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We assume the really serious changes in our life happen slowly, over time. But it's not true. The big stuff happens in an instant. Becoming an adult. Becoming a parent. Becoming a doctor. One minute, you're not, and the next... you are. Ask any doctor, and they can point to the one moment they become a physician. It usually isn't med school graduation day. Whatever it is... nobody forgets it. Sometimes you don't even know anything's changed. You think you're still you and your life is still your life... but you wake up one day and you look around and you don't reognize anything. Not anything at all. You never forget the moment that you become a doctor. A switch flips. Suddenly, you're not playing dress-up anymore. You own the white coat. What you may not notice is the moment that being a doctor... changes you.

Blink is the eleventh episode and mid-season premiere of the sixth season and the 113th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

Mark flies Addison to Seattle to help with a difficult procedure on his pregnant daughter, Sloan, Owen questions Teddy's motives when she assigns Cristina the lead on a complicated surgery, and Derek's suspicions are raised when the Chief recruits Meredith to assist with a high profile operation.

Full Summary[]

While Meredith's voice over talks about big changes happening in an instant, she and Richard are in a conference room watching old surgical videos. While he gives explanations, she takes notes.

Derek wakes up to Meredith being ready to leave. She wants to get some stuff done now so she can have the afternoon off to watch another surgical tape with Richard. Derek finds it odd that they've been doing that every night this week, and he thought last night was the last time. Meredith says he couldn't make it, but Derek saw him sleeping on his couch. Meredith suggests that Richard might not be sleeping well at home with Adele gone, but Derek doesn't buy it.

Mark watches Lexie as she wakes up. He needs her to give Sloan an ultrasound today. As she goes to sit on top of him, he explains he wants her to do it as Sloan knows and likes her. Sloan comes in to ask if there's any more cereal, but leaves in disgust as she sees what they were up to. Mark pushes Lexie off of him and walks after her. He puts on some pants and apologizes, promising to get cereal in the afternoon. Lexie thinks he shouldn't apologize as she's the one who came in without knocking. He informs her about the ultrasound and gives her some money to get breakfast, but she asks for more. Lexie wants to go take a shower, but Sloan asks her to wait as she's probably gonna have to hurl after drinking her juice.

Lexie walks into Callie and Cristina's apartment to shower. Cristina understands Sloan is monopolizing the bathroom again, but Owen is in hers. Lexie walks into Callie's bathroom, but finds Arizona and Callie naked and kissing in the shower. Lexie walks back into the living room and complains about Sloan to Cristina, who just thinks she sounds like her mother. Callie and Arizona come in too, telling her to knock first. Lexie goes to shower, but there's no more hot water.

Teddy interrupts Meredith and Cristina's talk to inform Cristina that she can do a solo valve replacement today. Cristina is extremely happy, telling Owen she feels like a cardiothoracic surgeon as of right now. She leaves to go prep. Owen and Teddy politely smile at each other, but they're obviously still feeling awkward.

Lexie is giving Sloan the ultrasound while they bicker over money. Sloan asks about the sex, but Lexie finds something's off with the baby. She utters she's new at this and proposes to go upstairs to use better machines.

Reed, Alex, Meredith, Bailey, Derek, and Callie go to the ambulance bay to wait for Tom Kates, a famous quarterback, meaning no one is allowed to take pictures. They're all on the case because it's a high profile case. As the paramedics take Tom out of the ambulance, they update the doctors on his status and the cause of injury.

As the doctors examine Tom and order tests, his wife Jessie comes in with their son. She immediately knew it was a bad hit. Derek, who seems to be familiar with Tom and Jessie, explains she can't be in here with a baby. Bailey promises to find them once they know what's going on. Tom high fives his kid and Jessie tells him she loves him before she walks out. 

Outside the OB exam room, Mark heard from Sloan that Lexie didn't even want to be in the same room with her. That's not the case, she says. He has to chaperone the ultrasound because there's something wrong with the baby.

Elizabeth Chen and Lexie discuss what they see on the ultrasound. Sloan finds out it's a boy due to their talking. Mark explains the baby's got strands of amniotic tissue wrapped around his legs, creating the danger of his limbs being compromised. Elizabeth says a leg falling off is the worst-case scenario. As Sloan panics, Mark calmly says they don't know what they're dealing with yet, but they're gonna take care of it. Mark takes over from Elizabeth and throws her off the case. He promises Sloan to be right back and walks out of the room. He takes his phone and asks to get Addison Montgomery on the line.

As Addison gets off the elevator, Mark welcomes her. He updates her on the case. She says "Grandpa" a few times, unable to wrap her head around the fact that he's becoming a grandparent.

Owen, Bailey, Callie, and Derek are watching a video of Tom's accident. As Callie confesses being a big fan of Tom's, Addison and Mark come over. They all happily greet Addison. Mark takes off to see if Sloan's ready as Bailey gets mean with an intern bringing her Tom's blood test results. Addison notices that and Callie explains it's because of the divorce. All Bailey needs is someone to move on to and be happy with. Addison suggests Derek find her someone, like Dave from oncology, as she knows that Bailey is really lonely. Bailey comes back and goes over the results with Derek. Mark comes back; Sloan is all set. Addison and Callie follow him as Derek brings up Dave. However, Bailey flat out tells him it's a bad idea to start a conversation about her personal life.

Teddy and Cristina walk into Ruthie's room. She's the patient Cristina will be operating on. Ruthie goes over all of her allergies with Cristina, because she figured it's not enough to have it just written in your chart. She also would like a new nurse, because she suspects her nurse just gave her back her old pillow with a new case when she asked for a new pillow. Also, she heard the mechanical valve makes a clicking noise and she's afraid it's gonna make her go nuts. She thinks the pig valve is a better idea, even though it's a whole different procedure. As Ruthie starts complaining about the smell of her blanket, Teddy leaves Cristina alone.

Arizona and Addison present Sloan's options. They can do a risky operation to remove the bands now, or they can wait and rehabilitate the remaining part of his leg after he's born and then they can fit him for a prosthesis, making it entirely possible for him to walk. In order to make her decision, Sloan asks which one of them Mark slept with. Arizona says it's not her. Mark explains to Addison that he told Sloan when he was bonding with his daughter. Sloan wants to make sure Addison is not really pissed at Mark and now seeking revenge. Addison says she's not. It's been a long time since they slept together. She promises to take good care of the baby, which makes Sloan decide for the surgery now.

Reed walks up to Alex. Her quarterback's only got a concussion. Alex is on ortho, which most likely will result in surgery. She asks him to let her in on it because she thinks he likes her. Not that much, he says. She promises to take him out for drinks afterward and "you know" if he lets her scrub in. She gives him a seducing smile. Not willing to say no to sex, he agrees. As he walks off, Charles comes over to ask what "you know" means. She tells him to get over it, as she's just messing with Alex. Meredith overhears them talking. Charles says that Alex is gonna want to collect at the end of the night, but she tells him to find something else to worry about. Reed then sees Meredith is staring at her intensely from across the room. 

Derek introduces Bailey to Rob Stanton from the radiology department so they can talk about Tom's scans. Since Rob is also new here, Derek thought she might be willing to give him a tour of the hospital as they go over the scans. Bailey takes Derek aside and asks him what he's doing. He knows that spending Christmas with him and Meredith can't be what she wants. That's true, but she has patients to follow up on. He'll take care of that so that she can talk to Rob. As she asks Rob for the scans, he proposes to look at them over lunch. Bailey gives him a speech about her divorce, her incontinent son, and the reason people call her the Nazi. Having lost all interest, he quickly shows her the scans.

Derek meets Bailey's patient, Sheldon Morris, who's the man that Richard made a serious mistake on. Derek is surprised to see that he's still getting follow-ups months after his gallbladder was removed. Sheldon thinks it's all part of the health care system, but Derek sees that Richard operated on him and immediately figures out something bigger's going on. Sheldon tells him that Bailey was worried when he turned yellow after surgery, and even has pictures of it, which he shows to Derek. 

Cristina tells Teddy that Ruthie wants a pig valve now, which is a completely different procedure. Teddy says she couldn't give her a total dream case and tells her to think about how much she's learning when she practices for the pig valve. Cristina runs off to do so.

Derek tells Tom that he only has a concussion. However, his spleen is bleeding, so they need to go in and remove it. The surgery will put him out of the game for a couple of weeks, but he'll be perfectly ready to play next season. Tom is suddenly unable to breathe upon hearing that. 

As he holds the oxygen mask to Tom's mouth, Derek asks Alex to order an EKG. He also wants to know if Tom's had a panic attack before. Tom says he's fine. Jessie and her son come in. Tom informs her of his status. She tells him not to worry; next season will be there before he knows it. 

Meredith asks Alex what the deal is between him and Reed. She thinks it's gross if he's trading sex for surgery. He says he'll sleep with Reed if he wants to. Meredith reminds him that he's still married and that Izzie is coming back, but he's done worrying about Izzie, cause she sure as hell ain't worrying about him. Meredith recognizes the old Alex in sleeping with someone random because he's angry and hurt. He says that's what Meredith used to do, but she says they grew up and got married. He says their post-it marriage is ten times better than his own marriage. He's moving on.

Derek meets with Bailey and starts asking her delicate questions about Sheldon Morris. In order to cover up for the Chief, she blurts out that she's got a thing for Sheldon. She can't explain it, but she's drawn to him. He's not really buying it and offers her the photo of a yellow Sheldon.

Ruthie watched her sister eat pork chops, and she didn't feel any kinship with the pig. Now she's doubting if the pig valve is the right option. She thinks she may feel the kinship with a bovine valve, which is yet another completely different procedure. Ruthie wants to see the pig and bovine valves, thinking she may recognize which one is more familiar. Cristina says they don't that, but when Ruthie brings up canceling the whole thing, she decides to try. As Cristina walks off, Ruthie tells Teddy that Cristina is great.

Derek asks Richard to perform Tom Kates' splenectomy. Richard says Bailey has taken over his service since the merger, but Derek wants him to make an exception because he's a high profile patient. Richard agrees unhappily.

While Meredith is busy on her phone, Cristina asks a doctor to check if there are extra valves lying around that cannot be used for surgery. Cristina talks about Ruthie's case to Meredith while the doctor goes looking. Meredith understands that Ruthie thinks that making the decision is a gut thing. Meredith leaves Izzie a voice mail message to inform her that it's not the time to need space because Alex might be moving on. Cristina yells that she's throwing her career away before Meredith can hang up. The doctor comes back with two jars, each containing a different type of valve.

Lexie and Addison are operating on Sloan with Mark watching them. One of the band keeps the leg in place, making it difficult for Addison to get around. Addison then finds that the uterine arteries are engorged, and the only way is in between them. Addison needs to be very careful because they both could bleed out if she knicks them. Addison is 95% confident that she can do it, but Mark starts panicking and commands her to shut down the surgery.

Derek walks into Tom's OR, where Meredith and Bailey are getting gowned and gloved. Richard said he didn't have time, so he asked Bailey to do it. Meredith says he mentioned a budget meeting. Derek silently asks Bailey what's going on, because he knows that ever since his mistake on Sheldon Morris, the Chief hasn't touched a patient. He doesn't buy the merger story, but Bailey says it's not her job to interfere with his personal life, just like it's not Derek's job to interfere in hers. Derek angrily leaves the OR as Bailey and Meredith start operating.

Mark apologizes to Addison for the judgment call he made. She's angry because she came all the way up to Seattle because he requested her judgment and these things are not his call to make in her OR. He acted like a father, which means that for some reason, he did became a parent to the daughter he never met. Mark just lost it in her OR, and Mark Sloan never loses it in the OR. It was risky, but she is not like most surgeons and neither is he. She says they can try this again with him in the waiting room. He still thinks it's too risky. She has patients at home to get back too but congratulates him on having become a parent before she leaves.

Ruthie is staring at the valves. Neither one is speaking to her. Cristina says it's her decision. She needs to use her instinct to make it. Pig or cow? She keeps on repeating that question until Ruthie decides to go with the pig valve.

Derek tells Tom the procedure went great, which means he'll be back on his feet in no time. Derek sees Tom is not happy and figures out he's scared to play. He thought he was done playing, but when Derek said he'd be back in the game next season, he panicked. Tom opens up, saying he used to be able to block out the fear until his kid was born. Now he feels when his heart starts racing, and he can't catch his breath. He knows guys who play for their entire careers and they got hit so many times that they barely remember their own names. He's scared all the time that his son will grow up without a dad. Derek says it's a natural paternal reaction and suggests Tom retire, but Tom can't do that only 2 years into a pro career. He knows he's only a dumb jock, but one the entire city roots for. He doesn't want to let them down and he refuses to complain because there are people in way worse situations than his.

While Cristina operates, Teddy reads a magazine.

In the gallery, Alex tells Reed that she gets to scrub in, which means that she can book an on-call room for sex. She asks what happened to drinks first, but he thinks that's just a waste of time. Meredith interferes and tells Reed that Alex is married to Izzie, who's coming back. She wants everyone to know that Alex is still married, but Reed tells her to shut up and watch Cristina tank her valve.

Down in the OR, Cristina has difficulty locating serious bleeding. Altman doesn't do anything and calmly tells Cristina to keep looking.

Derek shows Callie a scan of Tom's knee. It looks bad, but he must be able to play through the pain because he's done it for years. Derek suggests an immediate knee replacement because Tom needs to stop right now. He doesn't want Tom to know that this was his idea.

Ruthie is losing a lot of blood. She could do a suture or a clamp, but she doesn't know which one to choose. Teddy refuses to help. 

Owen enters the gallery as everyone wonders why Teddy isn't helping. Karev says that Yang is killing her patient.

Owen enters the OR and asks Teddy what she's doing. She's teaching and Cristina is learning. Owen suggests they do that without letting the patient die, but Teddy is confident Cristina will be able to save the patient. Owen suspects it's for personal reasons and starts lecturing Teddy, but Cristina yells that he's blowing her concentration so he needs to go. Pig or cow, Cristina asks herself. She decides to go with a clamp and resumes the operation.

Derek tells Tom that he and Callie think his knee needs replacing. That's been true since college, Tom says. Callie sides with Derek and says that if he doesn't get the knee replacement, he may lose the ability to walk. Tom realizes that a knee replacement will take him out of the game forever. Exactly, Derek says. Callie doesn't seem too happy about that.

Richard and Meredith are watching a surgical tape again of her mother. It's the operation that made him realize that Ellis was an extraordinary surgeon. Meredith mentions that Derek was worried when he didn't show for the Tom Kates surgery. Richard says that makes Derek a good guy, but he immediately goes back to talking about the tape.

While Lexie is charting, Mark explains to Sloan why they stopped the surgery. Sloan needs the bands removed because her kid has no father and a stupid slutty mom. She's already hurt him enough by giving him her as a mother, so he needs feet. She can't handle it otherwise. She's doing this all alone. Mark says she's not stupid, nor slutty. The Sloans are passionate people. She dragged herself across the country to get help for the kid. That's being a mom, and he's not gonna let anything happen to her or her baby. Lexie tells them to go to L.A. to let Addison do the surgery. They hug and Mark asks Sloan to stay after the baby's born, so they can raise the baby together. They don't know anything about being parents, so they can all figure it out together. She happily accepts, but Lexie clearly feels otherwise.

Callie is in the OR with Alex and Reed, operating on Tom's knee. Reed doesn't get to do anything. Callie notes that they all complain about not getting to operate enough, but there will come a point where they are surgeons and then one day, they'll realize there's more in the world than cutting. Tom Kates' career is ending. That's what's happening in this room, so she wants them to focus on that. She can't believe she's doing this, but Derek, who's observing, tells her that Tom's been out of the game since a long time ago.

Teddy and Owen are sitting down. Teddy tells Owen she would've stepped in if necessary, but Cristina needs to be pushed. Owen knows that. He wants to hear from her that nothing else was going on in that room. Teddy doesn't know what to say.

Before entering the on-call room, Reed tells Alex that that was hardly an assist, but he expects her to pay up anyway. She says there may have been a little misunderstanding about what "you know" means. He doesn't trade surgery for sex. If she wants sex, she has to ask for it. If she wants surgery, she needs to kiss an attending's ass. Charles comes running over and says they should be ashamed of themselves. Reed tells him to go to hell and she and Alex separate, leaving Charles to wonder why he's the bad guy. 

Mark acknowledges that he should've asked Lexie first, but he was sure it was the right thing to do because of Lexie. Since her, he knows for the first time in his life what the right thing is. Lexie says that he became a father today, and Sloan, against all odds, became a mom. But she didn't. She was barely ready to move in with him, never mind his daughter and a grandbaby. He says it's what you do for family. She understands why he's doing it, but she doesn't understand why she's doing it. He thinks that's rather selfish, but she says he doesn't get to unilaterally decide to let Sloan and her baby move into their house. Mark says Sloan needs them. This is a chance for him to make things right. He asks Lexie not to make him choose between her and Sloan, because he'd choose Sloan. Lexie says that their relationship just ended and kisses him a last time before leaving. 

While Meredith is getting ready to go home, Derek joins her in the dressing room. He knows something is going on with the Chief. He thinks he's scared to operate and asks Meredith if that is possible. Meredith stays silent, so he asks if she doesn't know or if she's not gonna tell him. 

Owen finds Cristina, who enthusiastically starts talking about the surgery. She knows he comes bearing bad news, but she doesn't want to hear it because for the first time in a very long time, she's felt alive, holding the heart. "She's leaving Seattle," Owen says about Teddy. A shocked Cristina turns around and walks off.

Meredith says there's nothing with the Chief, but he wants her to look him in the eye as she says it. 

Alex carries his stuff back into his old room, only to find a drunk Lexie lying on his bed and her stuff next to it. She's moving in. He's sick of living in the trailer and tells her to go live in Izzie's old room, but she tells him to go there as she's his wife. He sits down next to Lexie.

Meredith assures Derek she's not lying. She has relationships that don't involve him, but Derek doesn't buy it.

Lexie says she's too young to be a grandmother. She's supposed to be working like a dog and do stupid stuff like people of her own age do. Alex says he knows something stupid she can do. They move closer to each other and start kissing.

Meredith says she keeps telling herself there's no problem, but if there's no problem, why can't she just say it? 

Cristina runs through the hospital, catching up with Teddy at the exit. She stops her and asks her what she needs in order to stay, because she'll go talk to the Chief to get whatever she wants. It's not about that, Teddy says. Cristina says Teddy believes in her more than she does herself and she needs that. She's gonna die here without that. She just has to tell Cristina what she wants and Cristina will make it happen. "I want Owen," Teddy blurts out. "Fine! Done! Take him!",  Cristina replies in the heat of the moment. They both look at each other, shocked over what just happened.

"He's drinking again," Meredith finally tells Derek.


Main Cast[]

Special Guest Star[]

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Medical Notes[]

Sloan Riley[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • Amniotic bands
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Mark asked Lexie to give Sloan an ultrasound at 22 weeks gestation. On the ultrasound, she saw amniotic bands around both of the baby's legs. Mark had her run a fetal MRI and called Addison to Seattle. Addison had a plan to operate and Sloan agreed to have the surgery. Addison cut the first band easily, but she had difficulty with the second. Her uterine arteries were engorged, but the only way to get the band was to go between them. Addison was confident that she could do it, but Mark told her to stop, so she did. She said she'd have Morrison monitor the bands as the baby grew. However, Sloan woke up after the surgery and wanted to try again, so Mark said he'd take her to LA so Addison could operate again.

Ruthie Carlin[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Porcine valve replacement

Ruthie was in the hospital to get a mechanical valve replacement. However, she thought she might get a porcine valve instead. She then thought a bovine valve might be the better choice. She asked to see the valve to make her decision. She hesitated, but when Cristina pushed her, she chose porcine. Despite some bleeding, Cristina successfully replaced Ms. Carlin's valve.

Tom Kates[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Concussion
    • Knee injury
    • Splenic laceration
    • Panic attacks
  • Treatment:
    • Blood transfusion
    • Splenectomy
    • Knee replacement
    • Unicondylar repair

Tom came into the ER after being injured while playing football. He had head trauma from being hit hard and his left knee was injured. He also had a splenic laceration that was bleeding so much that he required a blood transfusion. His head injury was just a concussion, but the splenic laceration required a splenectomy. When he was told about that, he had a panic attack. He later confessed that he was scared of playing because he didn't want the brain damage that comes with multiple head injuries. In order to get him out of the game early, Callie agreed to replace his knee.

Sheldon Morris[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Derek did a follow-up visit on Sheldon for Bailey. He was doing well despite the complication in his surgery.


Song Performer Scene
"Play" Correatown
  • Meredith and Richard watch old surgical footage.
  • Meredith tells Derek she's going into work early so she has time to work with Richard.
  • Mark asks Lexie to give Sloan an ultrasound.
  • Sloan walks in on them kissing and is disgusted.
"Breaking News" Jack Savoretti
  • Cristina makes a decision in surgery.
  • Callie and Derek suggest a plan to Tom that'll take him out of the game.
  • Richard and Meredith watch old footage of Ellis operating.
  • Mark updates Sloan on her baby.
  • Lexie tells Mark to take Sloan to LA and let Addison operate.
  • Mark asks Sloan to move in with them permanently.
"Hawthorne to Hennepin" Clint Michigan
  • Alex talks to Reed. Charles interrupts.
  • Mark and Lexie argue about Sloan moving in.
  • They end their relationship.
"Cosmic Love" Florence + The Machine
  • Derek asks Meredith about Richard.
  • Cristina excitedly tells Owen about her surgery.
  • Owen tells Cristina that Teddy is leaving.
  • Derek tries to get Meredith to tell him the truth.
  • Alex and Lexie fight over a room at Meredith's.
  • Alex and Lexie start having sex.
  • Cristina races to stop Teddy from leaving, even agreeing to give her Owen.
  • Meredith tells Derek that Richard is drinking again.

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy 6x11

  • This episode's title originated from the song Blink, originally sung by Moloko.
  • This episode scored 12.78 million viewers.
  • This is the first part of a Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Crossover that ends with the Private Practice's episode Another Second Chance.


Episode Stills[]


Owen Hunt: (asking about Cristina's surgery) How is it going?
Alex: Yang's killing her patient and Altman's reading "The Atlantic Monthly".

Sloan Riley: So which one of you did he sleep with anyways?
Arizona: Oh, not me!
Addison: You told her?
Mark: She's my kid. We were bonding.
Addison: That is not how you bond with children!
Mark: I'm still getting the hang of it.
Sloan: So you're sure he didn't like knock you up and leave you with a child to raise on your own or something?
Addison: Wha–?
Sloan: You're not just like really pissed and trying to get revenge, right?
Addison: No. No. It was a long time ago, okay? The fact is, Mark, your father, is a good guy and I think you're a good kid and I'm going to do everything I can to help you with your baby.

Mark: I made a judgment call, you didn't like it. I'm sorry.
Addison: You threw me on a plane in the middle of my morning coffee because you wanted my judgment.
Mark: It was risky.
Addison: That is not your call to make in my O.R.! You acted like a father. Why do you think they don't let parents in the room during an operation?
Mark: I'm not her father, Addison. Biologically, yes, but … I just met the kid. I'm helping out.
Addison: You reacted like a parent. Now, I don't know when, and I don't know how, but at some point you became a dad to that little urchin because you just lost it in my O.R. and Mark Sloan never loses it in the OR, not ever.

Mark: I should've asked you first, but I was so excited, and I was so sure it was the right thing. And you know why? 'Cause of you. Since you, I know for the first time in my life what the right thing is.
Lexie: I'm happy for you. I really am. Something happened to you today. You became a dad. A real one. And Sloan, against all odds, became a mom. But I didn't. I was barely ready to move in with you, never mind your daughter and a grandbaby. I... I just... I don't want this.
Mark: You wanted to give your liver to your dad. This is what you do for family, right?
Lexie: I understand why you're doing it. I just don't understand why I'm doing it.
Mark: I think you're doing it for me.
Lexie: Don't make me out to be the selfish one. You don't get to unilaterally decide to let a teenager and her infant move into our house.
Mark: We'll get a bigger place. She needs us. Lexie, I thought I missed this. This is a chance for me. Don't make me choose between you and her.
Lexie: Why? 'Cause you'll choose her?
Mark: Yeah. I'll choose her.
Lexie: I think our relationship just ended. (she kisses him goodbye)

Bailey: You wanna show me the scan?
Tom: Uh, how about we look at it over lunch?
Bailey: I'm in the middle of a divorce. People call me the Nazi, and it's not because of my ice blue eyes. I spend 12 hours a day carving people up, and I like it. I have a child and I have no room for casual anything. I'm angry all the time. And deeply confused because a lot of people in my life have let me down recently, one of them was me. It's devastating, but not completely because it turns out I like sleeping crosswise in the bed and not having to shave my legs. My 3-year-old used to be potty trained, and now he isn't because his father no longer lives with us and his world no longer makes sense, and the only thing he thinks he can control is his bladder. So he urinates, in a lot of places you wish he wouldn't urinate. ... You want lunch or you want to show me the scan?

Sloan Riley: Hey, um do you have any cash? I lost the headset to my phone.
Lexie: How about you hold the phone up to your ear?
Sloan Riley: You were the one who was bitching at me last night for being on the phone so late. Maybe if I had a headset, I wouldn't have to talk so loud.
Lexie: Maybe if you had your own apartment, you could talk whenever you want, but we're all making compromises.

Sloan Riley: I can't have a gimpy kid.
Mark: Honey, I know I haven't been your father for long, but you say "gimp" one more time, I'm gonna smack you.

Alex: What're you doing in here?
Lexie: (laying on the bed, holding a bottle of booze) Moving in.
Alex: No, no, no. I'm sick of living in a damn trailer. Go live in Izzie's old room.
Lexie: You go. She's your wife.
Alex: I thought you were shacking up with what's-his-face. (sits down on the bed, and takes the bottle from her, and drinks it)
Lexie: I'm not. I'm too young to be a grandmother. (laughs) I'm just supposed to be working like a dog and then come home and do stupid things, like bungee jumping. And Jell-O shots. I don't even know what people my own age do anymore.
Alex: I know something stupid you can do. (he and Lexie kiss)

Cristina: Did you see that? I mean, I'm holding a heart. I feel it almost starting to fibrillate in my hand! I mean, piss-poor aortic tissue, possibly irreparable, and then bam! Sutures hold and it comes back. I mean, please, I don't wanna see the face. I... I don't wanna hear what you have to say, I… I was fine. I was on fire! I was learning! I felt alive for the first time, in I don't know how long, Owen. It was like I had air in my lungs.
Owen: She's leaving Seattle. It's just not gonna work for her.
(Cristina stares at him in shock)

Cristina: Dr. Altman, wait, wait. What do you want? More money? 'Cause I'll talk to the Chief.
Teddy: No.
Cristina: You know, they can set up a new cardio unit with a-- a research lab, or you could work with vets.
Teddy: It isn't about that.
Cristina: Wait, wait, wait. No one's ever believed in me like this. You believe in me more than I do. And I need that. I'm gonna die here without that.
Teddy: (talking over her) Cristina, it's more complicated than that.
Cristina: (trying to talk over Teddy) Tell me what you want and I will make it happen…
Teddy: I want Owen!
Cristina: Fine! Done! Take him!

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