Anne Chambers is a patient who was admitted to the burn unit after being in a house fire.


House FireEdit

Anne was in a house fire, which left her with burns over 60% of her body. She was taken to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Burn TreatmentEdit

Soon after she was admitted, Anne had her first debridement. Knowing it would be painful for her, JJ yelled from the bed next to her to grab onto something and find something to bite down on. JJ and Anne bonded as they both continued to be treated for their burns. Anne's husband, Lance disliked it when they joked about their situation.

At Christmas, Lance brought Anne a present and left her. JJ heard it happened and frantically called for a doctor because Anne was upset. Jo gave Anne something to calm her down and JJ said it was good because he wasn't good enough for her and now this is her fresh start and she proclaimed the day their first Christmas. They began to sing Christmas carols together.

On New Years Eve, JJ and Anne stayed up to watch the ball drop and then even later just to talk, so Anne told her she'd take the first pain session in the morning. However, when Jo went in to check on JJ, she found that she had died. Anne was devastated to hear that JJ had died.

When a new patient, Laura, was put in JJ's old bed, Anne gave her the same advice that JJ had given her on her first day.



She was married to Lance Chambers until he left her on Christmas Eve, saying that it wasn't what he signed up for.


While she was hospitalized, Anne formed a friendship with JJ, who was in the bed next to hers. JJ made jokes, which helped Anne through the pain of her treatment. When Anne's husband left, JJ said they'd start over and this was their first Christmas. Anne and JJ stayed up until midnight on New Years Eve to watch the ball drop and then even later just talking, so Anne told Jo to let JJ sleep in. However, when Jo checked on JJ, she saw that she wasn't breathing. Anne was devastated at her death.

When a new patient was put in JJ's old bed, Anne immediately started talking to her, giving her the same advice that JJ had given her when she'd first been admitted.

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