearEdit

During her second year as an attending at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Amelia has treated or diagnosed 1 patient on screen.

Image Episode Patient Procedure Outcome
11x22 Unseen patient Surgery to remove spinal abscess Unknown

Third YearEdit

Image Episode Patient Procedure Outcome
11x23 Unseen patient Corpectomy Patient alive
11x23KeithGardner 11x23 Keith Gardner Trauma work-up following tunnel collapse Patient alive; left in the field with April
11x24JoanPaulson 11x24 Joan Paulson Surgery to fix dislocated, fractured neck Patient alive
12x01AliyahHamed 12x01 Aliyah Hamed Monitoring neuro status during surgery Patient alive and well
12x02JadeBell 12x02 Jade Bell Pituitary tumor resection Patient alive and well
12x04RachelBishop 12x04 Rachel Bishop Decompressive craniotomy and early ambulation Patient alive and well
12x06RobertMatthews 12x06 Robert Matthews Cleared for surgery after diagnosing mild concussion Patient alive
12x07SimonJaffee 12x07 Simon Jaffee Osteosarcoma resection and skull and scalp transplant Patient alive and well; kidney transplant by Meredith also successful
12x08 Unnamed patient Surgery to drain clot Outcome unknown
12x10ParamedicTed 12x10 Paramedic Ted Neuro exam Patient alive; burns treated by April and Jackson
12x10ParamedicJonathan 12x10 Jonathan Todd Ventriculostomy following depressed skull fracture and later drain removal Patient alive and well; liver lac repaired by Owen and Nathan
12x11AmeliaShepherd 12x11 Unnamed patient Consulting on broken neck Outcome unknown
12x12KatieBryce 12x12 Katie Bryce Clipping aneurysm Patient alive and well
12x13Maxine 12x13 Maxine Hewitt Neuro exam and diagnosing mild concussion Patient alive and well after surgery for Wolff-Parkison-White syndrome by Alex and Maggie
12x14GriffinMcColl 12x14 Griffin McColl Surgery to fix intracranial bleed and later re-bleed Patient deceased during second surgery
12x15Tess 12x15 Tess Neuro evaluation Patient in persistent vegetative state, moved to long-term care facility
12x17KyleDiaz 12x17 Kyle Diaz Deep brain stimulation for right hand tremor and fixing bleed in surgery Patient alive and well; tremor stopped
12x18BabyMcKay 12x18 "Cosmo" Singh Unknown Patient deceased following respiratory failure
12x19OmarSingh 12x19 Omar Singh Monitoring, exam after seizure with possible brain damage Patient resuscitated by Bailey despite DNR; patient alive and well
12x20BrandonCole 12x20 Brandon Cole Spinal decompression after gun shot wound Patient paralyzed after necessary defibrillation undid all her work
12x21KyleDiaz 12x21 Kyle Diaz Deep brain stimulation for left hand tremor Patient alive and well; tremor stopped
12x22KyleDiaz 12x22 Kyle Diaz Exam after patient passed out, possible meningitis Patient only examined
12x23KyleDiaz 12x23 Kyle Diaz Treated for meningitis, DBS implant removal, later surgery to drain periventricular abscess and a ventricular washout Patient deceased following abscess rupture
12x23 Unnamed patient Unknown Outcome unknown, presumed alive
13x02PatriciaPhillips 13x02 Patricia Phillips Surgery to remove brain tumor Outcome unknown
13x03JulianFisher 13x03 Julian Fisher Neurological exam Patient alive and well
13x03GeorgiaFisher 13x03 Georgia Fisher Neurological exam after Lazarus syndrome Patient died and came back to life without deficits
13x04 Unseen patient Surgery to repair a dural carotid cavernous fistula Outcome unknown
13x05AndrewBillings 13x05 Andrew Billings Neurological exam Patient brain dead; organs donated
13x06RobbieReeves 13x06 Robbie Reeves Stitching up scalp lac and later surgery to stop a brain bleed following rupture of congenital AVM Patient brain dead
13x07EmmettLawson 13x07 Emmett Lawson Spinal fusion Patient alive and well
13x11BryanWallace 13x11 Bryan Wallace Cleared a head CT Patient alive and well; treated by Stephanie and Owen
13x11SteveDuncan 13x11 Steve Duncan Cleared head CT Patient alive; initial exam by Stephanie and Ben
13x15 Sister Agnes Clipping aneurysm Patient alive, ready for heart surgery by Maggie; final outcome unknown
13x15 Unnamed patient Surgery to repair skull fracture and fix epidural hematoma Patient deceased
13x17ElsieClatch 13x17 Elsie Clatch Surgery to fix loculated acute on chronic subdural hematoma Patient made it through surgery but ultimately deceased
13x21VeronicaKays 13x21 Veronica Kays Monitored patient with spinal invasion of tumor during C-section Patient deceased
13x22LiamFisher 13x22 Liam Fisher Surgery to remove pituitary adenoma Patient alive and well; vision restored