Bertram Hollister is a patient who was having a heart procedure.


Bertram was in the hospital to have a percutaneous coronary intervention to open up blockages in his heart. his procedure went well and afterward, he was eager to get back on his feet. While he was out walking, he passed by the room of Soyoung Oh. She called out to him. They realized they knew each other. They'd met in Korea when he was stationed there during the war and fallen in love. However, they'd been separated when he went home. She found him on social media and saw that he was having surgery, so she impulsively got on a plane to the United States without telling any of her family and found him at the hospital. With Nico's help translating, they started to catch up.




He was married to a woman named Lois.

Soyoung OhEdit

When he was young, he was stationed in Korea during the war. While was there, he fell in love with a young Korean woman, Soyoung Oh. They communicated using a dictionary. On the day he was set to go home, they agreed to meet at the train station at 3:00. He was then re-assigned to an earlier train and had no way to tell her. Decades later, when they were reunited, he learned that she hadn't come anyway because she was scared to leave her country. However, she found him online and saw he was having surgery, so she came to Washington to find him and they were reunited.


He has a child who got sick. He says he drank too much after that happened.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He likes to walk and keeps track of his steps each day.
  • He and his wife went to Woodstock, but he regrets that they left when it started to rain.
  • He hates hospital rooms.
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