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People change, you know, and life - life changes us, and our one job, really our only job is to stay open to possibilities, right?
April Kepner

April Kepner is a former attending trauma surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. After surviving a near-fatal accident, she resigned from Grey Sloan to help the unhoused who need medical care. She was married to Jackson Avery, with whom she has a deceased son, Samuel, and a daughter, Harriet Kepner-Avery. She later married her former fiancé Matthew Taylor, though the marriage was short-lived. After their split, she ended up moving to Boston with Jackson and their daughter, where the two rekindled their relationship.


Early Life[]

Much of April's personal life was revealed while she was being held at gunpoint by Gary Clark. She was forced to tell him personal details about herself in an attempt to prevent him from shooting her. She revealed that she was born on April 23rd in Columbus, Ohio and was raised on a corn farm in Moline, Ohio along with three sisters, a pet pony, and a pet duck. Her mother is a teacher, while her father stays home and tends to the farm.

When April told her parents she wanted to become a doctor, they were "over the moon" about it. April has always been very focused on her studies, so other than medical school and various church-related events, she hasn't done much.

Hospital Merger and Firing[]

April was matched up with Lexie Grey on her first day at the newly-merged Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Lexie at first was very mean to her but reconciled with her as she felt bad.[1] April was fired shortly after the merger after a mass hotel fire brought an overflow of patients into the ER. Her patient didn't need surgery, but because of a distraction in the ER, April forgot to check down her patient's airway, which was filled with soot. Her patient couldn't breathe and went into cardiac arrest after many hours thinking she was fine aside from some burns. The Chief interrogated all the doctors on duty and eventually fired April, as she was behind the death.[2]

Rehiring and Crush on Derek[]

When Derek Shepherd became Chief of Surgery, he rehired April, because he thought she deserved a second chance. April admired his abilities and knowledge in his field of work. She had a small work crush on him but nothing developed between them because Derek's invested in his relationship with Meredith. For a while, she tended to do more administrative work than medicine, in fear of killing someone again. A push from Derek got her to do surgery again.

Hospital Shooting and Aftermath[]

April lost her best friend, Reed Adamson, the first victim of the shooting. She ran to Derek Shepherd's office and told him what happened. April was right in front of the shooter when he shot Derek, and she told him her life story, stating she hasn't lived yet, nobody had loved her, and the shooter told her to run. She seemed to deal with Reed's loss alone after the shooting.


April is of Christian faith and always prays for her patients before going into surgery. Although elements of her Christianity are traditionally conservative, she is very open-minded – as she is seen attending Callie and Arizona's wedding, and even dancing and taking pictures of the newlyweds during the reception. She has an extremely close relationship with God and remained a virgin until she was 28 for this reason.

April kept her relationship with God a secret from her fellow doctors because she feared they would see her as less of a surgeon because of it. However, when she lost her virginity to Jackson the night before her medical boards, she re-evaluated her faith and stopped caring what others thought about it.

Failing the Boards[]

Shortly after they got back to the hospital after taking their boards, the residents all checked to see if they passed. They all passed except April.[3] She shut down and all the hospitals that offered her a fellowship were now retracting their offers. Her last offer standing was Seattle Grace, but that was also rescinded, leaving her with no place left.[4] She ended up moving back to her parents' and working on their farm until Owen came to get her and take her back to the hospital.[5]

Engagement to Matthew and Feelings for Jackson[]

Jackson once again said she was getting married. "Unless I'm not," she replied, still asking him to give her a reason not to. When Stephanie came in and started comforting Jackson, April left. While operating on a firefighter who got hurt due to the mudslide caused by the storm, Owen asked April if she said yes to Matthew, whom he helped to prepare the proposal. April said she did, and Owen approved of this, as all first responders are good guys. While her patient's wife said goodbye to her deceased husband, April watched Jackson take his patient to surgery.[6]

Jackson asked April to scrub in with him on a surgery as the interns weren't working due to Heather's death. Suddenly a crying Stephanie appeared and hugged Jackson. April's disappointed look was noticed by Matthew, who then went outside to head back out to the mudslide again. April joined him in the ambulance bay, where he told her that he understood that she wanted Jackson and that he didn't give her a chance to say no because he proposed in front of all these people. He said she wanted to say no. She didn't object to this, and he angrily got in his ambulance and drove off. She scrubbed in with Jackson and tried to talk to him during the surgery, but he snapped at her every time. When they told the patient and her fiancé that her organs were failing and the powerful antibiotics may not work, the couple decided they wanted to get married immediately. As she and Jackson couldn't find any chaplain in the hospital, Jackson got certified online and officiated the wedding. His words touched April, and she tried to talk to him about the wedding afterward. He snapped again, and she asked why he did. She apologized for having asked the question and said there was no need to beat a dead horse. He said that she didn't want him when he wanted her, and she only wanted him now because she was scared by the real relationship she was in. He told her to make up her mind about whether or not she wanted to make a life with Matthew or not. "None of this has to do with me. This is entirely about you," Jackson said, indicating he had no more interest in her. April did make up her mind and dragged Matthew to the hospital's chapel to accept his proposal in private, without pressure. She then proposed to him and clarified that she did have feelings for Jackson and that it got confusing sometimes. She said she never thought that anybody would ever want her with her difficult personality, but that she really wanted him. "I want to marry you. So will you marry me?" she asked, after which he took her in his arms and kissed her.[7]

Matthew proposes to April

A few days after having retaken her boards, April was still anxiously waiting to hear about the result. Jackson thought she would pass, and she joked that if she didn't, they'd know it wasn't his fault that she didn't pass the previous year. Callie made her even more nervous with some snappy comments. After surgery, she started thinking that she really didn't pass and they just didn't inform her because it was the second time she failed. Suddenly she got a message, and too nervous to read it herself, she gave her phone to Jackson. He read that she passed, and she delightedly cheered. They gave each other an awkward high five. "Like you said, it's all you," Jackson said. This touched both of them, and they went their separate ways while thinking about what he said.[8]

After finishing up in the ER, April dressed up for the gala. When she got to the party, Jackson begged her to go back to the hospital and grab cooling blankets to cool the champagne, and she obeyed. In the supply closet, April found a crying Arizona, but she pretended to be fine. April returned to the gala, where she heard Callie was telling everyone Arizona had died in the plane crash. She then decided to be a good friend and returned to Arizona with two bottles of champagne. Arizona told April how she felt about everyone judging and staring at her for being a cheater and explained why she cheated. April said she could empathize with others, even though others seemed to think she couldn't because she goes to church. They continued talking about their problems while getting drunker, and April mentioned forgiveness is important and that both Jesus and Matthew see her for who she is and accept her even with what she's done. They ordered Leah to get more champagne and snacks. When they got totally drunk, April and Arizona agreed they had been in need of having fun. April then bluntly asked to try on Arizona's leg, which made them both laugh. At the end of the evening, Leah helped April and Arizona get in a cab to bring them home. April called shotgun to sit in the front as she gets carsick in the back, but she had been drinking so much that she got carsick in the front too.[9]

Some time after the gala, Arizona was offered coffee by Leah. She questioned what she did to deserve that, but they both don't remember anything about that night. Arizona was afraid she may have slept with Leah. April said she woke up the next morning in the bathtub with her Spanx still on, so they knew that nothing like that had happened to her. In surgery, Owen and Callie were discussing whether or not Emma was his girlfriend for having baked banana bread for. April said that Matthew brought her breakfast burritos and now they were getting married. "Just saying," she said when Owen gave her a look. She defended Arizona when Callie started thinking about kicking Arizona out of their apartment, saying Arizona needed the elevator and that the apartment was handicap accessible. She explained that she and Arizona drunk three bottles of champagne and puked together, which made them bond.[10]

On Halloween, April and Jackson treated a man who believed he was bitten by a "zombie" and believed that he was becoming a zombie now too. In surgery, Jackson got texts from a panicking Stephanie and he told a nurse what to reply. April noticed how sweet his reply was and said he was never that nice to her when she would spin up. He replied he was trying to be a better boyfriend now, but April said that his behavior to her had helped her to get her act together. She said she was getting married, and Jackson joked that was all because of him. After surgery, April showed Jackson how she shuts down someone who's spinning out of control by calming down their patient. In the evening, Matthew organized a Halloween party and April went there dressed as a Velveteen bunny.[11]

As a preparation for their wedding, Matthew and April took a compatibility test at their church, on which they scored 90%. While their reverend was getting their exercises for the next week, Matthew wanted to discuss an important area of their relationship where they are compatible, but not equal. They both wanted to take care of it before the wedding, but they didn't know they were talking about different things. Just as April said they should get a joint checking account, Matthew proposed to have sex. April later turned to Arizona for advice on the sex issue, but Arizona can only say that her sex with Leah is awesome, making April leave in frustration. She went to Matthew in the ambulance bay, and told him she wanted them to commit to one another before having sex, as she wanted their first time on their wedding night to be amazing. Matthew pointed out that he thought that God already knew that he would love her for the rest of his life, and April then remembered that their reverend told them to support one another, so she agreed to have sex if it was so important for him, which it was. However, in the evening, April remember how she lost herself after having lost her virginity, and she stated that she loved and respected him too much to see him stumble the way she did. She said their first time would be amazing, and if they would have their first time now, he only would have broken a promise, which she didn't want to do to him. They then agreed to wait until their wedding night and lean on each other for support until then, after which they started kissing and hugging.[12] A couple of days later, April started asking her colleagues' mail addresses to send them invitations to her wedding. All of the guests are allowed to bring a plus one. Stephanie found it out that she was getting an invitation and was allowed to bring a plus one, as she thought Jackson would get an invitation too. She talked to Jackson about this, who then went to April to ask her if she knew he and Stephanie were serious. She did, and then explained why Stephanie received an invitation too. Jackson wasn't getting an invitation, as Matthew didn't want to invite him, but April figured that he would come as Stephanie's plus one. Jackson questioned why he should come to the wedding if sending an invitation is already causing problems for Matthew. April replied he had to come because he was her friend and she wanted him there. He replied he wanted to come, and she then asked for their blessing. Without it, she wouldn't be able to go through with it. He gave her his blessing, but still wasn't sure he would be at the wedding.[13] Jackson went to the wedding as Stephanie's plus one. Near the end of the ceremony, Jackson stood up and declared his love for April.[14] Jackson and April ran out of the church, leaving Matthew at the alter and eloped themselves.[15]

Pregnancy with Jackson[]

After treating a patient with deaf parents, Jackson and April realized that they had completely different ideas on how to raise their kids. April felt like Jackson wouldn't respect the religious traditions she wanted to teach her kids, and they got into a huge fight. April temporarily moved in with Callie and Arizona, feeling this fight would already end their marriage. When she went home to pick up her iPod, Jackson asked her to end their fight, as the children they were discussing were hypothetical after all. April then revealed they weren't hypothetical anymore, as she was pregnant accidentally.

During their first ultrasound, things were awkward as they didn't know how to behave because of their fight. They were sure they didn't want to terminate the pregnancy, and both April and Jackson were happy about the pregnancy. Their discussion was resolved when Jackson decided he'd accompany his wife and children to church, as he felt that was really important for his wife. They planned on waiting to share the pregnancy with their families until after the first trimester, but when Callie and Stephanie accidentally found out, they decided it wasn't necessary to keep the pregnancy a secret and they shared it with their colleagues and family. A possible terrorist attack made April insecure about bringing a child into the evil world, but Catherine told her that there's only one way to change that world: good people raising their babies right. That calmed April down and gave her confidence that she would raise the baby right.

When April's mother visited for the first time, April found that her mother meddled too much. Her mother and Jackson decorated the entire nursery, making her feel left out. April mother's told her that she didn't want to take anything from April at all. She was very proud of April when she saw her in her natural environment, the hospital, although she didn't understand a thing from what April does all day. However, she does know a lot about raising babies, so that's why she wanted to help. April then realized she had acted wrong and apologized to her mother, promising her to call her when she needed more help. She went home to Jackson. They agreed she was a jerk. She told Jackson he'd be a great dad, visibly looking forward to welcoming their baby in the new nursery.

April and Jackson decided to keep the sex of the baby a surprise as April wanted it to be. After losing a pregnant patient in the OR, April was a little shocked, but she was faithful that everything would turn out right for her, as it was all in God's hands. During a routine ultrasound, Stephanie accidentally revealed to April that the baby was a boy. Unbeknownst to April, she found out there was something wrong with the baby. Jackson found out when Herman and Stephanie were talking about this, so he was the one to deliver the news to April. Unable to deal with it just yet, April dove into work in the busy ER and avoided talking about it, although she lashed out at Stephanie for telling other people about the baby's diagnosis before telling her. After having treated every possible patient, April and Jackson talked. April researched the disease, osteogenesis imperfecta, and found out about the different types of the disease, although she didn't want to know what type their son had. April had difficulties understanding why God would do this to her, as she'd always done everything right for Him. When she finally informed Jackson that they were having a boy, she fell apart and cried in his arms.

As Jackson wanted to know everything they could get to know, they ran a test to find out what type their baby was suffering from. However the results would turn out, she wanted to keep the baby, loving and holding him as long as possible. Her mother came over and they spent the day at church. At home, Jackson and Karen started arguing over whether or not the test results were necessary. April stopped the fighting and yelled that their different opinions weren't helping her at all, actually only making her more sad, scared and feeling alone. After comforting each other all night, April and Jackson discussed the test results with Herman.

Their baby was diagnosed with type II, meaning he'd die minutes or hours after birth. His bones were breaking inside the womb, devastating April. Jackson and April worked out a plan with Catherine, inducing labor and cherishing and baptizing the baby before their son would pass away. They had a difficult moment when Herman pushed the paperwork onto them, including a death certificate. April didn't want to sign it yet, but she did want to continue with the plan. However, right before inducing, April decided she couldn't do it yet, because they hadn't figured out a name yet and mostly because she was still hoping for a miracle, and she returned to the ER to work. There, she helped a grieving woman work through her fiancé's death. While comforting the woman, April reconnected with God and found her faith again, assuring the woman she was strong enough to get through this, indirectly also talking to herself with God's words. This encounter made April feel ready and she and Jackson settled on naming their son Samuel Norbert Avery. Moments later, the labor was induced. Herman delivered the baby and April and Jackson cherished him in their arms. A priest came to baptize the baby and Samuel squeezed April's finger, letting go shortly after. Not long after, Samuel passed away. Jackson took his wife home while both remembering significant events from their lives as a couple.

April gives birth to Samuel Norbert Avery

April and Jackson asked everyone for privacy. April felt sad and angry about God and the baby and needed space and time to herself to deal with these feelings. She first returned to the hospital when Dr. Herman had her brain tumor removed, as April wanted to be with Herman on her worst day like Herman had done for her. She later returned to work in the ER.

April was still hurt about losing Samuel and made the decision to go work with Dr. Hunt in a war zone. She initially would be gone for three months but kept postponing her return, upsetting Jackson. She returned almost a year later, appearing more confident but also more distant. Jackson blamed Dr. Hunt for changing her.

Later on, she was offered another chance to go to Jordan as a field surgeon. After an explosion in the tunnels, April realized that she needed to go back because it was what she loved. Jackson felt like she was abandoning him again when he needed her the most so he offered her an ultimatum. If she chooses to leave, he told her that he wasn't sure that he could be there when she came back. April knew it was her calling to go back to Jordan and she left. Regretful about his ultimatum, Jackson bought a ticket on the same flight as April but realized he was too late and missed the flight.

When April returned for the second time, she was met with hostility by Jackson because he felt that she was never there when he needed her and only believed that she was hurting when he was suffering too. She had left him when what he needed to survive was her. She continued to push Jackson to rethink their marriage and they decided to try couples therapy after Jackson professed that he wanted her. But they recognized that they were divided beyond repair, agreed to divorce.

On the day of the divorce signing, April and Jackson look at their relationship over the last 6+ years. April asks a tearful Jackson if he really wants this and eventually signs the papers and leaves immediately with tears streaming down her face. After the signing, Arizona offered alcohol to April and then joked around, asking if she was pregnant when she refused a drink. April responded saying that she was.[16]

April and Jackson went out for dinner and discussed plans for their baby. Jackson said he wanted to be in the room for the birth and April replied that she wanted him there. After, they discussed holiday plans. April would be with the child for Easter and Jackson would have the Super Bowl and Halloween. They decided to switch off every year for Christmas.[17]

Giving Birth to Harriet and Co-Parenting[]

On the day of Owen and Amelia's Wedding, April went back to Meredith's house with Ben to get the rings. While they were there, she went into labor. Ben had to perform a crash C-section on her with no anesthetic. She and the baby were then brought to Grey Sloan Memorial so she could have surgery.[18]

Following the surgery, April recovered in a room. Catherine came to Seattle to meet her granddaughter and she was told by April that she and Jackson had named the baby Harriet, after Harriet Tubman. Catherine assumed the baby's last name was to be Avery, but April told her they were hyphenating since the name Kepner means good things where she comes from.[19] Harriet was soon cleared to go home, but April needed to stay in the hospital for wound therapy. Before taking his daughter home, Jackson stopped by her room. April started crying as she feared she would be missing out on bonding moments, so she told Jackson to leave with Harriet so she could stop crying. Jackson then called her from home to check on her. They talked for a moment about how April would take care of Harriet once she could leave the hospital. Jackson suggested a baby nurse, but April made it clear she couldn't afford that and that she did not want his help since they were separated. Later that night, Jackson FaceTimed April because Harriet wouldn't go back to sleep, so April sang to her to lull her back to sleep. When he visited the next day, Jackson suggested to move in with him so they could take care of their daughter together until she was fully healed. She initially refused because she needed boundaries, but promised him she'd think about it.[20]

Her incision healed well and she was allowed to go home. She got bored at home and visited the hospital to get some movement. She dropped Harriet with Jackson and went to check on the ER. Later, she fed Harriet and bonded with Alex over being out of the game for a while. At the end of the day, she admitted she was bored, so Jackson took their daughter so she could treat a patient in the ER.[21]

April started to annoy him by being determined to be a perfect guest, but after a talk with Jackson, she came to realize she was his roommate and didn't have to feel like a guest.

Trip to Montana[]

Catherine manipulated the situation when Jackson and Meredith were supposed to treat a girl with laryngeal cancer in Montana. She knew Jackson took the case because the hospital was close to where his father lived, so she had Meredith switch with April, figuring she'd offer a better support system. April and a grumpy Jackson continuously butted heads until she found out the real reason behind the trip and confronted him about it. They continued to work together to find a solution and eventually when they did, they ended up having sex given their track record in hotels.

After returning to Seattle, April let the situation linger for weeks and focused on work. When an explosion occurred, April found out through Maggie that Jackson stayed in the building to look for Stephanie. He later exited the hospital carrying a patient. Both Maggie and April yelled at him for his heroic behavior that worried them. April noticed the way Maggie handled his oxygen mask and the way she and Jackson looked at each other. After things had calmed down, Maggie came to apologize as she felt her scolding Jackson was out of line, since April was the one who should be yelling at him given their shared daughter. April then told Maggie that she could tell that Jackson liked her, and she felt like Maggie liked him, too. She advised Maggie to tell him how she felt, and headed out for incoming patient.[22]

A few days later, April and Arizona had lunch where they talked about Eliza ghosting Arizona. April pointed out Eliza at least made her intentions clear, unlike Jackson after their Montana escapade.[23] Jackson found out what April had told Maggie and wanted to address this, but April dodged the question. Nathan's lingering love triangle with Megan and Meredith made her realize that she needed clarification from Jackson. That night at home, Jackson again asked to talk about Maggie, but April instead admitted that she had actually been wanting to talk about what had happened in Montana. Unlike him, she wasn't good at compartmentalizing, so the situation caused her pain. She told him that she had spent weeks wondering what it meant and if it was just casual sex, that was something she wasn't comfortable with. She then decided it was time for her to move out, since their situation was causing her pain.[24] Her moving out also meant that she had to adjust to nights without Harriet. She hung around the hospital as she had trouble going home without her daughter. Arizona recognized that from own life and assured her that it becomes a new normal.[25]

April continued to use Tinder as she wanted to date someone from outside the hospital. April later attended the intern mixer to mingle with the newest group of interns. She witnessed Richard announcing Meredith's nomination for the Harper Avery Award.[26] On the day of the Harper Avery ceremony, April and Meredith operated together while Meredith actually had to leave for the ceremony. April thought she was taking her talent for granted while she had to work hard just to be average. Meredith assured her she wanted the Award badly and was sticking around because their patient reminded her of Cristina. She assured April she was not average.[27]

Crisis of Faith and Organizing the Contest[]

April was in charge of running the ER when the hospital computer system was hacked, rendering the monitors, bloodbank, and drugs unavailable. April learned new tricks from Richard, who was the only doctor with experience from before medicine was influenced by technology.[28] After successfully running the ER until the crisis was resolved, Richard approached April and said he felt too old to run the Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Contest. April, unaware that he wanted to hand over the reigns in order to be able to participate himself, happily jumped at the chance to take over being the judge.

The next morning, April worked on Paul Stadler after a hit-a-run.[29] Meredith urged her not to lose him. When briefing Owen, he questioned why she wasn't participating in the contest. She then realized Richard had played her and went to give the contest back to him, but he refused. Soon after, Karin Taylor ended up in the ER in labor. As April was delivering the baby, she was shocked to see that Karin's husband was Matthew Taylor, her ex-fiancé. The baby was taken to the NICU. When April went to check on Karin, she told April that she had heard a lot about her and made it clear she did not want to hear April's side of the story. April had to treat another patient, David Roman, who attempted to cut off his hand to keep himself from masturbating per the Bible's instructions. April helped him to understand metaphors. Meanwhile, April noticed the impact Eric Sterling's case had on her colleagues, as the boy was shot by the police while trying to enter his own house through the window.

She was paged back to Karin Taylor's bed since Karin was experiencing pain. Both admitting to an awkward situation, April examined and found a vulvar hematoma, which she drained. Afterwards, April joined her colleagues as they were waiting for Eric's scans. Upon returning to the ER, Matthew was arguing with Taryn Helm over Karin not being sent to a private room yet. April instructed Taryn to make that happen. She then had a talk with Matthew, who figured she was still with Jackson and a 3-year-old. April chose not to fill him in on the painful loss of Samuel and talked about Harriet instead. Later, Karin ended up in extreme pain, but April had to hand her over to Arizona as her help was necessary for Eric. However, her colleagues had it covered as soon as they arrived in the OR and sent her away. She was then shocked to see on the board that Arizona was operating on Karin. She went to check and was told that Karin had DIC and HELLP syndrome. Arizona had already removed her uterus and wondered why April hadn't called her sooner.

Guilt-ridden, April went to the chapel, where she ran into Matthew. He ignored her and left. She then broke down in the chapel. After leaving, she came to find that Eric had died. She heard Jackson's speech about police bias and when asked for a statement by an officer, she said that she couldn't have faith in a system where an officer shot and killed a boy trying to enter his own house. Richard then paged her to David's room. While he had made a full recovery, he had come to question the meaning of the Bible and faith. He asked her for guidance, but, thoroughly shaken by the events of that day, she was unable to provide an answer. She was further shaken to find out that Paul Stadler had died while he only had a concussion, but the real shock came when she went to the ICU to check on Karin, only to arrive to see her being zipped into a body bag. Distraught and having lost God in the face of all the unfairness and inequity and cruelty she had been confronted with that day, she ended up watching a grieving Matthew with his daughter in the ICU, after which she went to the bar to drink. She was approached by Vikram Roy and ended up sleeping with him at her place. The next morning, he joined her in the shower.[30]

She continued to sleep with Vik as her downward spiral continued. She arrived to work late and hungover to post the rules to the contest, which the doctors were eagerly waiting for. They had three days to turn in an essay on their proposed projects. While running from Vik, who didn't seem to understand her no-daylight rule, she found Arizona delving into the US's maternal mortality statistics after the loss of Karin Taylor. After three days, April and the team of esteemed surgeons she had assembled read through all the proposals and chose 25 of them to receive seed money.[31]

April continued to come to work hungover from the night before, even going as far as using banana bags to help her sober up. As she came to greet Harriet in daycare before starting her day, Jackson expressed some concern over her, but she brushed it off. April had earned herself the nickname The Party among the interns while Vik openly bragged about his sexual experiences with her, which further worried Jackson. At the end of the day, he confronted her, but she told him he wasn't her that and left as she had plans. While Arizona had brushed off Jackson's concerns at first, she came to see they were valid when she entered the bar and witnessed April standing on a table and pouring shots for the interns as they chanted.[32]

Her downward spiral also resulted in a no-nonsense attitude. When a group of rugby players ended up in the ER, they tossed around their ball and hit April as she was draining an outer ear bleed, resulting her accidentally cutting the ear off. Later, one of the rugby players requested another doctor based on the accident. April punished him for that by assigning him an intern. Owen then took her aside and told her to go home for the day, as Bailey had found out about the incident before April had reported it and requested an investigation. She lashed out as she thought it was unfair she was getting punished for someone else not following the rules. That night, April attended Maggie's game night with her own booze. She teamed up with Tom Koracick. All throughout the night, she made sure everybody follow the rules to the letter and speeched about their importance in making sure life wasn't meaningless. After Maggie's boyfriend's wife showed up, the night ended abruptly. An inebriated April seductively asked Tom for a ride, to which he eagerly agreed.[33]

He stayed overnight. She wanted him to leave so she could vomit in private, but he stayed to look for breakfast. As she was mixing herself a Bloody Mary, he looked around her home and concluded that the warm-hearted woman who lived there and acted as Amelia's healthy proxy was currently nowhere to be found. He wondered how she became the April he had met the night before. He started guessing and eventually hit the crisis of faith. April then finally admitted out loud that she hated God so much that she wished He were dead. They stayed at her place all day for more sex. Over takeout, April expressed her anger at people who blatantly disregard His teachings and receive absolutely no punishment, while people who spend their lives trying to emulate and honor Him are brutally mistreated, like she felt she had been. Tom opened up about his own crisis of faith after losing his son and inquired about the reason behind her crisis of faith, but she avoided the question by initiating more sex. Due to their talks, she forgot she was supposed to have Harriet that night and was surprised when Jackson showed up to drop her off. He noticed her state of mind and offered to keep Harriet, but she took her daughter and closed the door on him right after he saw Tom in April's robe.[34]

The next day at work, April insisted Owen let her join on trauma certification day for the interns. She severely worsened the fictional situation that injured the dummies and instructed the interns that there were no rules in this harsh, uncaring world. One by one, she declared the dummies dead with surprise twists and had Andrew pretend he was hurt by a piece of shrapnell from yet another plane. April then went on to use a hose to simulate rain to mimic her own trauma cert day until she was paged to the ICU. When she returned from a wild goose chase, Taryn told her that Casey had set that up to get her away. He defended himself and stated she was the biggest threat to their patients. She started laughing because he cheated the system like she had done herself, which resulted in the death of a car crash victim she was unable to save. Andrew offered a time-out, but April broke down and said God doesn't just stop handing out traumas. She then completely spun out of control and frantically started performing CPR on a dummy she had made up a life story for. Eventually, she came back to her senses and wandered inside.

She ran into Jackson, who took her into a supply closet and demanded to know what had been going on with her. He wondered when she decided they weren't friends anymore. He assured her he was there for her. She then hugged him and kissed him. He immediately broke it off and told her to face whatever was wrong with her. She then told him to take Harriet that night if he really wanted to help. Later, while putting the dummies back in storage, she broke down and cried by herself in the dark.[35]

She continued to drink, at one time even falling asleep at the bar. She was woken up the bartender and went to work. She started treating rabbi Eli Rigler, who came in for a rash. April examined him and diagnosed toxic epidermal necrolysis, a side effect from the antibiotics Bailey had prescribed him for the third time for diverticulitis. Eli was transported to the burn unit, where Jackson and April made him comfortable. While he didn't want to worry his wife, they told him his condition was worse enough to call her. Privately, April lashed out at Bailey for prescribing the antibiotics instead of performing surgery. Jackson defended Bailey, but April firmly said they all knew that Eli was dying and that his death was on Bailey.

Later, April went to check on him and told him his wife was on her way. He refused to be given more medication before his wife's arrival. He saw a worried Bailey hovering outside and told April it was okay for her to come in, though April refused that. He noticed April disliked her for her decision while he himself didn't blame her. He figured out that April was in pain and offered to help to take it away, which he considered his job. For the first time in a long time, she opened up and shared that she was doubting her faith because of all the bad things that happened to her. She said she was taking care of herself for once rather than following His rules, because apparently that didn't make good things happen to her. He told her there are no guarantees for a life free of suffering or injustice in faith. He stated faith wouldn't be real faith if people only believe when things are good. Horrible things happen and nobody knows why. People can either believe in God or believe that to be pointless, whichever makes them happier. He asked her if she was happy, which made her cry. He saw her unimaginable pain, a feeling he knew well. He believed God wasn't indifferent to their pain. He said the world was full of brokenness and that it was their job to put it back together. She then asked to let her take some of his pain away, but he stated she already did by opening up to him about her pain. He told April to tell Bailey that he forgave her. She tried to get him to hang on to see his wife, but he believed her to be his wife as he started dying. She rolled with it and comforted him until he passed.

After his death, April went to the chapel and found a guilt-ridden Bailey there, trying to light a candle. April assisted her and told her that some things just happen and people don't get to know why, like Eli had told her.[36]

The next day, April came to work with her faith restored. She started the day out in the chapel to gather strength. She then spent the entire day apologizing to people that she had treated badly during her crisis of faith. They all forgave her. While she had avoided Jackson throughout the day, she approached him at daycare to ask if she could have Harriet. She assured him she was good and finally told him that she lost God after losing her patients for no reason. That had never happened to her before and it scared and angered her. She explained that all throughout their marriage, she wanted Jackson to know God like she did, but he never. And then she lost God and it made her feel like Jackson somehow had won, which she hated and made her hate him. She realized that Jackson was there for her while God wasn't and she thanked him for that. April ran into Maggie on the way out and apologized to her, especially for game night. Maggie still hated that she slept with a married man. April then related her own poor choices to her, saying she slept with the douchey intern and Tom Koracick and also jumped her ex-husband in the closet.[37]

Reconnecting with Matthew and Accident[]

When Matthew came to the hospital with his daughter, April hovered outside the room while Arizona examined the girl. Matthew requested another doctor and Arizona suggested Owen. April then took over in the ER so he was free to do so. April continued to hover and told Owen that she had a feeling it was a gastrointestinal problem, which turned out to be correct. Owen gave her credit when he told Matthew the diagnosis. April later ran into Matthew in the chapel. He scooted over and allowed her to sit with him.[38]

On Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Contest Prototypes Day, April ate some cookies that contained peanut-butter cannabis and became high as a result. With the judge and several contestants high, the Prototypes Day was postponed. All the high doctors were placed in a room together, though all wandered around. April overheard the conversation where Catherine and Jackson talked about Harper Avery being a sexual predator. She told Bailey and also shared that she was secretly seeing someone. Together, they held a funeral for Harper and his reputation, which led to Meredith finding out.[39]

After the scandal about Harper Avery broke to the press, Maggie found out that Jackson had funded the Contest himself. April was shocked upon finding out and went to yell at Richard for setting her up to look like she was in cahoots with her ex-husband. Later that day, she overheard Jo and Alex failing at wedding planning and offered to do it for them, which they happily accepted. Maggie later came to apologize to April, who assured Maggie that Jackson had a reasonable explanation for what he did.[40]

Jackson tried to deal with the scandal by paying the personal settlements with his money, since the new Catherine Fox Foundation had to use all of its money to keep the Avery hospitals afloat. Jackson paged April and told her that he had set aside a substantial amount of money for their daughter, so she would never have to worry. April deeply appreciated it and thanked him. She told him he was on the right path.[41]

After sending out the wedding invitations to Alex and Jo's wedding, April was picked up by Matthew for their volunteer work at a clinic. April warned Matthew for a curve, but they ended up in a car accident. Disoriented, April got out of the car and called 911, but she fell into a ravine by the road and ended up in partially submerged in a cold river. The first responders didn't know she was there and took Matthew to the hospital. Matthew uttered April's name and since they couldn't reach her, the doctors started to worry about April. Owen had the paramedics take him to the scene of the accident and found her several hours after the accident. She was ice cold and had no vitals. Refusing to declare her dead until she was warm and dead, the attendings and interns worked together to perform CPR and warm her up. Maggie put April on cardiopulmonary bypass in the OR while they continued to warm her up. Jackson found out three hours after the doctors started treatment. They all stood around and prayed for a heartbeat. Maggie noticed what she thought to be V-fib and defibrillated time and time again, which eventually resulted in a rhythm. They all cheered and April was moved to the ICU. She didn't wake up and they all started to fear for brain damage. All of April's friends gathered around her bed.

Arizona was one of the last people to find out and told the others that April and Matthew were seeing each other again. They had both been through so much since they separated and understood each other's pain, which made them fall in love again. They decided to keep it a secret because they didn't want judgment or opinions on Matthew not waiting long enough after his wife's death. They all continued to pray for April, but Amelia eventually deemed it time to call her family as April still hadn't woken up.

Jackson prays to God to bring April back.

The doctors left Jackson alone with April. He believed she was still there and even started praying to God to bring April back. She woke up moments later. All her loved ones were happy to have her back. She remembered calling 911 and falling and being unable to get up, and then she felt warmer and safer, and eventually woke up to a praying Jackson. She was convinced she didn't really die as she hadn't met Jesus, which she was sure she would if she actually died. They then all left to let her rest. Owen was the last to leave and April expressed her gratitude by saying he always comes to bring her back. Maggie later came to check on her and said Jackson was willing to bring Harriet by any time she wanted. April decided to wait till the next day as to not scare her. Bailey then brought Matthew by for a visit. Their beds were placed in the same room for the night and they slept holding hands.[42]

After the accident, April quit her job to do God's work, which meant devoting herself entirely to the clinic providing healthcare access for Seattle's unhoused community. She and Matthew continued to spend time together with their daughters.

Weeks later, the time finally arrived for Jo and Alex's wedding. While she had perfectly organized everything to the last detail, she made a mistake on the GPS link, causing the majority of guests to be late. When they finally arrived, everyone complimented April's work on the location and Catherine invited April to Sunday dinner. April then went to check if Jo and Alex were ready, only to discover that they had disappeared. April encouraged everyone to set out to find them. She sat down with Arizona and convinced her that falling in love with Callie again after all the hurt she caused wasn't a catastrophe, giving her rekindled love with Matthew as an example that people change and that life changes them. The real wedding catastrophe arrived when Kirsten went into anaphylactic shock. The doctors worked together to crike her and had her taken to a local hospital. The entire experience and the fact that the minister still hadn't showed up ruined the wedding. While the rest of the guests and Jo and Alex took the ferry back to the city, a disappointed April stayed behind with Matthew, Arizona, Jackson, and Sofia to clean up the mess.

Matthew proposes to April.

April and Matthew get married.

Matthew seized the opportunity to say that he wanted to give them a second chance at marriage. He loved who she was five years ago and he loved who she was today even more. He also loved how she trusted God and how she talked to Ruby and prayed with Harriet. He told her she saved him and his daughter. He knew it was crazy, but he didn't want to waste any more time. He proposed to her and she happily accepted. At that very moment, the minister finally arrived at the right location and the newly engaged couple decided to get married right then and there. April asked Jackson to stay because of how special he was in her life. Arizona compiled a bridal bouquet and Sofia served as the flower girl. Arizona walked April down the aisle. April and Matthew were then married by the minister in an intimate and Christian ceremony, marking the start of their new life together.[43]

Split from Matthew and Move to Boston[]

Jackson wants to move to Boston and Needs April to come

Years later, Jackson approached April about moving to Boston because he wanted to run the Catherine Fox Foundation but didn't want to leave their daughter. He said that if April didn't agree, he wouldn't go even though he felt like it was his calling. After a night of talking and fighting about it, the next morning, April, though hesitant at first, ultimately agreed to move to Boston with Jackson and their daughter. Jackson, while happy and excited about April agreeing to move, thought it wouldn't be so simple and that she would have had to talk to Matthew first, to which April revealed that her and Matthew had split, explaining how at first, the two thought that it was God's plan to bring them back together after all their pain, but Matthew still resented her for leaving him at the altar. When Matthew's sister got sick, he and his daughter, Ruby, went to Philadelphia to care for her and never returned. She also explained how it was her way of dealing with her guilt of leaving Matthew at the altar. All in all, she explained that it was essentially a trauma marriage. She explained that she didn't want to tell Jackson they split up because there were so many casualties in the world and she didn't think her marriage counted as one. Jackson also teased her, saying she had too much pride and she jokingly agreed.[44]

While in Boston, she and Jackson grew closer to one another again and rekindled their relationship.[45]


When April first arrived at the hospital, she was extremely insecure and wrote notes to herself in a personal diary to help cope with her insecurities. She wrote notes telling herself nobody could tell she has had plastic surgery on

April cheering on her fellow teammates.

her nose, and that she could one day be the future of medicine. Although April seems to be a little bit fragile, the shooting at the hospital proved that she is much stronger than she seems.

Since making some new friends at the hospital, April seems to have become much more confident in herself and her abilities, and little by little showed more of her personality. It's been noted by Owen Hunt that although April panics under pressure, she shows promise as a trauma surgeon due to her tenaciousness. Along with being extremely organized, April is also very competitive - refusing to give up until she wins. April's most noticeable quality is her ability to read people. She's extremely receptive and notices things that most people would overlook. Also, unlike most of her peers, April is a morning person. She is also compassionate and understanding. April also cares deeply about her friends and patients. Along with those qualities, she also has some flaws - such as her inability to filter what she says and the extreme anxiety that causes her to come off as annoying. April also has a tendency to push people away and shut them out when she is hurt. April can also become very emotional over little things.

After losing her child, she seems to be much stronger and more serious about everything.




She went to the homecoming dance with a boy named Joseph.[46]

Derek Shepherd[]

She had a big crush on the married Derek Shepherd following the merger. Jackson said of the crush, "she thinks he walks on water" to Meredith.

Robert Stark[]

During a time in pediatrics, Robert Stark flirted with her. April didn't want to pursue a relationship with him and declined an invitation to Robert's apartment for dinner. They remained friendly after that.

Jackson Avery[]

Jackson protecting April.

After the shooting at the hospital, Jackson and April became close when she noticed he'd been having nightmares about the tragedy. He then grew very protective of her - claiming she was the only friend he had left. April has always been very close to God, and she says she remained a virgin so long due to her religion - which Jackson respected. However, she decided to sleep with him the night before their medical boards, giving up her virginity and putting somewhat of a strain on their friendship.

When April returned to Seattle Grace Mercy West, she informed Jackson she was "revirginizing". He didn't support this action because he felt she was trying to pretend they never happened, but he promised to help her in any way that he could. However, in the end, no matter how hard they tried to stay away, they couldn't resist each other.

At the point of their relationship in which Jackson established that he had feelings for April and he was hurt that she referred to their relationship as a dessert or a car crash, April noticed that her period was 4 days late. Because she'd never been so late before, she thought she was pregnant. While waiting for the results of the pregnancy test, Jackson told her that he was all in and that they would have a wonderful wedding with butterflies and that they would raise the kid together. However, the test came back negative, to which April responded with relief and delight. She said to Jackson that they dodged a big bullet and that they wouldn't have to get married anymore. This hurt Jackson's feelings and he broke up with her - stating that perhaps this was a sign they shouldn't be together.

Soon after, Jackson began seeing intern Stephanie, which first started out as only a sexual relationship. Jackson told April himself, thinking it would hurt her even more if she heard from anyone else. April was glad that he did and thanked him, but confessed she still had some feelings for him and wasn't ready yet to be friends again. However, she soon met Matthew and they both concentrated on their own relationships. Jackson and April did become friends again, however, when April asked Jackson for advice on whether or not she should tell Matthew the truth about her virginity.

During a massive storm near the hospital, a bus flipped and the doctors had to rush in and evacuate as many people as possible. The doctors believed they got to everyone, but Jackson stayed behind because he noticed a small pink shoe. When April noticed Jackson wasn't with them, she began to panic and rushed back towards the bus as it lay there ablaze, but was stopped by Matthew. Suddenly, the bus exploded. Thinking Jackson was in the explosion, April became hysterical. When he emerged from the fire with a small child, she ran to hug him but was stopped by Matthew - who was trying to comfort her.

When Jackson was being treated by Callie for his injuries, April walked in furious, screaming at him for almost dying, but was quickly removed by Callie and Matthew. Thinking she had lost Jackson made her realize her true feelings for him. When everyone calmed down, she went back in to see him. She told him that she wanted him and not Matthew - which Jackson quickly rebuffed by telling her she was marrying Matthew soon. April then told Jackson to give her a reason not to. Jackson said her reaction had nothing to do with him and that she should leave him out of it; he stayed with Stephanie, she with Matthew.

Although Jackson and April were seeing different people, they remained friends.

On the day of April's wedding, she ran into Jackson at the hospital while searching for Meredith and Cristina. Jackson had previously told April he wouldn't be attending her wedding, but she asked him one more time if he would be there. He asked if she really wanted him there and she said yes. During the ceremony, however, Jackson broke up with Stephanie and told April he loved her and that he always has loved her in front of the entire crowd. It was later revealed that April and Jackson got married.

After working on Jill Kasliner, Jackson and April fought about how they would raise their children. April walked out and ended up staying with Arizona and Callie for a few days. She came back to retrieve her iPod and told Jackson that they couldn't table the discussion about how they'll raise their children any longer because she's pregnant. During her second trimester, April and Jackson discovered that their unborn son had Osteogenesis Imperfecta. After a series of tests, they soon learned that their son, whom they decided to name Samuel, suffered from type 2, the most fatal type. Their son died shortly after his induced birth.

She later left to serve as a trauma surgeon in the Army, causing stress on her marriage with Jackson. When she returned from her first tour, she and Jackson seemed to be in a good place; however, when April revealed that she would be returning to Jordan, Jackson told her that he would not be there when she got back. When April returned from the Middle East, she was eager to rekindle and fix her relationship with Jackson. However, Jackson was deeply hurt as he felt that she abandoned him and he did not wish to get back together. April declared that she would fight for their relationship until her death. Jackson suggested that they get a divorce and he moved into Ben and Bailey's house to stay separated from April as she would not leave on her own. Jackson and April had a nice dinner in hopes of talking about their relationship, but unfortunately, she was paged and they never got to the real conversation. April and Jackson later slept together. Afterward, April was avoiding a conversation with Jackson while he was eager to talk to her. April told Jackson that she knew what he was going to say about the fact that they had sex. He exclaimed that she had no idea. While Meredith was in the hospital, April and Jackson had an argument because Jackson served her divorce papers.

They later signed the papers shortly after April found out that she was pregnant with Jackson's baby.[47] April refused to tell Jackson about the pregnancy. However, Arizona and Alex were worried about her, so Arizona ended up telling Jackson, shocking April.[48] Jackson was furious with April for not telling him herself. He went to her, asking to be involved and suggesting that she was waiting until it was too late for an early abortion. She said it was her body and therefore her decision.[49]

Years later, Jackson approached April about moving to Boston because he wanted to run the Catherine Fox Foundation but didn't want to leave their daughter. Though hesitant at first, April ultimately agreed to move to Boston with Jackson and their daughter. Jackson, while ecstatic about April agreeing to move, thought it wouldn't be so simple and that she would have had to talk to Matthew first. April then informed Jackson that she and Matthew had split up.[50]

Jackson and April eventually rekindled their relationship in Boston.

Matthew Taylor[]

A new paramedic at the hospital, Matthew has recently caught the attention of April, as he awkwardly asked her on a date after confessing to watching her for some time but he assured her he was not a stalker.

They were later seen bonding in an ambulance when Matthew receives a call about a nearby trauma. April rides along with him and they come across a hit and run accident involving a ten-year-old boy. April saves his life by assembling her fellow doctors to operate although Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital was no longer a trauma center at the time. When the doctors were eventually caught operating on the boy, Meredith Grey protected April by claiming him as her patient and "accidentally" deleting incriminating evidence from the new system. Alex Karev and Jackson Avery also defended April during a meeting with Owen Hunt about the situation.

When all is said and done and the young boy is stable, April runs into Matthew on her way home from the hospital. He tells her she is the bravest, strongest, and most beautiful woman he has ever met. He tells her whenever he's around her, he loses all thoughts. April, flattered and somewhat shocked, kisses Matthew - much to the dismay of a jealous Jackson as he passes by with Stephanie.

When April turns to Jackson for advice before a date with Matthew, Jackson reveals to April that his relationship with Stephanie is purely sexual and they're not romantically involved with each other. April then confesses to Jackson that she is unsure how to explain to Matthew that she is no longer a virgin, but still wishes to wait until marriage before having sex again. Jackson jokingly responds by saying he's going to think she's mentally ill, but April takes him seriously and her feelings are hurt. He later apologizes, however, and tells April to be honest with Matthew, stating that once he gets to know her, he will want to follow her anywhere.

When April found out Matthew was saving himself for marriage - like she intended to do before sleeping with Jackson, she told him she was saving herself for marriage, as well - leaving out the fact that she was no longer a virgin. When she finally confessed to Matthew that she had lied, he was hurt, but accepted her for who she was.

April and Matthew were engaged to be married. He proposed to her via flashmob and she said yes, smiling from ear to ear and crying tears of joy.

They had a few bumps before the wedding, but they made it through. At the wedding ceremony, Jackson stood up in front of everyone and told her he loved her and he always loved her. April didn't respond. Matthew looked angry. Then she decided to run away with Jackson, leaving Matthew at the altar.

Five years later, after divorcing Jackson, April was reunited with Matthew after helping his wife Karin deliver their baby. After Karin's death, they started seeing each other again, having matured from their first relationship and were married in a private ceremony witnessed by Arizona, Jackson, and Arizona's daughter Sofia.

Later, April revealed to Jackson that she and Matthew had separated. At first, the two thought that it was God's plan to bring them back together after all their pain, but Matthew still resented her for leaving him at the altar. When Matthew's sister got sick, he and his daughter, Ruby, went to Philadelphia to care for her and never returned.[51]

Vikram Roy[]

After April had a day with several cases that made her question God and her faith, she went to the bar, where Vik came to sit next to her. The two ended up leaving together. ("Personal Jesus")

They continued to sleep together, but with no contact during daylight. Despite this, he fell asleep at her place more than once. ("Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger")

Roy took advantage of their relationship to get better opportunities at work. ("You Really Got a Hold on Me")

Tom Koracick[]

Tom had sex with April after they met at Maggie's game night. ("Old Scars, Future Hearts")


She is the second of four daughters. Her sisters are named Libby, Kimmie, and Alice.


Reed Adamson[]

Before the shooting at Seattle Grace Mercy West, April and Reed Adamson were best friends and roommates, as well. When Reed was tragically murdered during the shooting, April was the first to find her. Finding her best friend shot to death at the hands of Gary Clark sent April into shock, but she quickly recovered and reported what she found to Derek Shepherd. April often still mentions Reed, indicating that they were very close friends.

Charles Percy[]

It's unknown just how close April and Charles really were, but they were seen on several occasions laughing and joking around. April often disapproved of his crude humor, but overall seemed to get along with him.

Lexie Grey[]

When Lexie and April first met, Lexie found April annoying because Derek Shepherd seemed to take shine to her. Her jealousy caused her to steal April's diary and then read it. While reading the journal, she noticed tear drops on

Lexie & April tweeting about a surgery.

the pages - indicating that April was crying while the notes were being written. Feeling immediately guilty, Lexie returned the diary and apologized to April.

They had another run in when Meredith opened up to April about her miscarriage and not Lexie. Lexie, again became jealous and tried tricking April into annoying Meredith with her idea of a chore wheel. However, Meredith approved of the idea - much to Lexie's dismay. Lexie then blew up at April infront of Meredith - who quickly ended the confrontation and explained to Lexie that the only reason April knew about the miscarriage is because she was there when it happened. Lexie then apologized to April for treating her the way she did and gave her Izzie's room as an apology.

Lexie and April no longer had any negative feelings towards each other, and even developed a friendship of sorts. April even went to Lexie first for advice when Robert Stark asked her on a date.

Meredith Grey[]

April and Meredith didn't really start talking until the shooting at the hospital, when April kept her company during Derek's emergency surgery. Meredith was annoyed at April for crying during his surgery because she felt April had no right to cry, but April explained to her the reason she was crying was because her best friend, Reed had been murdered earlier that day. Meredith then held April's hand for the duration of Derek's operation.

After the shooting, Meredith invited April to move into her home because April had been previously sharing an apartment with her deceased best friend, Reed. Meredith defended April when her peers were joking about April's virginity, and even told April she was beginning to like her when she stuck up for herself and put everyone else in their place.

Since Meredith and Derek adopted Zola, April has played babysitter for her on several different occasions. Meredith is also a bridesmaid at April's wedding.

Alex Karev[]

Like he is to everyone, Alex was very rude upon meeting April, but it didn't take her long to notice this was only a defense mechanism he used to prevent people from getting too close. He continued being rude to her for quite

Alex showing off his scrub designed onesie to April.

some time, but she still treated him as a friend - doing his laundry and sharing her groceries with him.

When Robert Stark stole Alex's idea during a surgery, April defended him to the chief and made sure Alex received credit for his idea. She later met up with him in an on-call room and made sure he knew he was appreciated, and that she noticed all the good he's been doing. This prompted Alex to kiss her, but being a virgin she asked him to slow down - which frustrated him to the point that he screamed at her. He felt guilty, but left the room without saying a word.

Alex & April.

April avoided Alex for some time after that, but they reconciled over a slice of pizza on the way home from the hospital one day. When April failed her medical boards, Alex comforted her and reassured her that hospitals would still want her regardless of not being board certified.

Callie Torres[]

In April's office, she has a photo of Callie and Arizona from their wedding day. She also made a onesie for baby Sofia during Callie's baby shower that had a pie drawn on it accompanied by the words "Cutie Pie" decoratively written above. She was also seen dancing with both Callie and Arizona at their wedding reception. After April had a fight with Jackson, she came to Callie's and Arizona's house for a while.

Arizona Robbins[]

After Arizona was outed by Callie as being a cheater, April found herself relating to her in a weird way. Although April had never cheated, she did almost end things with Matthew to be with Jackson. After April overheard Callie tell everyone at the fundraiser that Arizona died in the plane crash, April took two bottles of champagne and met Arizona in the hospital storage closet to share a drink and comfort her. They soon became very open with each other and discussed their relationship problems together, bonding them. Arizona was also a bridesmaid at April's wedding. After a fight with Jackson, April came to Arizona's and Callie's house and stayed there for a few days. Arizona also comforted April after Jackson told her he wasn't going to be there if April left again.

Arizona was the first person to find out that April was pregnant again. She offered April drinks after she divorced Jackson. April refused and Arizona jokingly asked her if she was pregnant, to which April turned to her and replied "According to the test I took this morning, yeah actually. I think I am."[52]

Cristina Yang[]

Like many of the other doctors, Cristina found April to be somewhat annoying upon meeting her. Although April sometimes disapproved of Cristina's rule-breaking, she considered her a friend. When April was let go by the hospital for making a mistake in the ER, Cristina defended her to the other residents, claiming that everyone made mistakes that night and April was only fired because she was caught. During the race for chief resident, April and Cristina were assigned a case together and April often spoke out to Cristina about her habit of bending the rules, much to Cristina's annoyance. She was so annoyed by April's "goody-two-shoes" behavior that she exploded at her saying that no matter how hard she tried or how many charts she made, she would never be chief resident, but they later made up. After April failed her boards, Cristina showed kindness to her by comforting her after all of the hospitals turned her down. She even answered April's phone (pretending to be her) and told the hospitals that they were missing out because April was "an amazing little surgeon." Cristina was a bridesmaid at April's wedding. After the wedding failed because April ran off with Jackson, Cristina said, "I was on the fence about Kepner, but now I'm not only a friend, I'm a fan."

Owen Hunt[]

Owen offering April her job back.

After the shooting at the hospital, Owen met with Richard Webber - the current chief of surgery to discuss a trauma training program he thought would benefit the hospital in case another emergency situation like the shooting arose. During this training, Owen was extremely impressed by April Kepner's determination and tenacity while caring for her "dummy" patients. He was even more so impressed when April refused to allow her patient to die, and accept the message Owen was trying to get across to the doctors - that trauma was unfair, and sometimes no matter what you do, your patients die. After the trauma training was over and all the doctors were certified, Owen mentioned to Cristina how proud he was, and although she didn't look like one, there was a trauma surgeon in that girl.

Owen comforting April.

Since the training exercise, Owen has taken April under his wing and even comforted her before her medical board exams - telling her that "she was a soldier." When she failed and was let go from the hospital, he flew out to Moline - her hometown and hired her back saying he should never have taken her job away from her.

On April's wedding day, Owen went through the entire hospital making sure everyone knew they had to be at the ceremony. Moments before April walked down the aisle, Owen told her she was beautiful, well-loved by the hospital, and kissed her cheek.

Owen and April's friendship grew stronger during her second pregnancy when Owen consoled her as she was breaking apart from stress and fear that the pregnancy would end in another disaster. Later, she became his best man at his wedding to Amelia Shepherd, though she managed to lose the rings for a while and ended up missing the ceremony because her water broke while she and Ben were looking for the rings at Meredith's.



April was always top of her class in medical school and has received numerous heartfelt recommendations from her professors. During a meeting with Richard Webber, he stated he has no doubt she is an excellent surgeon because she has the recommendations to prove it.

April spent most of her residency at Mercy West Medical Center but later moved to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital during the merger. When April arrived at Seattle Grace, Derek took a shine to her because she was full of intelligent and creative ideas. When Richard Webber was forced to let her go for making a mistake in the ER, Derek later rehired her because he felt she was unfairly fired and deserved a second chance. After being rehired, April decided to stick to more administrative work because she believed she wasn't a good surgeon anymore. She felt constantly guilty for losing her patient and couldn't handle any more losses. With a little encouragement from Derek, however, she finally began doing surgeries again and went on to become an excellent surgeon.

April Kepner was later chosen as Chief Resident of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital when she impressed Owen Hunt with her patient checklist. She had a rough start, but later got a handle on things and became an excellent chief resident.

However, nervousness got the best of her during her medical board exams causing her to fail. Although April was not a board-certified surgeon like her fellow doctors, she remained at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital as an attending trauma surgeon, with the intent of retaking her medical boards the following year, confident that she would pass the second time.

It has been noted that although the new interns refer to her as "the dud", she is one of their favorite surgeons and is the most willing of all her fellow attendings to teach them. Also, unlike the other doctors in the hospital, April doesn't hold grudges against the interns for making mistakes.

When the trauma center at the hospital closed, April worked night and day with Derek Shepherd to hatch a plan to keep it open. They succeeded in receiving donations from the other departments but were devastated to find out all of their hard work was wasted. They found out the trauma center wasn't closing due to budget issues, but instead because trauma centers aren't a good selling point.

With the trauma center back in place at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, April finally feels she has her career headed in the right direction and becomes even confident that she will "kick ass" during her medical board exams. She did ultimately pass and become a board-certified surgeon. When Meredith was suspended, April was asked to step in as Head of General Surgery.[53]

After surviving her near-fatal accident, April resigned from Grey Sloan and devoted herself full-time to charity clinics to provide medical care for unhoused communities in Seattle.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • April was the first of the residents to be seen wearing navy scrubs, during the hospital shooting.
  • Growing up, April had terrible acne and wore braces and glasses until college; landing her the cruel nickname of duckie ("the ugly duckling") given by her sisters.
  • April took years of physical therapy as a child to correct pigeon toes (a condition in which a person's feet face inwards instead of straight ahead).
  • April watches Oprah.[54]
  • April cries at weddings.[55]
  • She wears contacts.
  • As a child, April had a fish tank, two hamsters, a pet pony, a pet duck, and two dogs named Buster and Pickles. Pickles was a Schnauzer. She says the pet duck lived in their house.
  • April is a bit of a photographer. She is seen taking pictures at almost every social event she and her fellow doctors attend.
  • In order to be able to communicate with the children from Alex's African program, April learned a bit of Swahili.[56]
  • April used to Facebook Jackson's mother, Catherine Fox, but removed her as a friend at Jackson's request.
  • She used to have a red journal with motivational messages to get her through the day, such as, "You are the future of medicine".
  • April was a virgin until the age of twenty-nine.
  • April lost her virginity to her ex-husband who is her longtime best friend, Jackson Avery, about two years before they got married. Until Vik, he was the only person she had ever had sex with.
  • When she was little, she had a pony named Sparkle.[57]
  • April has fasted (abstained from any food or drink for a period of time for religious observation).
  • April has a dimple on her right cheek.
  • She is the only doctor who has been seen driving an ambulance.
  • April has had plastic surgery on her nose. It is unknown whether this was reconstructive or cosmetic.
  • April dreamed of being married in a field full of beautiful flowers with butterflies that are released when she says "I do" and mints that have the phrase "mint to be" on them but ended being married in two private ceremonies.
  • When April becomes nervous or upset, her voice becomes noticeably higher than usual. She also often waves her hands when trying to make a point.
  • According to Jackson Avery & Cristina Yang, April is an excellent cook.
  • April is very talented when it comes to numbers and statistics. She even claims to become overly excited when numbers and statistics are mentioned.
  • She's the first character of whom a pregnancy that led to birth lasts for more than one season. All other pregnant characters gave birth in the same season they got pregnant in. Cristina's pregnancies lasted for two seasons as well, but those never led to a birth.
  • April can sometimes become too emotionally involved with her patients. She will often cry when she loses a patient and will go above and beyond to make sure her patients are comfortable.
  • April once cooked a special porridge for one of the African orphans Alex Karev brought to the hospital, prompting Robert Stark to give her a glowing review for chief resident to Owen Hunt.
  • During her residency, she was interested in neurosurgery.
  • According to a patient at the hospital, April looks identical to the fictional Dothraki Princess from the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series.
    • This is a curious comparison since in "A Song of Ice and Fire" the Dothraki Princess, Daenerys Targaryen, is a teenager with violet eyes and white hair, traits which April does not possess. Neither does she look like Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys in the HBO adaptation "Game of Thrones"
  • April has been let go by the hospital on two different occasions but was hired back each time.
  • April loves the song "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO.[58]
  • Although she was not a board-certified surgeon, April was still hired as an attending trauma surgeon at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital/Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.
  • According to Cristina Yang, April has virgin superpowers and she knows everything.
  • As of Everybody's Crying Mercy, April is board certified after passing her exams.
  • She named a pig after Jackson, which she nicknamed "Jax".
  • April prefers to do her own laundry as opposed to sending it out because she claims to have a perfectly good washer and dryer at home. After she ran out of clean underwear and didn't have a chance to do laundry, she had to wear a Speedo which Jackson jokingly teased her about.
  • April wanted to wear her mother's veil at her wedding.
  • April holds a rank of Captain in the U.S. Army. This is because doctors are given a special commission when joining the Army, starting at a higher rank.
  • She is allergic to peanuts and loves fortune cookies.[59]
  • Her daughter was born on the kitchen table of Meredith's House.[60]
  • Although a trauma surgeon, April has been known to act as a general surgeon in some cases.
    • When she was initially hired back as an attending, April answered general surgery consults.
    • During a severe hernia case, April was the general surgeon on-record before it was transferred to Richard Webber.
    • At the end of None of Your Business, April was named the interim Head of General Surgery and held the position until Civil War.
  • Her pager number is [[1]].[61]
  • Her glove size is 6 and a half.[62]
  • After becoming an attending, she chose a personalized scrub cap with a floral pattern.
  • According to Richard Webber, she is a terrible driver.[63]
  • In the beginning of Death and All His Friends, April mentions that she is the second oldest of her 4 sisters.
  • Of all of the main characters that returned in Season 17, April is the only one who didn't appear on Meredith's beach and who is still alive.


A more complete gallery with pictures of April Kepner can be found here.

Notable Episodes[]

These episodes are April-centric or are otherwise very informative about her life.

Memorable Quotes[]

April (to Gary): My name is April Kepner. I'm 28 years old, and I was born on April 23rd in, in Ohio. I'm from C-Columbus. Columbus, Ohio. Um, my mom, my mom is a teacher, and m-my dad is a farmer. Corn. C-corn. He, he, he grows corn. Their, their names are Karen and Joe. [crying harder] I have three sisters! Libby's the oldest. I, I'm next, and then there's K-Kimmie and Alice. I, I, I haven't done anything yet. I haven't...I've barely lived! I, I'm not finished yet. No one's loved me yet. Please. Please. I'm someone's child! I'm a person! I'm a person![64]

April: Stop! Okay just stop. I'm a virgin, yes. So what? It's not something I talk about, okay? We all have things we don't talk about. Alex, you've been afraid of the elevator for like a month, but I never said anything because it's none of my business. And Jackson, you wake up every night screaming because you have nightmares. And, Meredith, you don't talk about Cristina because you're afraid she's never gonna be the same Cristina again. And Lexie, for God's sake, Mark never thought you were a psycho. He loves you. That's why he stares at you. Because he can't keep his eyes off the woman he loves. Of course, he's never gonna say anything cause he doesn't feel like he can. Well, we all have stuff we don't talk about! I am a 28-year-old virgin. Mainly because I wanted my first time to be special and then I waited too long and partially because I'm pretty sure guys find me annoying. I'm a virgin! That doesn’t make it drinks conversation! We all have stuff we don't talk about![65]

April: Hey, here's a question. Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned romance? No stuffing of turkeys or disinfecting sofas. But you know, what about nice, normal dates, where people talk, share a meal, get to know each other? And then wind up together. Not because they're monkeys but because they have genuine feelings in a committed way. I mean what is so wrong with that, huh?[66]

April: I guess I have to believe that everything happens for a reason. It's all part of some plan; you’re supposed to learn something. You lose a patient because you forget to check their airway, you don't make that mistake again. You fail your boards 'cause you're too busy sleeping with your best friend, maybe you stop doing that. The hospital you call home shuts down just when you're starting to feel like you've got your life together...[67]

April: There's a thing we say when someone dies. We say it to the patients' family. We say, 'I'm sorry for your loss.' It's a pat little phrase and an empty one. It doesn't begin to cover what's actually happening to them. It lets us empathize without forcing us to feel their devastation ourselves. It protects us from feeling that pain, that dark, sinking, relentless pain. The kind that can eat you alive. And every day, I thank God for that. We can't get too close. If we felt even little of the joy and the hopes that our patients are saying goodbye to, we'd never be able to function. So we say, 'We're sorry for your loss.' and we hope it offers something. Some little bit of support. Some bit of peace. Some bit of closure. Something good. Some little piece of beauty in the midst of someplace dark. An unexpected gift, just when it's needed most.[68]

April: In trauma, we're concerned with one overriding question. How did this happen? What was the mechanism of injury? How do we see past the mess and confusion of trauma to figure out what the damage actually is? Infinite possibilities put the patient on the table in front of you. Now you have to figure out, will they live? Will you be able to save them or are they a lost cause? Every part of a trauma tells a different piece of the story and until you look at each and every injury, you can't see what went wrong. We talk about the mechanism of injury, about where it all started, but the truth is, it's sort of a myth. We can't boil every injury down to one single blow. What hurts us is cumulative. It happens over time. We absorb blow after blow, shock after shock, painful hit after hit. But even then, even if we know exactly how we got here, it doesn't mean we can fix it. we can't heal every wound and that's okay. I have to believe it's okay. I have to believe that even if something seems like it cannot be fixed, it doesn't mean it's broken.[16]

April: In the course of one day, Job received four messages, each with separate news that his livestock, servants, and 10 children had all died. He continued to be a faithful servant. He still prays to God. He persevered. Job's faith was tested and he passed the test. And for his faith, God rewarded Job with twice what he had before. “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” That's what Jesus said on the cross before he died. "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Job asked the question, too. But he kept the faith. And what did he get for it? Replacement children. PTSD. Was it worth it to have been a faithful servant? Or would it have been better to just curse God's name from the beginning? Where was God throughout all of Job's suffering and pain? He was winning a bet with Satan. It makes you wonder where He is through all of the unfairness and inequity and cruelty in the world. Where is He now?[30]



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