Ari Rocchi is a party planner who planned the fundraising gala for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Fundraising GalaEdit

When Jackson saw how flashy the gala was, he confronted Ari, who said that it was good to have pizazz and spectacles because when people think of hospitals, they think of death, disease, and old people, so the gala needs to be fun, because people are more likely to open their wallets if they’re having fun.

Injuries and SurgeryEdit

When Ari saw the aerialist start to fall, she ran to catch her, but instead was only able to break her fall, which injured her. She was taken to the hospital where Meredith Grey operated on her gastric rupture.


Ari is a party planner. At one point in her career, she was hired by Jackson Avery to plan a fundraising gala for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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