Bethany Tanner is the mother of Jessica Tanner.


After finding out that her daughter was dating another girl, Bethany planned to send her away to a gay conversion camp. Jessica and her girlfriend, Aliyah decided that they wanted to be together dead or alive, so they attempted suicide by train. They both survived the impact and were taken to the hospital for treatment.

When Dakhir Hamed, Aliyah's father, arrived at the hospital, he overheard that the Tanners' daughter had also been in the train accident and introduced himself. Bethany knew who he was and demanded that he keep his daughter away from hers.

After Callie heard that Jessica was going to be sent to a gay conversion camp, she confronted Bethany, saying those camps don't work and they're damaging to the people who are sent there. Bethany refused to back down and said that Callie's only job was to treat Jessica.

Callie then called Child Protective Services on the family. When Bethany found out, she confronted the doctors, specifically Maggie, who eventually punched her. She was okay after being punched, but was angry and indicated her intent to sue.

After Jessica's surgery, Maggie went to apologize to Bethany and Steven said they were planning to have Jessica taken directly from the hospital to the camp. Bethany saw her out in the hallway and came out angry, again expressing her intent to sue. Steven then interrupted, saying that no one would be suing and Jessica was not going to the camp. He said that he doesn't care if Jessica is gay. He only cares if she's happy. If Bethany tried to send her away, he'd leave and take Jessica with him. Just then, Jessica was returned to her room and heard what her father said, which made her smile.



She is married to Steven Tanner. They disagreed about the decision to send their daughter to a gay conversion camp, but Steven didn't speak up and try to stop her until after Jessica attempted suicide and nearly died. He threatened to leave her if she tried to send Jessica away.


She has a daughter, Jessica. Upon finding out that Jessica was dating another girl, Bethany planned to send her away to a gay conversion camp. She only relented when her husband threatened to leave and take Jessica with him.


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