Austin Hayes is the youngest son of Cormac Hayes.


Mom's Illness and DeathEdit


The boys spend time with their dying mother.

Austin's mom developed cancer after a tumor in her uterus, believed to be a fibroid, was macerated, spreading the cancer cells throughout her body. She underwent treatment, including two clinical trials, but they were unsuccessful and she died. After she died, they gathered up her things from her hospital room and sat in the empty room together for a while before going home. ("Love of My Life")

Visiting the HospitalEdit

Austin came to the hospital with his brother on a day when the schools were closed due to parent-teacher conferences. ("Save the Last Dance for Me")

Conference and Visiting his AuntEdit

Austin and his brother went along with their father to LA for a conference as their aunt lived there and it gave them the chance to visit her. ("Love of My Life")



His mother died two years prior to his move to Seattle.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He played piano, but not very well.
  • He had a teacher named Mrs. Douglas who had skin cancer and recovered. She once accused him of writing bad words on his desk.




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