Ava Gutierrez is a woman who was in the hospital for a cholecystectomy.


Ava was at the hospital to have a cholecystectomy. Before her surgery, she said she'd called her neighbor to make sure her house still had heat, because she was worried about her cats. Once she found out they were okay, she then worried about the stray cats. Taryn tried to help, saying that freezing to death is supposed to be a peaceful way to go, but that didn't reassure her. Then Tess said the shelters were open 24 hours a day and they were taking in any animals people brought in and they had plenty of food. After her surgery, Ava asked for the doctor who had said the nice things about the animals, not knowing Tess wasn't actually a doctor.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She has cats and was concerned for their welfare.
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