Angelica Paulson is the wife of Leo Paulson.


Angelica came to the hospital when she received a message from Vincent, the doorman, saying that her husband, Leo, was in the hospital after falling down a flight of stairs. She came to the hospital, where she was told her husband was stable.

Scans revealed that Leo's spine was fractured, so a spinal fusion was scheduled. While Leo waited for surgery, Angelica called their children and grandchildren and updated them on his condition.

After Leo's surgery, he was told he had cancer and had only six months to a year to live. When Angelica came into his room, he started to tell her that, but then Vincent came in. Leo said they'd kept Vincent long enough and he could leave. Angelica tipped him and sent him away.



She's been married to Leo Paulson for 51 years. Unbeknownst to him, for the last 15 years of their marriage, he had an affectionate, but not physical, relationship with their doorman, Vincent.


She and her husband have three kids and seven grandchildren. They are also expecting another grandchild.


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