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Ben Warren is a firefighter at Station 19 of the Seattle Fire Department. He is married to Miranda Bailey. Ben was previously a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and was initially an attending anesthesiologist prior to changing his career to surgery, and later to a firefighter.


Early Life[]

Ben grew into an adrenalin-chasing teenager. One day, he went on a joyride with his friends Michael and Danny with the latter's father's car. While out driving, Michael asked Danny to let him ride for once. Danny was hesitant but Ben dared him to allow it, which lead to Danny giving in. While Michael was speeding, Danny stood up in the backseat to experience that feeling that the other two had described as amazing. Out of nowhere, a deer crossed the road right in front of them. The car swerved and slammed into a tree. Danny was thrown out and Ben and Michael found him unconscious with an open skull fracture. Michael drove him to the hospital while Ben tried to get him to wake up in the backseat. Danny ended up in a persistent vegetative state. Guilt-ridden, Ben sat by Danny's beside for days until Danny's mother told him that she hoped that this accident had made him start thinking about his actions and that he would never do anything to make his mother go through what she was going through now.[1]

As a result, Ben changed himself to get rid of his adrenalin-chasing habits and learned to like crosswords. He got into med school and ended up choosing anesthesiology so he would be able to wake people up, unlike Danny.

Move from Mercy West and Crush on Bailey[]

Ben initially was an attending anesthesiologist at Mercy West Medical Center and transferred to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital when the two hospitals merged. During a surgery performed by Meredith Grey and Miranda Bailey, the patient woke up on the table and Bailey yelled at Ben to put her back under. Bailey put all the blame on Ben and said that at Seattle Grace, they could always trust the "gas man" to keep the patients under while the surgeons did the real work. He set out to investigate and discovered she had a condition that caused her to metabolize the anesthetics more rapidly than normal, which is why she woke up. He found Bailey and asked for an apology, though he let that go when he noticed how rattled Bailey was about the patient refusing to let Bailey touch her again. Leslie had be operated on again as she had a rebleed so Meredith took over from Bailey. During the surgery, Ben knew how to properly keep her under. He brought up Bailey's speech about anesthesiologists being lazy and she told him that she yells at people when she gets scared, which was the closest he'd get to an apology.[2]

Ben became interested in Bailey and asked her out to dinner on Valentine's Day to make up for the fact that one of their surgeries was pushed because of a massive trauma. She told him she was too busy with surgery. Callie and Arizona got involved playing Cupid and they got Ben re-assigned to Bailey's new surgery. Arizona joined them in the OR and steered the conversation towards dating. She told Ben that Bailey had almost become a pediatric surgeon until she changed her mind, hinting that Bailey could be persuaded to change her mind about the date. After surgery, Ben congratulated Bailey on her saving the patient. She then told him she didn't want to talk to him because she liked him and his being around her made her go stupid. However, she did agree to go out to dinner with him the next day.[3] The first date went well. A few days later, he found her preparing for a speech at lecture day. He complimented her and although she told him to go away, she enjoyed being flattered.[4]

Some time later, he told her she was having dinner with him that night for their third date. She had a yoga class scheduled but he convinced her to let that go. Callie got into her head about the third date meaning sex, so while at his apartment, she started lecturing him about her not doing things on a timeline. He interrupted her lecture and said lecturing wouldn't work on him because he wasn't too scared to interrupt her like the people at work. He told her they would have a nice dinner with conversation and swore that he didn't expect sex, because he, too, found the third date early for that. She confessed she hadn't had sex with anyone other than her ex-husband. He didn't mind and appreciated that she, like him, didn't get into that too fast. She asked him what he thought was the right time. While he thought they would know when they were there, he suspected somewhere between date 8 and 12. She cautiously asked if he was afraid they'd end up just being friends. He was confident that wouldn't happen since none of them started this looking for friends. He then kissed her and they had a nice evening.[5]

They continued to date for months. While back at his apartment, she started lecturing him about what he couldn't do to her at the hospital in order to keep her personal and professional lives separated. He got undressed in front of her and told her she could either lecture him or let him take her to his bedroom. She chose the second option. The next day, Mark and Derek found out because of the two of them were humming the same song on the elevator. Bailey later caught Ben flirting with a nurse and spent the day being cold towards him. He found her at the end of the day and told her that he flirted with Liz so she would do him little favors, which made his job more fun. Also, he brought his lazy flirting for Liz so he could save the good flirting for Bailey. She told him she was going through a tough divorce and didn't have time for games. He assured her he was in it for real and they left the hospital holding hands.[6]

During the shooting at the hospital, Ben was out playing golf with his phone turned off, so he didn't find out about the shooting until after it was over. Bailey was heavily traumatized from her experience and packed up to go visit her mother with her son. Ben came by her house and found her getting into a cab. She ignored his question about when she'd be back and left. She returned after a month. He tried to talk to her after her work day and she told him that while he was a perfect man, she was too busy holding herself together with tape and glue to be with him now. Since he missed the shooting, he couldn't understand what she was going through and that made it too much for her to be with him. He understood and told her to take care of herself.[7]

Rekindling His Romance with Bailey[]

For the rest of the year, Ben stayed out of Bailey's way by bringing a guy named Pierre coffees so he wouldn't assign Ben to Bailey's surgeries.[8]

At one point, nurse Eli and Ben got into a conflict because Eli yelled at one of Ben's residents for messing up a routine epidural. Derek broke up the fight and told Ben that they should fight over Bailey on his own time but Ben didn't even know Bailey was dating Eli. In surgery, Ben told Derek the news had upset him so much that he couldn't concentrate during a meeting. Derek then invited him to take out his anger by helping him build the deck at his house. While doing that, Ben vented his anger to Owen about Bailey blowing him off over not being ready for a relationship only to start dating Eli months later. The next day, Ben saw Eli and Bailey together with Tuck. He and Derek agreed they looked happy so Ben let them be. He came out to Derek's deck to blow off steam again in the evening.[9]

However, Ben decided he wouldn't avoid her anymore and they soon ended up on the same surgery again. He approached her and asked her if that would be a problem. She said no. He was happy to hear that because he was done paying off Pierre with lattes if she was now being held together by a male nurse rather than tape and glue. After the surgery, Ben couldn't fully hide his anger about her sleeping with Eli after she basically told him to wait for her. Bailey said a relationship like they had was too much for her to handle and added that what she was doing with Eli was nothing like what they had. Ben asked her what she was doing with Eli then but she ignored the question and told him to take it up with Pierre if he had a problem working with her. After work, Ben shortly greeted Bailey as he walked past her on his way to his car. She came after him and told him he would soon hear things about her breaking up with Eli. She wanted to clarify that that didn't have anything to do with him. He saw right through her lie and smiled as he said he'd see her tomorrow.[10]

A few weeks later, Ben ended up in Bailey's OR again. He had heard about Henry Burton dying and brought that up, but she snapped that she'd rather talk about her living patients. Ben diagnosed malignant hyperthermia when Bailey's patient on the table started to deteriorate. He acted quickly to get the patient to cool down, which saved the kid's life. Bailey and Ben waited for the patient's temperature to decline sufficiently for the procedure to continue, during which Bailey complimented Ben's quick diagnosis. Afterward, they ended up in an empty cafeteria and she apologized for being rude to him when he mentioned Henry earlier. He was already used to her lashing out, which is what she does when bad things happen to her. It meant she needed space, which is why he sat down at a different table. She said she didn't just lose a patient, she lost a friend. He was sorry to hear that. She then told him she wouldn't mind if he didn't give her quite so much space, after which he moved to her table and held her hand while he finished his crossword puzzle.[11]

They started their relationship again and after two weeks, Ben asked her to move in. She didn't give him an answer so he maneuvered himself onto her surgery so he could talk to her about it. Bailey recruited Meredith to flood her with questions so she could teach instead of talking to Ben about moving in. Ben saw through that trick and steered the conversation towards living together, citing Meredith and Derek as an example. Bailey pointed out that Meredith's tampering with Derek's trial nearly destroyed both her professional and personal life, which got her to admit that she wanted to keep her personal and professional lives separated. Ben commented he would just like for her to be the first thing he would see in the morning and then let it go. When Meredith left for lunch, Bailey told Ben that she didn't want to complicate what they had by rushing it. He told her his life was happening right now and that he wanted to share all of it with her, every day. If she didn't want that, he thought they weren't right for each other. She still didn't agree, which he took as his answer. After the break, Ben again pointed out Meredith had a perfect balance between her professional and personal life. The patient made it through and Ben joked they could go have a drink to celebrate if only she were to let joy into her life. She snapped and said she wanted to focus at work in order not to make mistakes. After the surgery, Bailey told Ben her whole life fell apart when she got divorced and she had worked hard to get back on her feet. She was scared of her relationship with him blowing up again, which would cause her to get knocked off her feet again. He said they could be scared together in the same house and take it one step at a time, starting with her bringing her toothbrush over. She reminded him she had a son. Ben liked him and assured her that he wanted the whole package. She then agreed to take it one step at a time.[12]

Ben set up an elegant dinner for her them on Valentine's Day. That morning, he checked if they were still on for tonight as she had a habit of cancelling for a surgery. She told him she had rearranged her entire schedule to be out on time and even brought heels in the back of her car. However, she got drawn in when her patient was found to have a second tumor in a yet-to-be-discovered location. She had Ben push the reservation to 9 PM but by the time she made it out of the OR, it was 11:23. She ran into Ben, not having realized the time until then, and apologized for ruining their Valentine's Day. She started a lecture about how he couldn't fault her for saving lives. She then noticed he was in a suit. He told her Valentine's Day wasn't over yet and took her to the cafeteria, where he had set up a romantic dinner for the two of them. He had been planning it for weeks as he knew they would never make their reservation. He told her he was very good at romance. She agreed and they shared a toast.[13]

After working on opposite schedules for weeks, Ben and Bailey agreed to watch a game together, though Ben hadn't planned on actually watching the game since Tuck was at his father's. However, Bailey had to cancel because Callie and Arizona asked her to come to girls' night to cheer up Teddy after Henry's death and her falling out with Owen. Bailey initially wanted to ditch the women for her evening with Ben but she showed up anyway.[14]

Internship at UCLA[]

Ben got offered an internship at UCLA. He accepted and moved to Los Angeles to start. At the beginning, Ben and Bailey weren't sure it would work out, but both Miranda and Ben kept their relationship alive only seeing each other every now and then.

Moving Back to Seattle[]

Ben quit his job at UCLA because he felt he never saw Miranda or his stepson, so he came back and surprised her, saying he quit his job. Miranda was not so thrilled right away because she did approve of him giving up surgery, but, it was later revealed that he did not want to give up surgery and he became a surgical resident again at GSM.

Richard's Teachings[]

When a case came in of two sisters, one of whom had developed three kinds of cancer in her lifetime, Richard told the residents to do research on Li-Fraumeni, as that's the condition the girl had. They did the research and developed a treatment plan, but Rory Williams had already died.[15]


After Ben opened up a man in the psych ward and operated on a pregnant lady without proper consent and surgical equipment, he was put on probation for 6 months. He attained privileges as an attending anesthesiologist during his probation.

Hospital Explosion[]

Ben was one of the many doctors who helped evacuate patients amidst the hospital explosion. When asked about Stephanie Edwards' whereabouts, he recalled seeing her before the explosion and led a team of firefighters inside the actively burning hospital to find her. After searching, he found a trace of blood on the stairs leading up to the roof of the hospital, where they were able to locate and save Stephanie and Erin.

Career Change[]

Ben claimed he was happy with surgery but wanted something more. Later he admited to Miranda that he had been accepted into the Seattle Fire Academy. Miranda was not amused but later supported Ben in his decision.

First Year as a Firefighter[]

Tiffany's house caught on fire when her laptop cord sparked on her bed while she was in the bathroom. Station 19 responded to the fire. Pruitt sent Maya and Andy in to do search and rescue while Dean, Jack, and Travis put out the fire. Maya and Andy quickly found Tiffany and brought her outside, where she said Charlie was still inside. Having extinguished the fire, they searched for Charlie and quickly found a puppy. Dean carried Charlie out and handed him over to a grateful Tiffany.[16]

While fighting an apartment fire, Jack and Pruitt got separated when Jack entered a kid's room to look for a child. When he came back out, he couldn't find Pruitt because of the smoke. He had to tell Andy he couldn't find her dad and she and Maya came to help look for him. They found him on the floor, unconscious and pulseless. They tried to take him out, but they noticed the fire was choking, so they couldn't go out of the apartment. Once Andy got a pulse on her father, they strapped him to Jack and the four of them jumped out the window onto landing pads. Pruitt was then taken to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, where he had surgery and then was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He knew he had to step down as Captain immediately. He said Jack could be in charge until they filled the job. When Andy protested that, he promoted her to lieutenant and said they could share the responsibilities until a new captain was officially chosen.[17]

Station 19 got called out to Stratford Middle School, where someone had pulled the fire alarm. Principal Linsley met them and said it was likely a false alarm. They said they'd won as quickly as they could to clear the building and get the kids back inside. They went through the building and found the alarm that had been pulled. They turned off the alarm and went continue their sweep, but Ben found Tuck still inside the building. He followed Tuck and saw that he was the one who had pulled the alarm. He needed to get Ben to the school for his friend Ava, who was pregnant and in labor. He did everything he knew to do, but still needed help. Ben and Vic delivered Ava's baby and after a brief complication when the amniotic sac didn't rupture, Ava and the baby were both healthy and stable.[18]

When a crash caused a tanker to overturn, Station 19 responded. Dean and Travis had to pry Shawn out of his car while Vic and Ben worked on the truck driver, who had gotten out of the cab and fallen. They noticed it was hot around them just as Andy realized it was an ethanol fire. It was surrounding Ben and Vic and they didn't have enough foam to put it out. Vic and Ben couldn't get out without leaving the truck driver there to die. They got him as wet and cool as they could as they treated him and then conserved their air while the rest of the team tried to figure out how to get them out. Andy eventually decided to back the truck over the flames to get them out and drive it back out.[19]

Dean and Ben responded to an Aid call at The Langham. They found JJ on her floor after she fell off a ladder. Her smoke alarm was still going off, so Dean broke through the ceiling and released smoke into the apartment. He picked up JJ and carried her out of her apartment.[20]

They called the rest of the team in to help and started an evacuation. When the team arrived, they went up to the roof. They located the flame under the roof and created a ventilation hole, despite Jack wanting to make a strip. The hole wasn't sufficient to make the fire die down, so Andy authorized them to cut a strip. The strip worked and the fire started to die down. They got off the roof less than a minute before the roof collapsed.[21]

Station 19 also responded to a medical call. Dallas called the police after her brother and friends wouldn't wake up when she pulled them out of the pool. They'd made ice cream with liquid nitrogen and poured the rest in the pool to make it look cool. They were able to get the kids all breathing again, but then Jack suddenly jumped into the pool. He emerged with another kid that Dallas thought had gone home. They got her breathing as well and Dallas went to give them numbers to contact parents, but she had trouble breathing and vomited. She was dry drowning. She was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital.[22]

The team responded to a fire at a B&B on Sunken Meadow Road. Ben and Vic laid out the hoses, but before they could take them into the fire, a neighbor drove over one and popped it. They went to get a replacement line, but it turned out to be unnecessary because the fire was small and contained to the stovetop. They later returned to the Inn when the fire reignited and engulfed the building in flames. When a fire reignited in her face, Vic started to have a panic attack and Ben pulled her out while Andy doused the flames. Outside, Vic's ear was treated where it had been burned. Inside, Andy heard popping. She tried to go toward where she heard Deborah, but there were exploding wine bottles between them. They looked for the fuel that was feeding the fire to stop it off while Andy ran past the bottles to get to Deborah. Andy tied off her leg above a wound and then helped her out, using a tray as a shield from the glass. They were able to turn off the gas to the house, to keep it from reigniting. Once they got Deborah out, they realized she'd inhaled some glass. They couldn't intubate, so they did a crike and got her breathing again. Then they took her to the hospital. When Ben later came to Vic and offered to help her, she denied any trouble, saying she was still a rookie and something like that could damage her reputation forever.[23]

The team was called out for a fire, but it turned out to be a small e-cigarette fire and they were back at the station quickly.[24]

They were later called out again for a car accident involving downed electrical wires. They found Marshall trapped in his car with live wires around him. They moved the wires as they waited for the power to be shut off so they could get Marshall out of the car. However, when Vic noticed a fuel leak under his car, they were rushed, knowing that if a power line hit the gas, it would burst into flames and kill Marshall. So they coached him through hopping and landing with both feet simultaneously outside the car. Then he had to hop a few more times to safety. As he went to hop, a line snapped behind him, startling him, so he landed on his face instead of on his feet. The power was shut off soon after, but he was electrocuted severely. They attempted to resuscitate him, but they quickly realized the damage was too severe, so they had him call his wife, who was pregnant with triplets, one last time and tell her he loved her and their babies.[25]

While Jack and Andy were taking The Incinerator test, they left Travis in charge as he had seniority. He took his role very seriously. When they were called out to an intersection, they couldn't find the emergency. Suddenly, Vic noticed Piper calling out to them from here she was stuck in a pothole in the middle of a crosswalk. When a truck didn't notice her and was heading in her direction, Vic put herself between Piper and the truck and covered them. The truck swerved at the last minute and missed both of them. Travis was very cautious about making sure no one else fell in. They quickly discovered that the asphalt was digging into Piper's leg, keeping her trapped. They'd have to dig around her to free her. They dug for a while, but eventually, they had to pull Piper out when her leg started to swell. She was then taken to the hospital. At the end of the shift, Vic confessed to the others that she had developed a fear of fire since the tanker incident. The team decided to help her without telling Jack and Andy, who would be obligated to report it.[26]

A fire started at Flanner's restaurant and quickly spread to the rest of the strip mall. Station 19 was called the respond. Jack rushed in to evacuate people, followed by Ryan, despite Ryan not wearing turnout gear. They evacuated all the survivors they could quickly while Maya, Dean, Vic, and Travis set up the lines to douse the fire. Once the structure became too unstable to continue, they prepared to start the water and ended evacuations. They then noticed a woman on the balcony holding a baby. Jack took the ladder from the engine over to her, but it took time and so Ryan asked the woman to toss down her baby, so she'd be ready to jump to Jack when he got close enough. After some hesitation, she tossed down her baby and he caught it. Then she was able to jump onto the ladder with Jack and was taken safely to the ground. After the fire burned itself out, Ben was put on cleanup.[27]

While Andy was captain, they were called out to respond to Peter, who accidentally ran into a dumpster. On their way to the hospital, they came across a party bus that had crashed. Andy left Jack to monitor Peter while they helped the party bus victims. While they were waiting, Peter offered up the gurney he was on for them to use, so Jack left briefly to take it to them. While he was gone, Peter ransacked the ambulance looking for morphine. During the ensuing struggle with Jack, Peter put his hand through a pane of glass and degloved his finger. Jack, with Dean's help, was able to restrain him and bandage his hand before they were able to take him to the hospital.[28]

Despite being on an active call, Andy decided to have her team stop to help the victims of a crashed party bus because the responding station was still eight minutes away. They had to free Susan, who was impaled on a piece of the bus, and Carla, who was pinned under the bus, while also treating Mary and the other six victims who were free. They were able to get everyone out and stabilized before station 23 arrived to take over. Afterward, Ben was interviewed by Ripley as part of the process to decide who would be captain of Station 19. He asked Ben about the situation with Peter and the party bus crash. At the end of Ben's explanation, Ripley applauded Ben's honesty in the situation.[29]

The station responded to a fire at the house of Audrey and Oliver. The fire started in a fireplace and was mostly contained to that area of the house. In order to put out the fire, they needed to go through the garage to get to the innermost part of the house. Audrey tried to get them access, but her blistered finger meant the pad couldn't read her print. Dean was sent to put the override code in, but he forgot the code and couldn't radio out because his radio was on the wrong channel, so after two failed attempts, the others were locked in the garage with no way out. Outside the garage, they had trouble getting access to the house as the windows wouldn't shatter. They broke several chain saws trying to get through. With no ability to vent the fire, it continued to spread. Vic called Pruitt, who had experience getting people out of a garage. When he learned Andy was trapped along with others, he came down to the scene. Since the windows of the house wouldn't shatter, they used sledgehammers to break the wall underneath and vent the fire. It still wasn't enough to cool down the garage, so to give the trapped people more time, Travis had all hoses redirected to spray the garage, hoping to cool it down even a small amount. The trapped were freed when they used the water heater to cause an explosion and compromise the door just enough to give them access.[30]

Ben came into work one day and learned that he'd reached an important milestone. He'd walked into and out of fifty fires. He was given a key to the aid car and permission to drive it. Station 19 anxiously waited to be called in on the skyscraper fire. While they waited, they checked their supplies. When they were finally called in, they responded to the fire and went to base camp to receive their assignments. Most of the team was sent to relieve station 7 working on the active fire, but Ben and Travis were kept for triage and Maya and Vic were sent above the fire to do crowd control at a law firm where they were keeping civilians held in place. Ben and Travis treated patients with minor burns at triage and sent them out. When Jack and Dean found combustibles on a floor above the fire, a rapid evacuation was started. In order to release the civilians from the top floor, Ripley sent Ben and Travis to clear the black smoke out of the stairwells so they could walk down. They did so, but when the fire jumped floors and broke out the window, Travis became impaled on a shard of glass. With the radios not working, Ben dragged Travis down the stairs. On the stairs, they ran into Molly, who had been trampled by a panicked mob. Her lung was collapsed. Travis told Ben to take Molly downstairs and save the life he could save. Then there was an explosion in the building.[31]

Ben dragged Molly down the stairs toward the bottom. She suddenly started struggling to breathe even more than before, so Ben put her down. He then used the needle from the EpiPen in her first aid kit to re-inflate her lung. He then started to carry her down the stairs to keep the needle stable. Once she was outside, he put her on a gurney and took her to the aid car and took her to the hospital. He handed her off to Bailey, who took her into surgery. Travis arrived with Vic and Dean moments later, but when he asked about Travis, Vic angrily brushed him off. They all went to the waiting room to see how Molly and Travis would come out. When Grant arrived, he was also upset to learn that Ben had left Travis alone. They continued to wait and were told that Travis's repair would be extremely difficult. Ben also learned that Molly didn't survive her surgery, which upset him. In the end, Travis pulled through and spent the next several weeks recovering.[32]

Changes Under the New Captain[]

Six weeks after the skyscraper fire, the team gathered at the station to meet their new captain. Ripley introduced them to Robert Sullivan, who immediately established himself as a strict, by the book boss. He said he wanted to improve station 19's efficiency and wanted to start immediately.[33]

Station 19 was called out to help when Max Forrester fell into a storm drain after disappearing from the hospital. Ben, who had been left behind at the station due to a burn on his hand, was aided by Travis and Pruitt as he located plans for the storm drains' paths to see where Max was most likely to have gone. Station 23 had a feed down a drain that showed a handprint, giving them a clue where he'd gone. They quickly moved downstream from that location and Maya prepared to jump in to grab Max. However, her oxygen tank wasn't working, so they went to get a replacement tank. While she was gone, Andy heard Max's voice down below them. Over Maya and Sullivan's objections, Andy jumped down into the drain to try to get to him. However, the flow of water picked up and while she was pulled underwater, Max was swept away by the water. Since they'd lost that chance to get him, they had only one more access point down the line. When they arrived, they learned that the opening was smaller than they expected, too small for an adult to fit down to get him. When they heard Max down below them, they considered using a jackhammer to widen the opening, but Ben found that there was a gas line near them and it's too risky. Since they couldn't get an adult down into the drain, they decided to send down a loop for Max to grab. Max was scared to let go and jump to the loop, even when his father told him to. His father finally told him that his mother was dying and encouraged him as he jumped and grabbed the loop. Max was then lifted to safety.[34]

Station 19 was called to the apartment of Evelyn after her downstairs neighbors were worried about her after her floor started collapsing into their apartment and she didn't answer her phone. When they heard creaking behind her door, they broke the lock, which showed that there were stacks of things filling her apartment, which was compromising the floor. They heard Evelyn calling out for help, but weren't able to get in because forcing the door open more could cause them to fall and cause more damage. Sullivan sent Dean to get support beams and Travis and Vic to evacuate the floor below them just in case. Evelyn said she had fallen and was having a hard time catching her breath. She'd recently had heart surgery. Andy wanted to wait for the structural engineers, but Sullivan said one person needed to go in. He wanted Ben to go in, but asked for Maya's input. Maya suggested sending in Andy instead because she's lighter and has more experience. When Andy reached Evelyn and gave a report on her status, Ben talked her through doing draining the blood around Evelyn's heart. Andy then put her on the stretcher and got her out. The floor started to crack more as Andy went to leave and Sullivan pulled her to safety as the floor collapsed beneath her. Andy was upset to know that if she'd had her way and they waited for the engineers, Evelyn would have died.[35]

Station 19 was called out to a structure fire. When they arrived, they started a perimeter sweep to see if anyone might be inside and prepared to start fighting the fire. When Maya learned that the hydrant was dry because the building was scheduled for demolition, she suggested that once they cleared the building, they could use the water in the engine to drown the surrounding buildings and let it burn. Jack then saw signs that there were squatters inside. Just then a kid came out of the building with Zoe. He was handed off to be seen and Zoe tried to re-enter the building. Andy stopped her, saying she needed to be treated, too, but Zoe said there were five more kids inside. They found Sean and he was evacuated and treated. Andy then noticed a sprinkler system and said they needed to locate the valve. Zoe thought she knew where it was and showed Andy the way to it. Andy reached the valve just as Travis and Ben noticed that what was coming out of the sprinklers was flammable. She didn't get the warning in time and turned on the sprinklers, which caused fire to engulf the building. Dean and Vic ended up trapped with two kids and Andy ended up trapped with Zoe as well. Vic and Dean shared their oxygen with the kids until an exit was made and they were able to evacuate. Ben, Travis, and Andy remained trapped. Water was then finally available and they doused the building as quickly as they could. Everyone was evacuated and treated for smoke inhalation.[36]

Travis, Dean, and Ben responded to the call when Hannah Sherwood got her hand caught in her garbage disposal. She'd reached down there when her wedding ring had fallen in and got her hand caught. She turned it off quickly, but then decided to wait for help instead of trying to pull her hand out. Travis said he'd disconnect it and then take it apart to release her hand. While they were work, Hannah noticed that her daughter had gotten a tattoo and asked one of them to check it out to see if it was infected. Dean did and put antibiotic ointment on it. Travis was finally able to free Hannah's hand and they told her to follow up with the hospital in a few days.[37]

Friendsgiving and Windstorm[]

After separating from Miranda, Ben wanted to feel a sense of togetherness, so he planned "Friendsgiving" with Jack at Dean's houseboat and invited the rest of the team. However, while they were still preparing the meal, the team was called away due to accidents from the windstorm.

At the station, they went over storm protocols and gathered extra supplies to be ready. Andy and Sullivan were soon after called out for a car accident, then Greg, Ryan, Pruitt, and Grant surprised the team by bringing Friendsgiving to the station. Meal prep continued, but another call came in and Ben, Dean, Travis, Maya, Vic, and Ripley headed out to cover it, leaving Jack alone at the station. On their way to the call, a tree branch went through the windshield of one of the engines and a fallen tree blocked the road for the other. Ripley and Vic stayed behind to cut up the tree while Maya led the rest of the team to the emergency on foot. They arrived to find Jimmy trapped in his car in a collapsed carport. They worked to open up the car enough to free him. Just as they were about to get him out, they noticed that the house, where his wife, mother, and twin newborns were, had caught on fire. Travis and Ben went into the house to evacuate the family. Travis easily found and removed Mary, but Ruth was in the nursery with both babies. Ben took them and told Ruth to follow him. He got out of the building and handed off the babies, but then realized Ruth hadn't come out with him. He went back after her, but got trapped until the engine finally arrived with more supplies and they were freed. The fire was then extinguished. It was then announced that Seattle Fire Department wasn't taking calls anymore and everyone should seek shelter immediately, so the team returned to the station and sat down to eat. At the table, Ripley announced that Maya would be a lieutenant soon and he already put her in for a transfer to station 23.[38]

After noticing what was happening with Jack, Pruitt called out the rest of the team for not getting him help, knowing they'd all noticed that something was off about him. Dean used the ruse of cleanup duty to get Jack to go to the kitchen, where they held an intervention. He lashed out at them, but was interrupted by Ripley, coming to tell them they were taking calls again and their first call was search and rescue for Andy and Sullivan as no one had heard anything from them in over an hour. They all suited up. Ripley was called back to headquarters, so Pruitt stepped in as captain. Pruitt then benched Jack, left Travis to keep an eye on him, and called Maya up as lieutenant. They left to start the search. With difficulty, they found them and rescued them, but not before Shannon died.

Four months later, Pruitt presented Andy with a Medal of Valor. They then had a party in her honor. At the party, Ben told Dean he was happy to be home with his wife, and prepared to make changes to keep her happy, which may include quitting firefighting.[39]

After months of rehab, Sullivan was finally ready to go back to work. He met with Pruitt, who had acted as interim captain, and received reports from Pruitt. Pruitt criticized him for missing Jack's PTSD and not seeing that regular drop-ins weren't coming in anymore. This inspired Sullivan to take Ben and Jack for a wellness check on a drop-in Pruitt specifically mentioned. They went to his house and did an exam. He revealed that Sullivan was the reason he stopped checking in. His car was busted, leaving him unable to pick up his medications. Ben then heard regurgitation in his heart. He didn't want to go to the hospital, but he collapsed trying to fight them off. Sullivan distracted him with a game of chess as they worked to get him stable while they waited for an aid car. He stabilized, then checkmated Sullivan. After they sent him to the hospital, they remembered that he mentioned his car wasn't working, so they went to his garage and fixed it.[40]

Ben, Dean, and Travis had planned to work together to repaint Travis's place. As they prepared to leave, Sullivan talked his way into an invitation to join them. With Sullivan there, they painted in virtual silence. When Sullivan started dancing while painting, they were disturbed, but he explained that when a month ago, you couldn't move your legs, you dance when a song comes on that makes you want to dance. The rest of them started to dance as well.[41]

One day, an RV crashed into the side of station 19. Andy was surprised to see a young girl climb out of the driver's seat. Ellie said her mother was shaking and wouldn't stop, so she tried to hit the brake, but hit the accelerator instead. Maya and Ben found her mother inside still seizing. To prevent further damage to the building, Travis disconnected the fuel in the vehicle. Then they worked to expand the exit to get Ellie's mother out. They freed her, but struggled to get her to stop seizing. While they worked on her, Andy took Ellie to the conference room to talk to her and keep her calm. As her mom was ready to be moved, she said she didn't want to go to the hospital with her because she felt she was always messing things up. Shortly afterward, she collapsed from low blood sugar. She was given glucose and quickly woke up, but still worried about her mom having another seizure and her not being able to help. Andy then sent Ellie to the hospital to be with her mom, while they dealt with the damage to the station caused by the crash and subsequent explosion.[42]

Ripley's Hospitalization and Death[]

When Ripley passed out on a sidewalk and was taken to the hospital, Sullivan, Ben, and Andy came to the hospital to check on his condition. Andy and Ben were surprised to learn that he'd been buying flowers for Vic when he passed out. After being banished from his room, they waited in the hospital waiting area. They were shocked when his lab results came back, showing his condition was much worse than previously believed and he had fled the hospital in search of Vic.[43]

Medic One Tryout[]

After reuniting with Bailey, he decided he wanted to try something that would be less stressful for her and thought it might be time to move on from being a firefighter.[44] When Pruitt heard about this, he suggested that Ben try out for Medic One, an elite paramedic team.[45] Despite his medical training, Ben wasn't sure he'd be good enough to make it.[46]

Physician Response Team and Miranda's Miscarriage[]

Bailey unexpectedly became pregnant, but then sadly lost the pregnancy.

Testicular Cancer and Black Lives Matter[]

After months of quarantining mostly separately, Ben and Bailey finally got some alone time when Roz took the boys out for a hike. They had sex and while cuddling afterward, Bailey felt a mass in Ben's testicle. She demanded they go see a urologist right away. Since he refused to go to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, she did some research and got them an appointment at Kabir Urology Clinic. Based on the labs and ultrasound, Dr. Kabir strongly suspected a mixed germ cell tumor, for which Ben's job put him at an increased risk. He proposed to perform an orchiectomy and analyze the tissue afterward rather than a biopsy, since that type of tumor could quickly metastasize. On the drive home, Ben revealed he wasn't sure what to tell the boys. Bailey was firm about telling them the truth, which would show them it is okay to be vulnerable. Ben confessed he wasn't ready to have the surgery yet, but Bailey reminded him of the mortality rate for Black men with cancer and said she couldn't handle any more loss after the year she had had. After his conversation with the boys, Joey joined him in the kitchen and asked him questions about the procedure. Ben picked up on his interest in medicine and said he and Bailey would help cover the cost if he were to decide to go to med school, much to Joey's delight.[47]

Shortly thereafter, news about George Floyd's death spread across the country. Ben found out on his phone at the station and joined his crew-mates in the lounge as they watched the news report on television in horror. Maya brought in Diane Lewis to grief counsel her team. Ben was the first to seek her out and opened up his fears as a Black man in America and the struggles of raising Black sons in the current political climate.

Ben along with Dean, Vic, and Robert attended the annual Black Firefighters Coalition where Battalion Chief Gregory gave a speech about working his way up to create lasting equity from within. Ben and Vic criticized him for being all talk and no actual change. Later, Ben witnessed how Dean jumped into the ocean after Gregory, who had fallen over the railing after clutching his chest. Ben grabbed a life vest and throw ring and jumped after Dean. Together, they tried to perform CPR on Gregory to no avail while the boat sailed off into the distance. Ben concluded there was nothing they could do for Gregory anymore. They realized they had drifted about a mile from where they had gone overboard, meaning they would be hard to find, and neither of them had a working phone on them to contact people on the boat. Dean refused to let go of Gregory's corpse and they floated around aimlessly waiting for help to arrive. As they drifted around, Ben urged Dean to fight so he could push through with his lawsuit and make the world a better place for Pru. He then revealed his cancer diagnosis and Dean found he was hesitant to have the surgery, which he called Ben out for. Dean freaked about dying again, which would mean that he would die without telling the one woman he wanted to be Pru's mother how he felt about her. Ben was shocked to find out he was in love with Vic. They held hands to float together like sea otters do. As the hypothermia set in, Dean asked Ben to raise Pru with Bailey if he were to die. Ben agreed to do so and reminded Dean that he was not alone in anything, that his village was also Dean's and that they would always support him and fight his fight alongside him. A boat then approached but it sailed past them without noticing them. The waves it created forced Dean to let go of Gregory's body, after which Ben helped Dean to stay afloat. Ben then envisioned Joey graduating from med school and thanking Ben, who couldn't be there but without whom he could never have done it. As they watched a plane fly over, Dean reminded Ben of their deal and said he couldn't use his legs anymore, which Ben attributed to the hypothermia. Dean was glad Ben had jumped into the water after him, even though it was stupid, so he didn't have to do this alone. He then said he needed to let go of Ben to give him a chance to survive. The two of them then finally passed out. Their bodies washed ashore, where the coast guard found them. Vic, Sullivan, and Bailey arrived at the scene just as the two men regained consciousness. As they were carried to the aid cars, they held hands.[48]



Miranda Bailey[]

He initially clashed with Bailey when their patient woke up on the table while Bailey was operating, which she blamed him for. He later came to Bailey with medical proof and said that it wasn't his fault that the patient woke up. In the second surgery, Bailey said that when she is scared she yells, and that is why she was so mad at him. Ben thought of it as an apology and accepted it.

They dated for nine months, but after the shooting, Bailey broke up with him, saying she needed to put herself back together. They started dating again after Eli Lloyd broke things off with her because he was well aware she still loved her ex. They later got engaged and eventually were supposed to get married, but on the way to the wedding Adele Webber was rushed to the ER, and Miranda and Richard went to the hospital. Later they got married. They honeymooned in the Bahamas.

During a day off, Miranda told Ben she needed to talk to him. She told him about how even with stepping down temporarily as Chief and changing her diet and exercise, her blood pressure was still too high. She asked him for a sabbatical from their marriage, saying she needed time to get her health in order. He left their home after giving her a last kiss.[49]

After getting back in check with her mental health, Bailey went to Ben and told him that she realized it was her mental health that was the problem, not her physical and she wanted him to come home. He said that she had hurt him really bad, but eventually, he forgave her and showed her this by starting to build the treehouse he promised her after her heart attack. They agreed that they were in it together.[50]


Rosalind Warren[]

Ben was very close to his brother growing up. They shared rooms for most of their lives, even into adulthood. The relationship was strained when Rosalind came out as transgender. Ben didn't really mind that his brother would soon be his sister and accepted her, but he hated the fact that she had kept it from him all those years while they shared basically everything else.


Dr. Ben Warren was a fifth-year surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital before he decided to be a firefighter at SFD Station 19.

He originally worked as an attending anesthesiologist at Mercy West Medical Center prior to the merger with Seattle Grace Hospital. He kept his position as an attending anesthesiologist when he transferred to the merged Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. During his tenure at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, Dr. Warren was the anesthesiologist on most of Dr. Miranda Bailey's surgical cases and a few on Dr. Derek Shepherd's cases. He also supervised anesthesiology residents.

After the events of the hospital shooting, Dr. Warren considered a specialty change into surgery and applied to UCLA's surgical program. At the end of the 2011-2012 residency year, Dr. Warren was accepted and soon after, relocated to Los Angeles and began his surgical career as an intern. Throughout his intern year, Dr. Warren commuted between Los Angeles and Seattle to spend time with his wife and step-son. During his visits, he was granted privileges at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital by Chief of Surgery Owen Hunt and acted as a consulting anesthesiologist.

During his second-year, Dr. Warren resigned UCLA's surgical residency program to move back to Seattle and be closer to his family. He then returned to his former position on the staff as an attending anesthesiologist at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. However, he missed surgery so much that he decided to continue his residency at Grey Sloan Memorial, taking Heather Brooks' place in the program.

He took an interest in plastic surgery with Jackson Avery as his mentor, unwillingly forming the new Plastics Posse. However, when he was on Arizona's service due to Richard's switching around, she noticed his talent and requested him on her service.

During his fourth year, Dr. Warren was suspended for six months from the surgical residency program by the chief of surgery. His suspension was due to performing unsupervised surgery beyond his scope of authority exacerbated by a perceived error in judgment leading to the death of two patients. He practiced his former specialty of anesthesiology while being suspended. His suspension was lifted by Bailey after he saved April and her daughter.

Nearing the end of his fourth year, Ben decided to apply for the Fire Training Academy and started working out every chance he could get. He was accepted and enrolled in the Medic One Program to become a qualified EMT, a requirement for Seattle firefighters. The Medic One Program allowed for his career change to be branded a fellowship in order not to completely disrupt his career as a surgeon, allowing him to return to the hospital at any moment if he sees fit. As part of the Program, Ben did ride-alongs with paramedics.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • During What is It About Men, Derek asks Ben about his time as a fifth-year resident. This is an error as the residency program for anesthesiology is only four years.
  • While a surgical resident at UCLA, Dr. Warren retained privileges as an attending anesthesiologist at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital whenever he visited Seattle.
  • Ben appears to make it a point to try and stay out of his colleagues' personal lives.
  • He has a self-proclaimed impressive running whip stitch technique.
  • His family is "all about Halloween."[51]
  • He snores and occasionally talks in his sleep.[52]
  • He had a crush on Thalia Hall in 4th grade.[53]
  • He was the first prominent anesthesiologist in Grey's Anatomy.
  • When he was a surgical resident, the other residents made fun of him for being older than most residents.
  • Before Carina joined the main cast of Station-19, Ben was the only doctor to be the main cast.
  • He had a fear of fires. After going inside a burning building to locate and save Stephanie and Erin, he got over his fear and became a firefighter.
  • When he was a surgical resident, his lab coat had Ben Warren embroidered on it, while his official name is Benjamin. Other characters with shortened names, such as Jo and Callie, have their official name embroidered on their lab coats.
  • Ben is one of the handful of characters that has a dual-specialty: anesthesiology and general surgery. He joins other characters with dual-specialties such as Addison Montgomery, Mark Sloan, Jackson Avery, Sam Bennett, Jake Reilly, and Arizona Robbins.
  • He loves fantasy basketball.[54]
  • His email password is hothotmiranda.


A more complete gallery with pictures of Ben Warren can be found here.

Notable Episodes[]

These episodes are Ben-centric or are otherwise very informative about his life.

Memorable Quotes[]

Ben (to Miranda): Now, woman, I am naked and I look good. Are you going to sit there and lecture me or are you going to let me take you into my bedroom and have my way with you?[55]



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