Beth Whitman is the ex-fiancée of Owen Hunt.


Father's IllnessEdit

Beth came to the hospital with her father after he passed out while they were having dinner. She was worried, but he insisted that it was nothing. He sent her back to school, but she came back later, saying she wasn't doing anyone any good at school. She was shocked to see Owen at the hospital, as she believed he was still in Iraq.

Her father had to have surgery and afterward, Beth was told he'd be awake in a few hours. Owen also told her that he had colorectal cancer, a fact her father had hidden from her to protect her from the pain. ("Before and After")


Beth is sweet and innocent and has a mild temperament. She is seen as highly emotional and somewhat clingy, requiring her loved ones to be close to her at all times. Despite having been dumped by Owen via e-mail, she was pleased to see him and glad to see that he was alive.

According to Teddy, she lacks ambition, having been ready to quit her job and devote herself to family as soon as she and Owen got married. ("I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked")



She was engaged to Owen Hunt, but was dumped by him in a two-line email some time after he left for Iraq. She remained unaware of his return until she ran into him at the hospital. At first, she was glad to see him, but it soon became clear that the army had changed him, making him a totally different man in her eyes. ("Before and After")


Her father came to the hospital dying. She was unaware that he had cancer. Her father justified not telling her by saying that her mother died when she was little and that's enough sadness for her whole life. ("Before and After")


Beth teaches second grade. She is a dedicated teacher who cares deeply about her students, worrying herself sick if one of them gets the sniffles.  ("Before and After")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She stayed in touch with Owen's mother even after he broke up with her.[1]
  • According to her, she used to pray on her knees for Owen every night when he was in Iraq.[2]
  • She used to call Owen in tears when there was a spider in her apartment, a fact that became a joke between Owen and Michael that they couldn't be out of town at the same time in case she found a bug.[3]