Beth Monroe was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital who participated in Derek and Meredith's clinical trial. She was the first patient to survive the trial.


Beth came into the hospital with an inoperable glioma to participate in Meredith and Derek's clinical trial. The tumor, which her doctors had tried to treat with chemotherapy and radiation, had already paralyzed her right side. ("Freedom, Part 1")

Because the IRB threatened to shut down the trial, Beth's surgery was pushed up and she had surgery scheduled after Jeremy's. Despite Jeremy dying, she decided to go ahead with hers. Her parents believed she just wanted to die with Jeremy, but she insisted. She survived the surgery. She took a while to wake up, but her tumor had shrunk enough that her right-side paralysis was relieved. ("Freedom, Part 2")



She was dating Jeremy West, whom she met when they were both being treated at Mayo Clinic. They went through chemo and radiation together and joined a support group for people with tumors. They also joined the tumor trial together. Before their surgeries, Beth said she didn't want to die not knowing what it felt like to love someone, so Derek and Meredith guarded the door while they had sex. When Jeremy died in his surgery, Beth was devastated. ("Freedom, Part 1")


Her parents are very protective of her. They didn't want her dating Jeremy because they didn't want her getting attached to someone who might die. ("Freedom, Part 1")


She and Jeremy knew a woman, Carrie, from their support group who had died. ("Freedom, Part 1")

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