Bad Guy is the fifteenth episode of the third season and the 42nd overall episode of Station 19.

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Ben, Jackson and Emmett are put in a precarious and dangerous position with a potential victim. Andy's search for more background on her family opens her eyes, and Vic and Travis are caught in the middle of a corruption scheme.

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Vic messes up during rehearsals for a musical and starts crying. The director takes her aside. She apologizes. He says her emotional life is why he cast her so she shouldn't apologize for that. Her grandmother died and her parents just went back to work. Cooper tells her her soul is large. She can be sad for her grandmother and fuh-lap ball change all the same time. They start from the top.


The A-shift has just finished a shift. Vic brings up a stuck hairbrush but stops mid-sentence when she sees Jackson in the beanery. Travis says a woman hobbled in with a hairbrush stuck in her vagina earlier. Ben tells Maya he needs a driver for the PRT. She assigns Emmett as he has been on desk service all shift. A call comes in. B-shift and the PRT team leave. By the way Emmett and Travis avoid eye contact, Vic pieces together Travis has been sleeping with Emmett. Travi brings up her awkward behavior around Jackson.

Sullivan intercepts Vic and Travis on their way out. The Chief's office sent over addresses of inspections that need to happen today. Vic and Travis begrudgingly agree to do overtime.

Jack asks Andy if she's up for breakfast. She can't as she promised Robert to go through her father's stuff, which has taken over his apartment. Jack then asks Dean, who's free until the nanny leaves at 3:00. He and Sasha aren't ready for day-time dating yet. A bloodied woman walks in and says "he" is not moving. He's still in Humboldt park.

They sit her down at the desk. She thinks she killed the man. She says her name is Darcie. A silent alarm goes off for an assault victim at Humboldt Park. After alarming the police, John says the PRT is on their way to the park as they weren't needed at the other call. Darcie pulls a knife out of her pocket and asks what she has to do with this.

Jackson, Ben, and Emmett get the man, who has lost a lot of blood, to the PRT. They need to open him up right away as he has lost 40% of his blood volume. Emmett gets behind the wheel to drive them to Grey Sloan. A woman suddenly climbs in and sits down in the passenger seat. She pulls out the gun and tells him to drive.

Ben and Jackson work to find out the source of the bleeding. Grey Sloan lets them know they are prepping an OR. Emmett takes off at full speed, angering Ben and Jackson. The woman forbids Emmett from stopping. Emmett apologizes to the surgeons and claims he's looking for a safe place to stop.

Robert encourages Andy to start working on the boxes. He helps her and finds a birthday card from her "sister-cousin" Michelle, whom she hasn't thought about in a long time. They used to be inseparable. Andy finds some photos of her mother's family. She hasn't seen them since her mom died.

Travis and Vic arrive at the first address for the fire code inspection. The owner says he was told the permits were handled. Vic says it's their job to do the inspection but the man says they need to listen to their boss, whose boss is his friend, Fire Chief Dixon.


Vic is singing "Oh Lady Be Good" but stops when she gets something wrong. Cooper reminds her he is the director. As she starts again, Captain Pruitt Herrera and a colleague come in for the fire inspection. Cooper is annoyed that they need to do this every single show. Vic walks off the stage, not paying any attention to her future boss.

Darcie tells Officers Marinis and Reaser that she was running when this man appeared out of nowhere. He tried to drag her into the bushes. She's worried she's going to jail. Officer Reaser wants Darcie to be taken to Grey Sloan for a psych eval and medical examination. Dean and Jack volunteer to take her.

Jackson and Ben decide to go quadrant by quadrant to find the source of the bleeding. The PRT is heavily shaking. Ben feels a defect in the retrohepatic IVC. He starts applying pressure when Emmett suddenly slams the brakes. Ben and Jackson are shocked when the doors open and they see Emmett at gunpoint. Melly says she's killing Emmett unless she gets all the painkillers on the truck.

Carina and Maya finish up having sex. Carina talks about her study on female orgasms. Carina asks Maya about her mother. Maya hasn't talked to her since the spaghetti dinner. Carina thinks she should try. Maya says it's her choice if she wants to live in a motel because of some raised voices. Carina goes to say that there might be some truth to what Katherine was saying bu Maya shuts her down.

Andy reads a letter from January 24, 2000. It's from her aunt Sandra, who wonders why Michelle can't play with her sister-cousin Andy anymore. Sandra doesn't understand. Robert says families drift apart when people die. Andy says this looks like an excommunication. Andy doesn't remember any of this but she feels something is off. Robert says when his parents died, it was too painful for a lot of people. They didn't know what to say to him and slowly drifted away. He suggests Sandra couldn't bear to see Andy as it reminded her of her sister. Robert gets a text and says he has to go. Andy ignores him as starts staring at a picture of her with her parents.

On the aid car, Darcie says she thought she would be safe running in the park in the daylight. Her mother gave her that pocket knife when she moved to the city. She never thought she would use it. Dean says she shouldn't have to.


While Vic doing voice exercises, Pruitt tells Cooper that the fire exit is blocked by a set piece. Cooper says it's easy to go around but Pruitt says it's not when there is a fire coming at you and the air is filled with smoke. Cooper says they'll fix the set and the fire curtain. He asks Pruitt not to lean on his expensive piano. Pruitt agrees to Cooper's proposition if he saves him two tickets.


Robert arrives at the address where Vic and Travis tell him the owner wouldn't let them do their inspection. They hand him the file. Inside, Robert finds a note from Dixon reading "Sullivan - for your approval." Robert claims he made a mistake and says he was only supposed to sign these files to fast-track them and that the inspections already happened. Vic doubts that as she has seen four major fire hazards already. Robert shuts her down and tells them to go home.

Maya is angry-chopping. Carina brings up her father's bipolar diagnosis and her brother inheriting it. Maya says there is no mental illness in her family. Carina says the human brain walls off what it doesn't want to know. Carina suggests Maya deems herself too smart to have been abused. Maya is not interested in talking about this and repeats that her father never hit her. Carina says there are other sorts of abuse. Maya thinks Carina should go but Carina is staying. Maya then leaves for a run.

Ben asks Melly to let him save the patient first before he gives her the drugs. Melly says Emmett can give her the drugs. Ben says he'll give Emmett the code if she lets them save the patient while Emmett gets the drugs. She agrees. Emmett trips as he climbs in, causing Melly to shoot Jackson in the leg.

Andy finds Maya working out at the station. Andy inquires if there are old Captain's logs here. Maya asks what she wants to know. Andy wants to know who her dad was. She shows Maya the picture, which shows her mother looking miserable. Andy always thought her parents had this epic love story but maybe they were two messed-up people who rushed into a family. Maya thinks she's projecting. Andy feels like she doesn't know who her father was. He was controlling. Maya says he was only controlling because he loved her. Andy says that sounds like a movie about a person who needs to escape. Maya says they all know Pruitt was a hero. Andy won the lottery of dads and Maya won't let her tear down his legacy.

Travis and Vic are out drinking at Joe's. Travis thinks Dixon is trading permit approvals for political gain. Vic says that is possible murder. Dixon being corrupt would prove why Sullivan's doing inspections instead of the Fire Marshal. Vic wonders if this means Sullivan is corrupt, too. Vic and Travis hate the idea that there are bad people amongst the firefighters. She asks if he's in love with Emmett, which he denies. Travis says they are just friends who can't stop having sex. Vic used to have one of those. She leaves to go talk to Sullivan. Travis tries to stop her to no avail.

Andy comes home and starts looking through more boxes. She finds her aunt Sandra's number in an address book. She gets her voice mail.

While Jackson bandages up his leg, Ben hesitates before giving Emmett the last number to the code. Ben tries to talk to some sense into Melly but she's not having it. Ben gives Emmett the code. He opens the cabinet. Melly grabs all the vials she can carry while Emmett goes to help Ben with the patient. Melly runs off and is hit by a car.

Ben doesn't know which one to save. Since the patient is gone, Jackson tells him to go check out Melly. Ben tells the driver it's not his fault and asks Emmett to radio dispatch. Emmett is too traumatized so Jackson takes over to report the situation. Ben checks Melly's pupils. She's dead. The doctors call time of death twice.

Robert is surprised to see Vic. She tells him she can't sign the inspections. She has seen what happens when people ignore fire codes. People never think the worst is going to happen to them, which is why they don't want the safety videos on airplanes. She doesn't care why Sullivan is covering things up but she begs him not to do it. Sullivan says his parents died in a plane crash. He shuts the door on her.


Cooper is pleased with Vic's performance during a final rehearsal. The stage hand comes running onto stage and yells that the scrim is on fire. With the fire exit still blocked, people run off the stage towards the exit. Cooper, however, climbs onto the stage and starts pushing the piano.


In the ER, Dean tells Jack he has forgiven him for sleeping with Eva. Jack felt like that already happened. Dean wanted to make it official. As a dad, he has realized the world isn't as black and white. Jack thinks having a daughter would make Dean hate him more. Dean says he has realized the toll it takes on someone when their parents walk out on them. He has seen that Jack is trying to be a better person and he admires that. Dean brings up his own inappropriate crush but says he's not going to act on it. He's going to bury the feelings. Bailey comes up and asks Dean why her husband hasn't shown up for the OR he has requested. Dean and Jack have no idea. Levi reports that Ben called to say he has lost the patient. Jack says that means Darcie has killed someone. Levi adds that Ben's coming with a GSW.

Jackson and Ben are checking out Jackson's wound. The bullet went clean through. Emmett says he can't handle this, all the death and torn-apart families. He doesn't want this to be his life. Ben says Dean texted to let him know the stabbing victim was a rapist. Emmett says his dad wanted this for him. He didn't even pass the written test. He's not a firefighter.

Jack drops by Maya's office. He says Jackson got shot on the PRT. Jack is worried about Andy. Maya says she needs to grieve in her own way. Jack thinks it's concerning that she married her Battalion Chief after a few weeks of dating. Maya says Andy can make her own decisions. Maya snaps that not everyone needs therapy. Jack is hurt as he told her that in confidence as his Captain. She apologizes and says Carina keeps trying to get her to admit to something that isn't true about her father. Jack says he's a real prick. Maya says he doesn't know her. He disagrees. He does know her. He knows she finds that threatening, which is why she freezes out the people that do get to know the real her. Maya wants to throw him out. He tells her she's broken. She thinks that's a lot coming from the foster boy with no daddy. He'd rather have no daddy than hers. She warns him not to talk about her father or she'll bury him. He points out the threats of violence check out. She then starts kissing him and tears off his clothes. He takes her into the bunk.

Robert comes home and finds Andy trying to call Sandra again. She wants answers about why Pruitt cut her family out of her life. Robert says this crazy. Andy shows that Pruitt hid the birthday cards Sandra sent her every year. She says her father has a track record of going behind her back to protect her. Robert thinks she's unraveling with the funeral coming up. He suggests she take a sedative. His acting like her father only enrages her even more. She yells she doesn't solve her problems with drugs. Robert says Pruitt blocked her from becoming Captain because he was worried about how she would handle his death, and the way she's acting right now makes him think Pruitt was right to worry. Andy scoffs aand tries to call Sandra again.

In bed, Maya admits to Jack that she is broken. He says they both are.

Bailey and Levi meet Ben and Jackson in the ambulance bay. Jackson tells them how it happened. As the doctors take Jackson inside, Ben receives a call from an angry Sullivan. He can't handle all this while Andy is falling apart. Ben got on his high horse and made him come clean. He asks what Ben thought would happen. Ben tells Robert he made his own bed. If he's doing Dixon's bidding now, he's no better than a junkie stealing drugs at gunpoint.


Vic tries to get Cooper off the stage but his pants have caught on fire. Pruitt drags Vic away from the stage while Cooper screams as he burns to death. Outside, Pruitt calms Vic down. Vic wonders why Cooper didn't listen to him. Pruitt says that is not important right now. Vic realizes someone has to tell Cooper's husband he has died because he didn't listen. She breaks down in Pruitt's arms.


Over beers on Dean's deck, Vic tells Dean that Pruitt is the reason she became a firefighter. The same goes for him. She adds that Dixon is blackmailing Sullivan into forging inspections. She hasn't figured out why yet. They don't know if Sullivan's a bad guy. Jack joins them. He was feeling blue so he wanted to spend some time with Pru. Jack asks Dean if he told Vic about Jackson getting shot. She rushes off. Jack pieces together from Dean's face that he has a crush on Vic. He agrees that Dean should bury that way down.

Maya comes home and finds Carina waiting for her. She almost left. Maya needs space. Carina is trying not to be mad at her because she's going through something. Maya blurts out that she slept with Jack an hour ago so she can be mad at that. Maya enters her bedroom and slams the door.

Emmett finds Travis at the bar and tells him he quit. He came out to his father as well. He goes to kiss Travis but hesitates for a moment as they're in public. He then kisses him anyway.

Sullivan interrupts Dixon's meeting with the Civil Service Commission. He says Dixon has demonstrated a pattern of corruption, beginning with his decision to cover up the theft of narcotics. As he looks Dixon straight in the eye, he tells the commission it was him who stole the narcotics.

Snuffy Souza meets with Andy in a diner. As he digs into the pie she got him, she asks him about her parents, if they were happy. She warns him not to lie and asks if her dad was controlling or if her mother was crazy. She needs to know the truth. Snuffy tells her not to go picking at scabs unless she wants to bleed. He says it's not his place to say what he means by that. He tells her to let Pruitt rest in peace and leaves.


  • Andy Herrera
  • Ben Warren
  • Robert Sullivan
  • Jack Gibson
  • Victoria Hughes
  • Travis Montgomery
  • Dean Miller
  • Maya Bishop
  • Pruitt Herrera
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Jackson Avery
  • Levi Schmitt
  • Carina DeLuca
  • Michael Dixon
  • Emmett Dixon
  • Snuffy Souza
  • Cooper
  • Darcie
  • John Finch
  • Melly Wyatt
  • Commissioner Clark
  • Officer Marinis
  • Officer Reaser
  • Gary
  • Stage Hand
  • Police Officer
  • Chairwoman
  • Driver

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Travis and Vic dealt with a walk-in in which a woman had a hairbrush stuck in her vagina.


Station 19 was called out for an MVC.

Assault, Stabbing, Shooting, and MVC

Darcie came into station 19 covered in blood. She told Dean and Jack that a man had come at her from behind, so she stabbed him. Police and PRT found the man in the park, bleeding severely. Jackson and Ben then moved him to the PRT, where an ultrasound showed free fluid in the abdomen. They prepared to operate immediately while Emmett prepared to take them to the hospital. However, while they were preparing to operate, Melly Wyatt jumped into the PRT beside Emmett, held a gun on him, and told him to drive. The motion of the PRT made it hard for them to operate. Despite this, Melly forced Emmett to continue to drive for a while before stopping. Back at the station, Darcie was interviewed and then taken to Grey Sloan for a psych eval and an exam. When the PRT finally stopped, Melly demanded all the drugs on the rig or said she would kill Emmett. They tried to stall her, but she insisted that Emmett go get the drugs. Emmett tripped as he climbed in, startling Melly, who fired the gun and hit Jackson in the leg. Ben gave Emmett the code and he opened the cabinet. Melly took the drugs as Emmett stepped in to help Ben. Melly tried to leave with the drugs, but she was hit by a car. Jackson told Ben to tend to Melly because the stabbing victim was dead. Ben determined that Melly was also dead. They were both pronounced dead on the scene. Ben then treated Jackson's leg as they rode to the hospital.


Vic and Travis went to Gary's new business to inspect it for fire hazards. He refused to allow it and said all the permits were already taken care of as he was a friend of Michael Dixon.

Theatre Fire

During a dress rehearsal, a fire started backstage at a theatre. Cooper told people to exit through the back of the theatre, but stayed to move a piano instead of leaving himself. By the time firefighters arrived, he was on fire himself. He died as a result of his burns.


Song Performer Scene
"Fascinating Rhythm" Cast (Barrett Doss)
  • Vic sings and tap dances.
"Oh Lady Be Good" Cast (Barrett Doss)
  • Vic rehearses with a pianist.
  • Pruitt comes in to do an inspection.
"Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles" Allman Brown
  • Andy looks through her dad's things.
  • Robert has to leave.
  • Darcie rides to the hospital and talks about how she thought she was safe.
  • Travis and Vic talk about what happened with Sullivan and Dixon.
  • Vic asks Travis about Emmett.
  • Vic leaves.
"Oh, Lady Be Good!" Cast (Barrett Doss)
  • Vic performs in the dress rehearsal.
  • A stagehands and warns them of fire.
"Need/Want" The Venus Project
  • Maya and Jack fight, then start making out.
  • Andy keeps calling Sandra and looking for answers.
  • She and Sullivan fight.
  • Maya and Jack lie in bed together.
  • Maya admits that she's broken. Jack says he is, too.
"Keep on Moving On" Anna Graceman
  • Jack realizes Dean likes Vic and tells him to bury it.
  • Maya goes home and finds Carina still there.
  • Maya tells Carina she slept with Jack.
  • Emmett tells Travis he came out to his dad and quit his job.
  • He kisses Travis.
  • Sullivan tells the Civil Service Commission that Dixon is corrupt and admits to the drug theft.
  • Snuffy meets with Andy and asks about her parents.
  • He advises her to let it go and refuses to tell her anything.

Notes and Trivia

Station 19 3x15 Promo "Bad Guy" (HD) Season 3 Episode 15 Promo

Station 19 3x15 Promo "Bad Guy" (HD) Season 3 Episode 15 Promo

  • This episode scored 5.57 million viewers.
  • The characters Officers Reaser and Marinis were likely named after Grey's Anatomy writers Andy Reaser and Meg Marinis.
  • The scenes where the fire breaks out at the theatre were filmed the day before the rehearsal scenes were filmed. Because of all the screaming she had to do the first day, Barrett Doss was pretty hoarse for the singing rehearsal day of filming. During rehearsals for that second, she also busted her ankle.
  • Victoria smacking Travis's ass as they head back up the stairs and Travis's reaction to it were improvised by Barrett and Jay Hayden.


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