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Andy Herrera is a lieutenant at station 19 of the Seattle Fire Department. She is the daughter of Elena Herrera and the now deceased Pruitt Herrera. She is divorced from Robert Sullivan as she believes his actions led to her transfer and Maya Bishop's demotion.


Early Life[]

Andy was practically raised at the station. She learned to run a hose from her father at age seven.[1]

At age 9, she lost her mother.[2] On the day of her mother's funeral, she didn't speak. She went home with her father after the funeral. She sat in the hall as she listened to him ring the bell 20 times, 5 times at a time. This is to signify that a firefighter has come home for the last time.[3] She sat on her bed for a long time and wouldn't talk to Pruitt Herrera, until Ryan Tanner came in they hugged and he helped her through it.[4] At the same, Pruitt cut off all communication with Elena's family, isolating Andy from them. Too wrapped up in her grief, she didn't notice and forgot about them.[5]

When she was a senior in high school and dating Ryan, the couple thought that they would get married to one another. Andy became pregnant, but chose to have an abortion, because she knew that if she didn't, it would end her career before it started and she'd live a life full of resentment. She never told Ryan because she knew he would want to keep it and him wanting to keep it would make her want that.[6]

Fire Academy[]

On her first day at the fire academy, Andy met Maya. Andy tried to tell her they didn't have to be friends because they were the only two women. Maya said there's safety in numbers and they ended up sticking together. When Andy struggled with a hose drill, Maya coached her through it. On her graduation day, her father didn't come because he was bailing Ryan out of jail.[7]

Meeting Meredith[]

When two boys accidentally set a fire while home alone, Andy was on the team that put out the fire and rescued the boys. While transporting them to the hospital, Andy stuck her hand into an open wound on Zach's abdomen, which resulted in her holding his abdominal aorta in her hand. They very carefully unloaded him from the ambulance and wheeled them into the OR, where Andy had to help clamp off the blood flow so she could remove her hand. After being freed, she left the OR, but wanted to know the outcome of the case, so Ben took her to the gallery, where they watched the rest of the surgery, which Zach survived.

After learning what Meredith was trying to do to continue her research, Andy took the phone from Taryn and spoke with the person on the line and convinced the owner of the patent to meet with Meredith to talk about allowing her use.[8]

Pruitt's Cancer and Leadership Changes at Station 19[]

Tiffany's house caught on fire when her laptop cord sparked on her bed while she was in the bathroom. Station 19 responded to the fire. Pruitt sent Maya and Andy in to do search and rescue while Dean, Jack, and Travis put out the fire. Maya and Andy quickly found Tiffany and brought her outside, where she said Charlie was still inside. With the fire extinguished, they searched for Charlie and quickly found a puppy. Dean carried Charlie out and handed him over to a grateful Tiffany.[9]

While fighting an apartment fire, Jack and Pruitt got separated when Jack entered a kid's room to look for a child. When he came back out, he couldn't find Pruitt because of the smoke. He had to tell Andy he couldn't find her dad and she and Maya came to help look for him. They found him on the floor, unconscious and pulseless. They tried to take him out, but they noticed the fire was choking, so they couldn't go out of the apartment. Once Andy got a pulse on her father, they strapped him to Jack and the four of them jumped out the window onto landing pads. Pruitt was then taken to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, where he had surgery and then was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He knew he had to step down as Captain immediately. He said Jack could be in charge until they filled the job. When Andy protested that, he promoted her to lieutenant and said they could share the responsibilities until a new captain was officially chosen.[10]

Frankel came to the station and explained to Jack and Andy the procedure for choosing a new captain, which would take months. She said they'd alternate as captain each shift until then. Andy went first. She had the team do air consumption drills with new partners. Frankel watched for a while and then said she could stop back in anytime.[11]

Station 19 got called out to Stratford Middle School, where someone had pulled the fire alarm. Principal Linsley met them and said it was likely a false alarm. They said they'd won as quickly as they could to clear the building and get the kids back inside. They went through the building and found the alarm that had been pulled. They turned off the alarm and went continue their sweep, but Ben found Tuck still inside the building. He followed Tuck and saw that he was the one who had pulled the alarm. He needed to get Ben to the school for his friend Ava, who was pregnant and in labor. He did everything he knew to do, but still needed help. Ben and Vic delivered Ava's baby and after a brief complication when the amniotic sac didn't rupture, Ava and the baby were both healthy and stable.[12]

When a crash caused a tanker to overturn, Station 19 responded. Dean and Travis had to pry Shawn out of his car while Vic and Ben worked on the truck driver, who had gotten out of the cab and fallen. They noticed it was hot around them just as Andy realized it was an ethanol fire. It was surrounding Ben and Vic and they didn't have enough foam to put it out. Vic and Ben couldn't get out without leaving the truck driver there to die. They got him as wet and cool as they could as they treated him and then conserved their air while the rest of the team tried to figure out how to get them out. Andy eventually decided to back the truck over the flames to get them out and drive it back out.[13]

After Ben and Dean discovered that The Langham was on fire, they called the rest of the team in to help and started an evacuation. When the team arrived, they went up to the roof. They located the flame under the roof and created a ventilation hole, despite Jack wanting to make a strip. The hole wasn't sufficient to make the fire die down, so Andy authorized them to cut a strip. The strip worked and the fire started to die down. They got off the roof less than a minute before the roof collapsed. Back on the ground, Frankel admonished both Jack and Andy for their choices, saying Andy should have listened to Jack's experience and Jack should have followed orders.[14]

Station 19 also responded to a medical call. Dallas called the police after her brother and friends wouldn't wake up when she pulled them out of the pool. They'd made ice cream with liquid nitrogen and poured the rest in the pool to make it look cool. They were able to get the kids all breathing again, but then Jack suddenly jumped into the pool. He emerged with another kid that Dallas thought had gone home. They got her breathing as well and Dallas went to give them numbers to contact parents, but she had trouble breathing and vomited. She was dry drowning. She was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

Later, Andy overheard Frankel tell Jack she worried that Andy had been handed her promotion by her father. She went to her father, who reassured her that he made her lieutenant because she earned it.[15]

The team responded to a fire at a B&B on Sunken Meadow Road. Ben and Vic laid out the hoses, but before they could take them into the fire, a neighbor drove over one and popped it. They went to get a replacement line, but it turned out to be unnecessary because the fire was small and contained to the stovetop.

They later returned to the Inn when the fire reignited and engulfed the building in flames. When a fire reignited in her face, Vic started to have a panic attack and Ben pulled her out while Andy doused the flames. Outside, Vic's ear was treated where it had been burned. Inside, Andy heard popping. She tried to go toward where she heard Deborah, but there were exploding wine bottles between them. They looked for the fuel that was feeding the fire to stop it off while Andy ran past the bottles to get to Deborah. Andy tied off her leg above a wound and then helped her out, using a tray as a shield from the glass. They were able to turn off the gas to the house, to keep it from reigniting. Once they got Deborah out, they realized she'd inhaled some glass. They couldn't intubate, so they did a crike and got her breathing again. Then they took her to the hospital.[16]

Maya and Andy responded to a call for an Aid Car at a police stakeout, just in case anyone got hurt. They got bored as they waited in the ambulance, unable to leave. After the lost the video feed and heart gunshots, Andy, worried for Ryan, wanted to go in immediately, but Maya reminded her that they had to wait to be called. Not long after, they were called in and they learned that it was another officer, not Ryan, who had been shot and they took him to the hospital for an x-ray because the bullet had been caught by his vest.[17]

Andy and Jack carpooled to The Incinerator, a test to determine one's suitability to be Captain. They arrived surprised to find so many candidates and only one open spot. They were put in a group with Charlotte Dearborn and Cole Edmonds to take the test. Cole went first and expected the women to watch while he and Jack did the rescue and talked down to them. Next was Charlotte, who was cavalier about safety, though she set a record time. During Jack's turn, they put out the fire, but after multiple sweeps, they didn't find the dummy, so Jack made the decision to leave without it. On the outside, he was informed that very few people mastered that variation of the test and there was no dummy in the first place. Finally, it was Andy's turn. She emphasized them working as a team. She had them hold on to each other due to low visibility. The building started to creak as they crawled along and eventually, the roof collapsed, separating them. Cole didn't respond to her calls, so they had to find him. He was unconscious. Charlotte then called for a mayday over Andy's objections. Frankel ordered everyone out, but Andy decided to stay in and find the dummy. Jack stayed with her and they retrieved the dummy. Once they were out, Frankel berated Andy for her decision to ignore the mayday call. Ripley interrupted and said he understood Andy's call, but they have rules for a reason. It's a Captain's job to remember that. In a real call, they'd all have come out in body bags. He understood, but didn't agree with, her call. On the way home, Jack said he needed to win it because he was still in it, but Andy refused to talk to him about it.[18]

After the test, Andy was ranked last, but was determined not to give up.[19]

Maya and Andy took an ambulance out to give hepatitis vaccines to unhoused people. They saw Mason, who declined a vaccine and Maya's help.[20]

When her father stopped responding to treatment, Andy was surprised at home much her father had hidden from her about his treatment. She told him about her promising her mother she'd take care of him just before her death. After Pruitt crashed due an allergic reaction, he still insisted on continuing the treatment, but asked Bailey to keep Andy included on all his treatment from then on.[21]

While Andy was captain, they were called out to respond to Peter, who accidentally ran into a dumpster. On their way to the hospital, they came across a party bus that had crashed. Andy left Jack to monitor Peter while they helped the party bus victims. While they were waiting, Peter offered up the gurney he was on for them to use, so Jack left briefly to take it to them. While he was gone, Peter ransacked the ambulance looking for morphine. During the ensuing struggle with Jack, Peter put his hand through a pane of glass and degloved his finger. Jack, with Dean's help, was able to restrain him and bandage his hand before they were able to take him to the hospital.[22]

Despite being on an active call, Andy decided to have her team stop to help the victims of a crashed party bus because the responding station was still eight minutes away. They had to free Susan, who was impaled on a piece of the bus, and Carla, who was pinned under the bus, while also treating Mary and the other six victims who were free. They were able to get everyone out and stabilized before station 23 arrived to take over.[23]

The station responded to a fire at the house of Audrey and Oliver. The fire started in a fireplace and was mostly contained to that area of the house. In order to put out the fire, they needed to go through the garage to get to the innermost part of the house. Audrey tried to get them access, but her blistered finger meant the pad couldn't read her print. Dean was sent to put the override code in, but he forgot the code and couldn't radio out because his radio was on the wrong channel, so after two failed attempts, the others were locked in the garage with no way out. With the fire in the house, the garage started to heat up. They searched for anything they could use to try to free themselves. They found a toolkit, which Karen used to pick the lock on the trunk of the car and retrieve a jack. They tried to use the jack to lift the garage door, but it wouldn't budge. As the temperature climbed, Ryan decided to hot wire the car and try to use it as a battering ram. Jack said it was a bad idea, but Ryan started it anyway. Andy was able to stop him before he moved the car. Jack had the idea to use the motor from the internal door to get access to the house. It didn't work and they started to wear out. When Pruitt arrived and gave Andy a pep talk, she used the last of her energy to think of a plan. She saw the water heater and decided they could use the pilot light to create an explosion. They siphoned gas from the car and rigged the water heater up to explode and propel itself through the garage door. It worked and once they were free, they were all cooled down and rehydrated.[24]

While Andy was waiting for her final captain interview, a page came in about a skyscraper fire downtown, so Ripley said the interviews were being postponed until further notice. Jack then told her that if he didn't get captain, he was putting in for a transfer to another station.[25]

Skyscraper Fire and New Captain[]

Station 19 anxiously waited to be called in on the skyscraper fire. While they waited, they checked their supplies. When they were finally called in, they responded to the fire and went to base camp to receive their assignments. Most of the team was sent to relieve station 7 working on the active fire, but Ben and Travis were kept for triage and Maya and Vic were sent above the fire to do crowd control at a law firm where they were keeping civilians held in place. At the active fire, they worked with Charlotte, who made the decision to jump through the fire to try to get to a fire door. Then there was a crash and she didn't respond. Andy jumped after her and found her injured. She used an extinguisher sphere to put out the flames and let the rest of the group come help her free Charlotte. Andy took Charlotte down to triage and because the fire was contained, she sent Jack and Dean to the floor above to check it out. On that floor, they found a large amount of combustibles. A rapid evacuation was started. Andy dropped Charlotte at triage and then went back up to the top floor to tell them to get ready for evacuation. Then she went back downstairs and helped Ripley pack up and evacuate base camp. When Jack and Dean found a civilian as they closed fire doors, they called for an elevator evacuation. Ripley said no, but Andy took the elevator key and sent the elevator up. Jack sent Dean down with the civilian and continued his work. He talked to Andy through the elevator shaft. She tried to convince him to find a way out, but he said he wasn't willing to sacrifice the lives of anyone on the team to try to save himself. She asked him to stay on the radio, which he did until it cut out a few minutes later. Then there was an explosion in the building.[26]

Andy refused to leave the building without Jack. She asked Ripley to send more people up to help, but he refused and ordered her to evacuate. She ignored the order and began climbing the stairs to the floor where Jack was. On the way, she met Maya and Vic, who were on their way down. Andy said she wasn't leaving without Jack, so Maya decided to go with her to help while they sent Vic down to find more help. Andy and Maya got to the floor where Jack was and found the door jammed shut. Maya worried that that meant that it was so hot inside that it could kill them instantly. Despite this, she helped Andy open the door and they stepped inside. They immediately heard the beeping on Jack's PASS device, which they followed to find him. He was under a pile of rubble, which they moved to free him. The three of them then evacuated the building and Andy checked Jack out.[27]

Six weeks after the skyscraper fire, the team gathered at the station to meet their new captain. Ripley introduced them to Robert Sullivan, who immediately established himself as a strict, by the book boss. He said he wanted to improve station 19's efficiency and wanted to start immediately.[28]

After an apartment fire, Andy and Dean brought Natalie Forrester to the hospital. She'd been evacuated from the building and then collapsed on the sidewalk. Andy offered to sit with her son, who was anxious, while they waited for his father to arrive. Andy and Dean then got checked out by Bailey, a new requirement by Sullivan. Dean then lingered because he had a crush on Maggie. At the end of the day, he asked her out, but she told him she had a boyfriend.[29]

Station 19 was called out to help when Max Forrester fell into a storm drain after disappearing from the hospital. Ben, who had been left behind at the station due to a burn on his hand, was aided by Travis and Pruitt as he located plans for the storm drains' paths to see where Max was most likely to have gone. Station 23 had a feed down a drain that showed a handprint, giving them a clue where he'd gone. They quickly moved downstream from that location and Maya prepared to jump in to grab Max. However, her oxygen tank wasn't working, so they went to get a replacement tank. While she was gone, Andy heard Max's voice down below them. Over Maya and Sullivan's objections, Andy jumped down into the drain to try to get to him. However, the flow of water picked up and while she was pulled underwater, Max was swept away. Since they'd lost that chance to get him, they had only one more access point down the line. When they arrived, they learned that the opening was smaller than they expected, too small for an adult to fit down to get him. When they heard Max down below them, they considered using a jackhammer to widen the opening, but Ben found that there was a gas line near them and it's too risky. Since they couldn't get an adult down into the drain, they decided to send down a loop for Max to grab. Max was scared to let go and jump to the loop, even when his father told him to. His father finally told him that his mother was dying and encouraged him as he jumped and grabbed the loop. Max was then lifted to safety.[30]

Station 19 was called to the apartment of Evelyn after her downstairs neighbors were worried about her after her floor started collapsing into their apartment and she didn't answer her phone. When they heard creaking behind her door, they broke the lock, which showed that there were stacks of things filling her apartment, which was compromising the floor. They heard Evelyn calling out for help, but weren't able to get in because forcing the door open more could cause them to fall and cause more damage. Sullivan sent Dean to get support beams and Travis and Vic to evacuate the floor below them just in case. Evelyn said she had fallen and was having a hard time catching her breath. She'd recently had heart surgery. Andy wanted to wait for the structural engineers, but Sullivan said one person needed to go in. He wanted Ben to go in, but asked for Maya's input. Maya suggested sending in Andy instead, because she's lighter and has more experience. When Andy reached Evelyn and gave a report on her status, Ben talked her through doing draining the blood around Evelyn's heart. Andy then put her on the stretcher and got her out. The floor started to crack more as Andy went to leave and Sullivan pulled her to safety as the floor collapsed beneath her. Andy was upset to know that if she'd had her way and they waited for the engineers, Evelyn would have died.[31]

Station 19 was called out to a structure fire. When they arrived, they started a perimeter sweep to see if anyone might be inside and prepared to start fighting the fire. When Maya learned that the hydrant was dry because the building was scheduled for demolition, she suggested that once they cleared the building, they could use the water in the engine to drown the surrounding buildings and let it burn. Jack then saw signs that there were squatters inside. Just then a kid came out of the building with Zoe. He was handed off to be seen and Zoe tried to re-enter the building. Andy stopped her, saying she needed to be treated, too, but Zoe said there were five more kids inside. They found Sean and he was evacuated and treated. Andy then noticed a sprinkler system and said they needed to locate the valve. Zoe thought she knew where it was and showed Andy the way to it. Andy reached the valve just as Travis and Ben noticed that what was coming out of the sprinklers was flammable. She didn't get the warning in time and turned on the sprinklers, which caused fire to engulf the building. Dean and Vic ended up trapped with two kids and Andy ended up trapped with Zoe as well. Vic and Dean shared their oxygen with the kids until an exit was made and they were able to evacuate. Ben, Travis, and Andy remained trapped. Water was then finally available and they doused the building as quickly as they could. Everyone was evacuated and treated for smoke inhalation. Andy talked to Zoe and said she should become a firefighter because she was the kind of person they needed on their team. She gave Zoe her number and Zoe later sent her a picture of her in the hospital, eating jello.[32]

The firefighters of station 19 held a training session for the police officers, teaching them first aid and CPR. Andy was paired with Vic and Ryan was put in their group. Vic suggested that Ryan go first. Andy showed him how to do compressions and made him do them continuously even as he wore out, because his dummy hadn't beeped back to life. He eventually stopped over her objections. Also at the training, Andy stood up for Maya when she saw Maya being singled out for criticism by Sullivan.[33]

Upon learning it was Dean's birthday, Jack planned a surprise birthday party with the rest of the team. They ate cake and celebrated.[34]

Andy was on the Aid Car with Maya. Their first call involved a kid. It should have been a simple call, but the kid ran into a building with a gas leak, so they had to track down the kid and break through a wall. They came back to the station very dirty. After a shower, they tended to Greg Tanner, who came in looking for Pruitt to patch him up after a fight. Andy tended to him instead and called Ryan, who didn't believe Greg when Greg told him he got in the middle of a fight defending a kid and his phone got broken. When she was finished treating Greg, they got called out again, to tend to an injured hiker. With difficulty, they found Clark, who had fallen and had a branch puncturing his leg. After returning from a later call, she and Maya found Greg in an elevator, where he'd passed out. They suspected a cardiac bruise from the fight. They were able to restore sinus rhythm.[35]

Friendsgiving and Windstorm[]

After separating from Miranda, Ben wanted to feel a sense of togetherness, so he planned "Friendsgiving" with Jack at Dean's houseboat and invited the rest of the team. However, while they were still preparing the meal, the team was called away due to accidents from the windstorm.

At the station, they went over storm protocols and gathered extra supplies to be ready. Sullivan and Andy went on the first call out. They went to the scene, where they found a car that had been hit by another car that then drove off. Unbeknownst to Andy, it was on the same stretch of road where Sullivan's wife had died. In the car, they found Shannon, who said she was trying to escape the storm when she was hit. Her leg was broken, so they splinted it, but because of the high winds, they had difficulty wrapping her leg, so they moved her into the Aid Car. As they worked, Shannon asked if one of them could get her purse out of her car, as it had a necklace her grandmother gave her. Sullivan retrieved it for her. They were able to stabilize her leg, but the radios weren't working because of the storm, so they were unable to get advice from dispatch on where to take her and Sullivan wanted to wait for the all clear before leaving. However, when they noticed the wind was starting to move the Aid Car, they knew they needed to get out of there. They tried, but the Aid Car was blown off the edge of a cliff.[36]

Andy and Sullivan woke up in the aid car. Shannon was also awake, but Sullivan was trapped under the collapsed dashboard. Andy got him freed and he planned to go for help, but he wasn't able to move or feel his legs. Andy got him on a backboard and tried to reassure him as she treated both him and Shannon. She then put out a small fire on the Aid Car to keep them safer. Andy stayed in the back with them and continued to monitor them. Shannon coded, but Andy was able to resuscitate. After she was in sinus rhythm again, Andy decided she needed to leave the Aid Car to set off the flares. Only one was still viable, so she took it and left the rig. She made the difficult climb up and set out the flare. While Andy was on her way back, Shannon coded again. Despite risk of paralysis, Sullivan unstrapped himself from the backboard and tried to reach the defibrillator. When he couldn't, he attempted a precordial thump. When Andy returned, she started compressions, but she was unable to resuscitate and Shannon died. Soon after, they were found and rescued by the team.

Four months later, Andy was awarded a Medal of Valor for her actions. At the ceremony, she fled after receiving the medal. She avoided talking to Ryan about why. At the party celebrating her medal, she hooked up with Ryan.[37]

Andy, Dean, and Maya responded to a call about a woman injured in the park. They arrived to see a confused woman on a park bench with a head wound. She couldn't remember anything about herself or how she was injured. While checking her for other injuries, Maya found a picture of a boy in her shoe. They finished checking her out and then dropped her off at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Later, they found her at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital when they were dropping off another patient. Andy went after her and got her to agree to come back to their rig. Maya and Dean went to investigate how she'd ended up there. Dean learned she was a fugitive and the cops wanted them to distract her to give them time to arrive. They learned she was Margaret Chen. Andy felt there was more going on, so she asked Margaret about it. She stole some money from her work to pay for her son's medical care. She was going to put it all back, but she got caught before she could. He was scheduled for his surgery that day and she wanted to see him before her surgery. They enlisted Ryan's help. They were able to sneak her into the hospital to see her son and then she was arrested and taken to court.[38]

When Kat came into the station to check it out, she met Andy and Vic. She was looking around at all the stations to see where she might fit in, but she didn't believe she'd be able to get a spot at 19. Andy decided to give her a proper tour. Andy and Vic then talked to Kat about her experience at the Academy and not feeling like she was improving. They suggested rice. They got two bowls of rice and had Kat grip and release it to improve her grip strength. They said Kat needed to find a way to distinguish herself. She revealed that the skyscraper fire had inspired her to apply to the academy, as she'd been working in the building. At the end of the day, Andy introduced Kat to Sullivan.[39]

One day, an RV crashed into the side of station 19. Andy was surprised to see a young girl climb out of the driver's seat. Ellie said her mother was shaking and wouldn't stop, so she tried to hit the brake, but hit the accelerator instead. Maya and Ben found her mother inside still seizing. To prevent further damage to the building, Travis disconnected the fuel in the vehicle. Then they worked to expand the exit to get Ellie's mother out. They freed her, but struggled to get her to stop seizing. While they worked on her, Andy took Ellie to the conference room to talk to her and keep her calm. As her mom was ready to be moved, she said she didn't want to go to the hospital with her because she felt she was always messing things up. Shortly afterward, she collapsed from low blood sugar. She was given glucose and quickly woke up, but still worried about her mom having another seizure and her not being able to help. Andy then sent Ellie to the hospital to be with her mom, while they dealt with the damage to the station caused by the crash and subsequent explosion.[40]

Ripley's Hospitalization and Death[]

When Ripley passed out on a sidewalk and was taken to the hospital, Sullivan, Ben, and Andy came to the hospital to check on his condition. Andy and Ben were surprised to learn that he'd been buying flowers for Vic when he passed out. After being banished from his room, they waited in the hospital waiting area. They were shocked when his lab results came back, showing his condition was much worse than previously believed and he had fled the hospital in search of Vic.[41]

Ryan's Death and Losing Out on Her Promotion[]

Ryan surprised Andy by showing up on her doorstep one morning. As she questioned why he was suddenly back from San Diego, they heard someone down the hallway calling for help. They rushed to her neighbor's apartment and found her bleeding profusely from her wrists, having cut herself on a broken glass while doing the dishes. Andy and Ryan called Pruitt and his partner and applied pressure to the wound as they awaited his arrival. The two of them promised the woman they would watch her kids while Pruitt took her to the hospital. As they were babysitting, Ryan played cops and robbers with Milo. Andy talked about having a fall-out with her father over his slut-shaming her. Ryan then shared he had returned from San Diego because Jenna had cheated on him to hurt him after he had told her he was still in love with his ex. As it dawned on Andy that he was talking about her, Milo appeared with his mother's gun in his hands. She and Ryan tried to get Milo to hand over the gun, but he assumed they were still playing and he fired the gun, shooting Ryan. Andy rushed to apply pressure to the wound and called her father back. They tried to save him but he succumbed to his injuries.

After his funeral, she insisted on working. Her grief manifested in a permanent angry mood. She snapped at a bridal shop owner who didn't want to leave her store despite a gas leak. Andy and her team worked to evacuate the street, as flammable gas was building up in the sewers underneath, but an explosion happened in the bridal shop. Andy and Jack found the owner still alive inside and managed to resuscitate her, but Andy couldn't feel joy over having saved the woman's life. Maya tried to help her but Andy needed a friend who would just let her be rather than try to help her. Maya said she could be that friend, but soon after, Andy found Maya coming out of a meeting with Sullivan and learned that she had been promoted to Captain of Station 19.

Andy was furious and ignored Maya at home despite her attempts to please Andy. At work, Jack told Andy they all thought she would get the promotion. Andy sighed and rolled her eyes as Maya gave her first speech to the crew. She joined the crew for Maya's mandatory group work-out but skipped the second session Maya organized because of Dean's being late. She ran into Sullivan, who told her he had passed her over because you only get one shot at the Captain job and he had been afraid that her grief would cause her to screw it up. Maya approached Andy and pointed out they needed to work as a team. Defiantly, Andy said they still were a team and rallied the others to support her. As a fight was about to begin, Sullivan cut in and ordered the crew to accept his decision. Later, Andy told Maya she was furious with her because she accepted the job despite knowing that Andy had worked for and earned the job. The next day, Jack found her reminiscing over an old photo of the crew under Captain Herrera. He hated how Ryan's death had cost her the promotion. She said men deciding things for her to protect her was a recurring theme in her life. She also admitted she had stopped feeling anything except anger since Ryan's death. He understood her and took her the place where he briefly used to live as a kid, which was now an empty lot. As they sat down for breakfast there, they agreed to move in together as Andy couldn't bear to live with Maya anymore.

Maya took the group on a mandatory camping trip to increase morale. While the group attempted to keep things light and fun, Maya had the entire trip scheduled out and was adamant about sticking to the schedule. Andy lashed out at her every chance she got. The next morning, the crew was woken up by screaming and found some other campers had been attacked by a bear. While the crew worked on saving them, Andy, Maya, Pruitt, and Jack went on a hunt to find the woman's nose, which had been ripped off. While doing so, they came across the bear and Andy gave the group instructions on how to scare it off. On the way home, Pruitt finally apologized for having slut-shamed her. She appreciated that and asked if there was something else he wanted to tell her. He denied that and brought up Ryan's death. She opened up about her grief, which caused her to feel angry at the whole world. At the bar, Jack told her he had been sleeping with fellow firefighter Rigo's wife, breaking the firefighter code. As he said he couldn't bring himself to stop, Andy said she wanted to feel something other than angry, so they came up with the idea of sleeping together to solve both their problems. As they were making out in the back room of the bar, they agreed it was helping to make them feel better.

The whole crew gathered at the station with civilians to sit out a massive blizzard. Andy kept her hostile attitude towards Maya, having found a companion in Jack. Andy and Maya sprung into action when JJ went into labor. As they were giving her some privacy, Maya told her she would continue to be her friend as she knew Andy would have the done the same thing had the tables been turned. She hoped Andy could see that once her grief over Ryan eased up a little. Andy snapped that two men decided behind closed doors that she wasn't fit for the job. She wasn't mad that Maya took the job, she was mad that Maya took the job without a word of acknowledgment, which would have told Andy that she wasn't a complete sociopath. She then pointed out Maya was running the firehouse into the ground and walked off. As they were delivering the baby, Maya confessed that she had fought for the job and hadn't just been given it because Andy wasn't fit for it. She told Andy that unlike her, she knew how to separate her personal and professional lives. She admitted she had been a crappy friend but she still cared for Andy. She compared herself to Pruitt, who had been hovering over Andy lately to make sure everything was all right for her. Andy then realized that Pruitt had been lying to her. He confessed he had testicular cancer and only had six months left to live as he was rejecting treatment. Andy broke down and fled to the bunk. Robert came in and held her as she cried.

As she came to terms with her father's diagnosis and impending death, Andy continued to sleep with Jack, whose secret had come out during the blizzard. She convinced him to return to work with her and own up to it. They were present for the presentation of Ben's PRT truck. Later, Robert checked in on and her. She blamed her breakdown on the birth and Pruitt's cancer, declining any further help. While out for a call involving an aircraft explosion, Pruitt came to help out with the injured citizens. Still mad at him for rejecting treatment, Andy asked Pruitt if he had told Pruitt about his diagnosis and if that was the reason behind her being passed over for Captain. Pruitt said they would talk later. Based on the debris, Andy pieced together that the exploded aircraft had been a rocket. She went to inform Rigo and Jack, who warned Rigo to stay away from a newly discovered gas tank leak. Given their feud, Rigo ignored him and as Jack pulled him back, he dropped his fire extinguisher, causing an explosion that left him eviscerated. Andy went to get Ben and then informed Maya of the situation, convincing her to finally call HazMat. Back at the station, Andy openly challenged Maya's decision to have Jack and Rigo work together. Maya stood by her decision, causing another fight between them. Maya announced to the crew that they needed to stop questioning her every move and either get in line or request a transfer. The crew kept their heads down. Later, Sullivan found Andy, who told him she knew that he had passed her over for Captain because of her father's diagnosis. His keeping that from her only made it worse for her. He blurted out that he was in love with her and had been for a long time, causing him to fail at everything. She coldly told him that she couldn't be mad at her father for their stunt with her promotion given his cancer, so she would take it out on him instead. She shut the door in his face.

Breaking Up with Jack and Dating Robert[]

Andy and Jack slept together at the station and worked together closely given their mutual hate for Maya. Spending so much time with him, she came to notice that he had been falling apart ever since the Rigo incident. While responding to an accident involving multiple injured bikers, Jack refused to stop performing CPR on a biker until Andy pointed out to him that the man was a lost cause, saying this wasn't going to be the win that Jack apparently so desperately needed. Part of the crew took Emmett out for drinks at Joe's bar. Jack followed Andy to the toilets, assuming they were going to have sex, but she shut him down. She told him their sex had helped her, but now that she was feeling other things than anger again, she deemed having sex with him too messy. She left the bar and went to Robert's apartment. She told him she was done fighting and being angry. She wanted to be in a safe space, which for some reason was him. She asked him to kiss her, which would make everything okay for her for the first time in a long time. He did kiss her and took her inside.

Pruitt's Death[]

When the team was called in to a fire at a storage unit, they found a rock band playing in one of the units. One of their cigarettes caught on fire, and it spread through the vents. Eventually, there was no visibility in the building, and the entire Station 19 team was stuck. When Sullivan heard Andy had no exit and had only 5% air left, he ran into the fire to try and help her find the exit. They both became trapped. Pruitt was playing Texas Hold Em with some of his former fellow firefighters, and they tuned in to the radios at the fire. When Pruitt heard Andy was trapped, he rushed to the scene. Pruitt got Maya to get Ladder 19 to the roof of the building, and Pruitt made a vent on the roof and fell to his death. Pruitt was in his final months before this happened due to cancer, so Robert and Andy got married so Pruitt could be there. Andy took a few days off, and Warren gave her a pill to help her sleep, and it gave her crazy dreams. Robert stayed with her. Fire Chief Dixon said that Pruitt was a civilian when he died, so he couldn't get a line of duty funeral. Vic had everyone do a photoshoot for a calendar to raise money for the line of duty funeral, and they also held a spaghetti dinner fundraiser, which is where Robert announced that he and Andy were married. Before they could do the funeral for Pruitt, COVID-19 hit, so they did it virtually, and Andy gave the eulogy.

Finding Her Mother[]

When Andy got all of Pruitt's things after he died, she found some things that were questionable. She found birthday cards from her Tia Sandra that her dad never gave her. She asked Snuffy Souza, one of Pruitt's fellow firefighters whom she was close to, and he acted very odd in response to her questions. She repeatedly called Tia Sandra, who never picked up, so she left voicemails. Tia Sandra eventually did call back, but Andy was drunk at a party with the other firefighters of Station 19. The day after the party, it was the day of Robert's surgery for his chronic leg pain. From what Andy knew, she thought her mother killed herself because she experienced flashbacks to their last fun day together, and she expressed this to Meredith. When Robert woke up, Andy had driven to a motel, and found her Tia Sandra, and also found that her mother was alive. Her mother explained how she had bad mental health, so she just left, and how Pruitt had made up the story that she died. Andy also found out that when Pruitt went to New York to help with 9-11, he begged her to come back to him and Andy, but she refused.


Andy is confident, badass, she plays by the rules, but will also bend them if the situation fits.



Ryan Tanner[]

Ryan is Andy's oldest friend and her high school flame, an attraction that still lingers in their present interactions. After her father collapsed during a fire, Ryan was able to calm her down.[42]

Later, when she heard gun shots while they were on a stakeout, she worried that Ryan was the one shot and was extremely relieved when she learned he wasn't. Later that night, she knocked on his door, but fled before he answered.[43]

After the strip mall fire, Ryan came to Andy, pumped about what he'd done. He was exhilarated and he and Andy started kissing and undressing each other.[44]

They continued having sex regularly in the mornings.[45] However, when Andy learned that Ryan deliberately didn't tell her that her dad was in trouble during the skyscraper fire, she ended things with him, saying they always ended up in the same pattern of him protecting her when she didn't need it.[46]

Months later, after she received a Medal of Valor for her actions during the windstorm, she and Ryan hooked up at her party.[47] They continued to hook up, but Andy stopped any conversation of their status.[48] Later, after hearing Pruitt talk about getting too comfortable and wanting to move forward instead of backward, he asked Andy if he was just a security blanket for her.[49]

While helping Vic through her pregnancy and her later decisions, she revealed that while dating Ryan in high school, she got pregnant her senior year. She told Vic that she had an abortion after seeing her career end before it began and that if she'd told Ryan, he'd want to keep the baby. Andy revealed that they weren't ready for a baby, so that was one factor that led to her decision. She never got the chance to tell him before he died.

Jack Gibson[]

Jack and Andy secretly began sleeping together. When she found an engagement ring while they were having sex, she freaked out. Later, when Jack lost Pruitt while they were in a fire together, Andy got angry with him.[50]

The two continuously bickered because of their different leadership styles, but they began sleeping with each other again after a while to relieve the tension and postpone the conversation they knew they needed to have. He decided that sex was not enough for him, and that he wanted more, to build a home with someone. Andy said she didn't want more and that the team and the station were her home. As they were arguing over this, they failed to properly dress and Pruitt caught them when he came to fetch documents from the captain's office.[51] Under pressure from Pruitt, they told the team about their relationship. The team was mostly supportive but only worried about who they'd saved first in a fire. Their worries were abated when Jack and Andy said they'd ended things.[52]

Robert Sullivan[]

When they first met, Robert and Andy weren't on the best of terms, but two near-death experiences brought them together; surviving the Aid Car tumbling off a cliff[53], and a wave of fire in California.[54] When they finally gave into the attraction between them, Sullivan suddenly stopped, which upset Andy, who didn't know he stopped because his leg had gone numb.[54] After a little back and forth, they finally got together and told Pruitt they were a couple over lunch. They remained in a secret relationship and even got married in a small ceremony with only Pruitt attending, as his cancer was back and he was dying. After his death, falling through a roof he was venting, Sullivan took care of his wife while she grieved her father. He told her that both his parents were dead, and Andy replied that "we're all we have".[55] When Andy returned to work and Ben confronted Sullivan about the stolen drugs from the PRT car, Sullivan was forced to confess to both Ben and Dixon about his marriage. Later that night, they confessed their relationship at a party at the station, much to the surprise of their co-workers.[56]

Unfortunately, they separated for a while due to Sullivan’s status as a recovering addict. Amelia Shepherd suggested they take a 90-day break to help with his sobriety. Both Sullivan and Andy found it difficult to be apart, and almost slipped up more than once. Andy almost didn't attend Robert's court case regarding him stealing drugs from the PRT.[57] After a discussion with his sponsor, Richard Webber, he decided to reconnect with his wife. He and Andy are seen dancing to music in the beanery and share a kiss. Later, they have sex on the floor of Sullivan's old office, which doesn't seem to bother him at all.[58]

When both Sullivan and Dean are arrested after rescuing two girls from inside a man's house[59], Andy is devastated. When Sullivan emerges from the police station, Andy can be seen running to hug her husband.[60] During grief counselling, Andy mentions how she fell in love with a Black man, and that she "takes on the pain he [Sullivan] doesn’t allow himself to feel.”[61]


Pruitt Herrera[]

Her late father Pruitt was Andy's primary inspiration to become a firefighter. He was her mentor.

Elena Herrera[]

Elena is her mother. They are estranged.


Maya Bishop[]

Maya is a colleague of Andy's as well as her best friend and confidant.[62] They met at the fire academy and banded together as they were the only two women in their class and have been best friends ever since.[63] However, when Andy snapped at Maya that the Captain's race wasn't here fight, Maya backed off and was cold toward Andy.[64] She continued to ignore Andy, but after realizing you should let the people you love in, she went to find Andy, but was shocked to see Jack's uniform top outside the Captain's bedroom.[65] While on a stakeout together, unable to leave, they started talking and sorted through their issues together.[66] When Andy decided she needed to move out of her father's house, Maya supported her and offered to let Andy move in with her. However, later that day, when Andy jeopardized Maya's shot at rescuing a kid, Maya was angry at her.[67]


Jack Gibson[]

Andy prefers to play by the rules, while Jack has a more fearless attitudes. Sparks fly when they have to work together, but opposites attract. They had a relationship prior to her father's diagnosis and occasionally would have sex even after they ended things until Andy got into a relationship with Robert Sullivan, and later married him.


Andy is a firefighter at Station 19 of the Seattle Fire Department, part of one of the best crews out there. Like all Seattle firefighters, she's also a qualified EMT.

After her father got diagnosed with cancer, both she and Jack became the acting captains of Station 19, with one of them running each shift. This arrangement ended after the skyscraper fire. Lucas Ripley acted as their captain for six weeks until he picked Robert Sullivan as their new captain.

Following the events of the Garcia house fire and protesting Maya's demotion from captain to lieutenant for insubordination, Andy was forcibly transferred to Station 23.[68] She became acting captain in the wake of Captain Pat Aquino's injuries following the gas explosion.[69]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Her character was the first one cast for the show.
  • She speaks Spanish.[70]
  • She's not a hugger.[71]
  • Her drink of choice is beer.
  • One of her hobbies is rock climbing.[72]
  • As a kid, she used to sort her Legos by size, color, and function.[73]
  • She and her father lived at 2301 Field Pine Place.[74]
  • She gets energetic when she's excited.[75]
  • She's the lightest member of the team.[76]
  • She likes the Spice Girls and Cardi B.[77]
  • She was the state champion in salsa dancing.[78]
  • She was on the dance squad in high school.[79]
  • She had braces for four years.[80]
  • She plays shortstop for Station 19's softball team.[81]
  • She got married in a pink chiffon dress at city hall.[82]
  • She is scared of raccoons.[83]
  • She got her first period a day before her 12th birthday.[84]


A more complete gallery with pictures of Andy Herrera can be found here.

Notable Episodes[]

These episodes are Andy-centric or are otherwise very informative about her life.

Memorable Quotes[]

Andy: My dad's always run things a certain way around here. He likes us to chase a rabbit on a track, but it's just a stupid trick to keep us all running, just a stupid prize, the Pole Day. I'm done chasing the rabbit. I am the rabbit. The rabbit runs because she loves it. I do this job because I love it. I don't need a prize. Every day here is the prize. Every life saved. Every fire put out. We're Seattle firefighters. Station 19 is where we choose to be. And that pole belongs to us. We earned it, one fire at a time. Which means forget how things are usually done. Every day is a damn Pole Day. Starting right now. Let's go.[85]



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