Ava Krug is the mother of Arthur Krug.


Ava's son, Arthur, came into the ER after being hit with wood blocks that went flying when his teacher, Dave Buckley, passed out, pushing Kevin Gailis into a table saw. An x-ray showed that none of the bones in his face were broken, so he was quickly discharged. After he was released, he and Ava waited at the hospital to hear how Dave Buckley was doing. When Arthur and his mom learned that Buckley had been drunk at the time, they didn't believe it. His mother even spoke directly with Richard about him getting drunk after two sips of champagne at a wedding, which prompted Richard to diagnose him with auto-brewery syndrome. After Kevin was out of surgery, they visited him in his recovery room.



Her father and her son's father are both alcoholics. She loved that Arthur had Buckley in his life, as Buckley was the only good man in his life.

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