Aria Torres is the half-sister of Callie Torres.


Early LifeEdit

Aria grew up in Miami with her sister, Callie.


Callie TorresEdit

After her father returned from Seattle with the news that Callie now had a girlfriend; Aria, her mother, her aunt, her father, and more of their family started to ignore Callie and disowned her. It's not known if she eventually renewed her relationship with Callie or if she continues to ignore her.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Shonda stated on Twitter that Aria and Callie perhaps don't have the same father, as Carlos Torres mentioned Callie was his only little girl.
  • In the episode White Wedding, it's suggested that Callie's mother has never been divorced and would not have a baby out of wedlock. However, it is possible that Callie's mother was married to someone else before she met Carlos.