Betty Johnson came into the hospital after being in a car accident with her family.


While in town for their daughter, Melanie's, baby shower, Betty was in a car with her husband, Jim, when Marshall Stone fell asleep at the wheel and hit them, causing them to hit the car in front of them, which held Melanie and her husband, Noah. In the ER, Betty said she had pain in her leg and arm.

Alex went to examine her, but she said she wasn't wearing any panties, so she asked for a female doctor. Her scans were clear, so she was quickly discharged.

Melanie had much more serious injuries, her parents waited at the hospital while they took her into surgery. They later informed that Melanie's injuries were catastrophic. Betty and Jim waited with Noah in his room while the doctors took her into surgery. After she reached the triangle of death, they moved her to the ICU, where she stayed until they were ready to take her back into surgery. Unfortunately, she died during the second surgery and her baby had to be delivered. After some initial trouble breathing, the baby was stable in the NICU and Noah sat next to the incubator.



She is married to Jim Johnson. They had one daughter together, Melanie.


Betty was very close to her daughter, Melanie, saying that Melanie asked her advice on everything.

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