Beau Martinez was a patient with a large brain tumor.


Beau came into the ER with intense pain in his jaw and left-side headache, which he'd had for a few months off and on. After an MRI, he was diagnosed with an osteoblastoma. Despite Jackson's assertion that it was inoperable, Amelia decided to make a surgical plan to remove it. ("Break Down the House")

Amelia made a plan and took Beau into surgery. She was able to take his jaw apart and remove the tumor, but couldn't get his jaw back together, so she paged Jackson to do it. He was able to put Beau's jaw back together and after surgery, Beau woke up and wasn't in pain. ("Get Off on the Pain")



His father came to the hospital with him and was extremely worried about him.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 14 at the time of his tumor resection.
  • He plays baseball.[1]





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