• Dweiner

    Sofia Grows Up

    May 29, 2019 by Dweiner

    Sofia Arizona and Callie were at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Suddenly Sofia runs to the bathroom. In the stall, she sees the blood and cries. Arizona and Callie go check on her and see her crying. They ask what's wrong and Sofia shows them the blood stain. Arizina tells her that she got her period and that if she has any questions to come to her or Callie.

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  • Greyslover4826

    I have a theory that Derek could still be alive. So he worked for the government and was going to quit his job, and the government wasn't to happy about that so they had staged his death.  I know this sounds far fetched but I think it would be a good chance to bring Derek back which would make a lot of Grey's fans happy. I also think that tis could lead to a spin off about the government but that might sound stupid.  let me know if you agree with this thoery or if it is to far fetched.

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    Contributions licensed as CC-BY-SA. More details.

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  • Alysaivory

    About me

    November 27, 2018 by Alysaivory

    My dad died when I was five while I was in school, My mom choose a guy over me, so I am currently living with my older sister Ashley which is 26 years old the same age as my brother-in-law.

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  • Iralisa

    Grey's Anatomy might come to an end after season 16 according to popular beliefs. But haven't we all ventured on the thoughts of an epic series finale? What could it be? Which chracters would be present?

    A new theory suggests that the finale could be all about Meredith waking up from an induced coma and realizing all her friends and family are still alive and her dreams about them dying was just her body's way of repairing itself. Sound interesting? I think so!

    I on the other hand believe it should bring back all its characters, dead or gone and have them all wear fancy clothes and sing and dance with their loved ones! Sorta like a musical like song beneath the song! And Callie should throw down some epic tunes!

    Orrr it could be that Meredith…

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  • LetticeRosé


    May 17, 2018 by LetticeRosé

    Event name

    My favourite greys episode is.... George’s death, sad but amazing acting.

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  • Tooniee

    Hello everyone!

    In parallel with our favorite surgeons competing in a contest, Nerdfightergirl and I decided to host a little Episode Competition to bridge the gap during the Winter Olympics!

    To keep things a little simple, we agreed to only include the episodes up to the mid-season finale in season 14. Ideally, those are the first 300 episodes but damn She's Leaving Home and how it complicates things, so Out of Nowhere is also in the running. :)

    The 300 (or 301) episodes have been divided in 60 groups containing 5 episodes each (using the Random Page function of the wiki so it took a while...). Every other day, I will post a new sub-round of 6 groups on this blog post according to the following schedule:

    • February 9: Round 1A - Groups 1 to 6
    • Fe…
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  • MarIlyn563

    First blog!!!

    I'm on #TeamMerthan all the way. Fuck #TeamNegan 

    I thought Meredith was never ever going to find another true love after Derek, but there is and that is Nathan. In the season finale, she was going to have dinner with him and her kids. That's a very big step in their relationship. Megan better not ruin their relationship. I believe Nathan will choose Meredith. He cheated on Megan 10 years ago. That's why she got on that helicopter and got lost for all those years.  She hopefully won't forgive him. Or when Nathan goes to see Megan, Owen doesn't let him go to her and they get in a fight.    

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  • Billyisdank


    February 20, 2017 by Billyisdank

    i made my first blog post

    im so proud of myself yayyyy!

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • Rebecka14802

    Grey's Anatomy Survey

    October 16, 2016 by Rebecka14802

    Grey's Anatomy viewers: Please take this short survey!!

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  • Chad.keel

    Sara Ramirez

    July 28, 2016 by Chad.keel

    ACTOR NAME played CHARACTER NAME in the season thirteen Grey's Anatomy episode 13.01.

    • movie (year)

    • program (year)

    • [ IMDb]
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  • Witnessme
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  • Greysfordays

    Meredith and Derek - MerDer, DerMer  George and Izzie - Gizzie, O'Stevens Callie and Erica - Callica, EriCal Mark and Lexie - Slexie, Sexie, Slexipedia, McSexie Owen and Cristina - Huntina, Crowen, Owina Izzie and Alex - Lexzie, Izzex, Azzie Derek and Addison - Addek Alex and Addison - Addex Mark and Addison - Maddison Callie and Arizona - Calizona Denny and Izzie - Dizzie Lexie and Alex - Alexie Lexie and George - Gexie Callie and George - O'Callie Burke and Cristina - Burkina, Bang Callie and Mark - Mallie Mark and Izzie - McStizzie, Mizzie

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  • Asnow89
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  • GreysMedSurgFan

    Catherine Avery

    November 2, 2015 by GreysMedSurgFan

    You know who really grinds my gears? Catherine Avery. Sure she's super smart, but she's a bossy, controlling, hypocritical, know-it-all, who rarely has redeemable moments. She was proven wrong time and time again, and I'm so happy Richard stands up to her.

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  • Tooniee

    Wikia Background

    December 21, 2014 by Tooniee

    Hi everyone!

    Recent changes on other wikis I frequently visit have inspired me to change our lay-out a little. That's why I have created two new backgrounds that I think go really well with the time of year (colder blue colors instead of the weird green and yellow tones previously used). One of the backgrounds has been installed already because I can't see what it looks like without installing it (the preview mode in the theme designer doesn't allow me to do that). However, there are two different options and I would like to hear which one you like best.

    I personally like the second best. 

    I'd understand if none of these backgrounds please you. I choose to go with Meredith because she's featured on this season's poster and I felt it looked ni…

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  • Stephanielynnray


    November 2, 2014 by Stephanielynnray

    Meredith Grey and Maggie Pierce have set the scene for an epic family feud. How do you think this will end? It annoys me a little that Dr. Webber hasn't stepped up and at least talked to Maggie about the family connection. He makes no secret about his affection for her. I have a feeling the reveal is coming soon. I really want Meredith to go all detective on her and reveal it in dramatic fashion. This situation makes me miss Cristina and her ice queen style. 

    Give me your predicitions! 

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  • Mahika


    March 14, 2014 by Mahika

    Hi there!

    I've joined this Wiki yesterday and I'm really curious to explore this place. If anyone could just give me any suggestions on how I can improve my editing, I'd be really delighted. 

    Thank you for your concern,


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  • Tooniee

    Hello everyone!

    I just created this blog post to let you know that from now on, you can share pages on your social media pages! 

    Next to the page title, there are buttons to share on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Use them, and promote the wiki! ;)

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  • Dabrain930


    November 27, 2013 by Dabrain930

    GAH! So I was trying to the Fellow badge (i.e. contribute for 60 days) and it reset! I was contributing every day, I don't understand why it reset. I'm so frustrated. I checked my contribution log and I didn't miss a day. Grrrrr!!!

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  • Ilovenumberfour


    November 4, 2013 by Ilovenumberfour

    heey! could you maybe help editing my wikia? i'll help you!

    i have a friend who wrote a story (she stopped cutting herself and so for a distraction she started writing). And quess what i think its really good so if you guys could perhaps check it out and comment and stuff :)

    wattpad: author blacktimes

    title: changed

    and the wikia:


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  • Dabrain930

    10.07 part deux

    November 2, 2013 by Dabrain930

    Okay so Richard is no longer Dick in my eyes. He apologized to Meredith, he said he was wrong. Webber, you're redeemed! Don't let it happen again. Mer's your daughter, whether both of you want to admit it or not. Let's leave it at that!

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  • Dabrain930


    November 1, 2013 by Dabrain930

    So I just finished watching Halloween, and man I am LOVING #Merev. Those two are most awesomely sister and brother from another crazy mother. I like that those two have each other's back and it reminded of what Cristina said during season 9 "She's the only one who's ever given a crap about you..." so true.

    Heather Brooks shout-out! Man I miss her. Anyone else get an Izzie flashback during intern year and the Asian patients? I really wish she got into a coma or something so Tina could come back, but I mean all the best of luck to her in her new show...

    Bailey... Bailey.... Bailey.... be very careful. It's starting to a get a little Big Tuck reminiscent. Remember what he said, "Miranda Bailey I'm not one of your students so don't talk to me li…

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  • Thefuturemrs.sloan

    more stuff

    October 30, 2013 by Thefuturemrs.sloan

    just rewatched Flight for whatever reason. The reign of Post-Sexie Depression that I just got over has started again and it hurts. I didn't know that tv was supposed to do this.

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  • Thefuturemrs.sloan


    October 28, 2013 by Thefuturemrs.sloan

    The Lexie/Mark relationship is kind of like a pomegranite seed. It starts out kind of strange, then sweet yet sour-ish, then it's kind of bitter. That was weird. But true, very true.  

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  • Thefuturemrs.sloan

    Things I Believe

    October 28, 2013 by Thefuturemrs.sloan

    I believe in the good. 

    And I believe in the face of overwhelming events in the contrary, we will be okay. I believe that Denny is always with Izzie, and I believe that if I eat a tub of butter and no one sees me, the calories don't count. I believe that surgeons who prefer staples over stitches are just lazy. I believe that George should not have married Callie because Callie is meant for Arizona. I believe that even with the biggest mistakes, I will be okay. I believe we survive. I believe that believing that we survive makes us survive.

    -Izzie Stevens (with some edits by Jenny aka Thefuturemrs.sloan)

    I'm not saying that I wrote that from memory but...I wrote this from memory. I do believe that if I eat a tub of butter and no one sees me, th…

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  • Thefuturemrs.sloan

    First Post!

    October 27, 2013 by Thefuturemrs.sloan

    My name is Jenny. I love Grey's Anatomy/Private practice and my favorite characters are Mark Sloan, Addison Montgomery, and Lexie Grey. I have the biggest crush on Mark Sloan, and I think anybody else would too. I shall finish this first post with a song:

    Addison Montgomery,

    I met her in the summer she,

    was cutting up a dead bodyyyy,

    and in her eyes i saw my life,

    i knew that she would be my wife,

    for every day until eternity!!!

    Or until I'm as dead as that bodyyyyyy!

    Yes, I did that from memory, but in my own defense, I did just watch the episode in which this is sung. There is also a line which was written by Mark Sloan in which 'Gross Anatomy Class' was rhymed with Addison's fine ass'.

    I concur.

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  • Tooniee

    Appearance Templates

    October 9, 2013 by Tooniee

    Hey everyone!

    I was just going through the appearance templates, and I was bored, so I started changing some things around just to see what would happen. Now, I discovered this new look and I have to admit that I actually really like it. I think it's more clean and modern, so that's why I wanted to show. I thought that maybe if you guys like the the new ones too, we could change it.

    Now I know that we're really busy with other projects on this wiki now that season 10 has begun, but I just couldn't resist :)

    I made an exemple for Zola's appearances. Let me know what you think :)

    Grey's Anatomy, Season 7

    White Wedding · I Will Survive · Unaccompanied Minor

    Grey's Anatomy, Season 8

    Free Falling · She's Gone · Suddenly · This Magic Moment · Hope for …

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  • Dabrain930


    October 5, 2013 by Dabrain930


    MAN! Did Debbie Allen bring it or what?!
    A C E(CONT•WALL) 12:45, October 5, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Dabrain930


    October 5, 2013 by Dabrain930

    I really hope Richard isn't being a genuine dick to Meredith. He's ALWAYS considered Meredith family: the girl is practically his daughter. Hopefully he didn't mean what he said and that was just his wounded pride talking. And MAN! Even sleep-deprived Derek is STILL all McDreamy hair. I mean, seriously, is Dempsey's hair literally made out of magic?!
    A C E(CONT•WALL) 12:44, October 5, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Booger403


    September 19, 2013 by Booger403

    Hello everybody. I'm Booger403. I'm here to help on the wiki. Message me for any jobs i can do.

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  • I love dr.avery

    im a young back-up singer

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  • Flopper4

    hi there

    August 22, 2013 by Flopper4

    it is day 3 in Berlin and I didn't watch Grey's Anatomy in like 4 days :O

    so, that is hard, but Berlin is very much fun as well. and btw, every day is so full, that I don't really have got time for grey's. every day 8:00 a.m breakfast, and then program starts at 10:30 a.m. we arrive at home something like, 19:00 p.m. so it is hard but very muuch fun :)

    I will survive

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  • Flopper4


    August 18, 2013 by Flopper4


    so, I was in France last week, and what I basically did, was watching Grey´s Anatomy die hard. My parents didn´t really like it, but who cares, I mean, it is Grey´s!

    I brought my season 5 and 6 to France, because I would die without. I could've take all my DVD boxes, but I didn't have enough space :(

    well, this was my first blog yay :)

    I hope there will come more :)

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  • The Grey Josefina


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  • The Grey Josefina

    I just spent my day watching Grey's and actually turning my brother a fan of Grey's as well.. :D I'm that good. Now he can't say anything about my obsession.. Because he knows I know he likes Grey's Anatomy!

    Anyway, I watched episodes from season five, and I actually noticed Mark Sloan calling Lexie "Lassie".. Another nickname for her (or then just misunderstanding, but I don't think so) :D Small things appear out of nowhere when you re-watch the episodes (even if you are painting your nails while watching Grey's) - I actually listened more than watched.

    Yeah, but that was my today. Home (almost) alone and dancing everywhere in the house because I got new headphones, so I carry my music around :)

    Now I'm gonna go find my book and read for a w…

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  • Dabrain930

    Intro to Me

    August 1, 2013 by Dabrain930

    Hi! My name is Ace and, first and foremost, I am a HUGE NERD. I do not say that disparagingly, I say that as a matter of honor and pride.

    Second, like Shonda, I'm a huge surgical junkie: so much so that I even considered a career as a peds surgeon. This is why I know more than I should when it comes all to medicine and surgery.

    Third, I am a HUGE Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice fan. Thanks to Netflix, I can watch them constantly, and whenever making blog posts, it's my go-to tool for referencing!

    Please feel free to ask me or to debate with me. I'm very passionate about this, so please don't take my passion as disrespect. I'm all about being a team player, and if you can prove me wrong, by citing evidence from the show of course, then I w…

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  • The Grey Josefina

    Can this be possible?

    I really am so tired, that I managed to listen to 72 songs by Muse, TWICE since I came home. That's really something, and it's really much, if you take note of the fact that Muse's concert lasted two hours, and they played 26 songs with long (LONG) guitar solos etc and I think it was beautiful.

    I might watch some Grey's later, when I have eaten something. Last thing I ate was this fried bread, and I didn't even eat it all, my friend ate half. And that was about 20 hours ago (oh my gosh, is it actually that long since I last ate something that can be counted as food?). I ate an ice cream just 20minutes ago (that's not food). But I didn't need food, because I was filled with love, hate, Hysteria and Madness all night long…

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  • The Grey Josefina

    I have a theory.. I believe, that when you watch enough Grey's closely, catching even the most sincere, tiny things you would normally notice, you start seeing those tiny but sincere things in normal life. For instance, my friendships - me and one of my best friends always say "I hate those moments where I listen to you and then you listen to me, and someone cries or smiles and everything is better.." "I know, it's so cliché.." And still, everytime we see each other, we talk and then someone smiles or cries, and everything seems better for a while. I realized this today, because my friend politely interrupted my marathon of Grey's audio commentaries by calling me. And the first thing he said: "We haven't had our cliché moment for a long ti…

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  • The Grey Josefina

    So, as I told earlies, my brother got me the game for Wii - Grey's Anatomy Video Game.

    I begun playing it, and at first I was like "oh my god this is soooo boring" but eventually I realized how much fun it was to play. Ignore the graphics and different voices on the characters, the storyline is excellent - and the greatest part is: You get to make choices for the characters and play with every character on the game - not the patients, though :D

    The game itself is really simple: there's video clips with the story continuing, then it stops and you have three options (you don't get to choose from these three): choice, challenge or surgery. These three whatever-they-are-called include really simple tasks to play. You have to press "A" when the t…

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  • The Grey Josefina

    Wait, what? No, mom, I will NOT stop watching Grey's Anatomy, even if you say so. And no, I will not start reading school books - schools doesn't start in three weeks!

    I think I'm getting delusional - world doesn't love me, it didn't pick me to be healthy this week. I should be happy, right? Happy, because I'm getting more Grey time. But because of that, I'm actually lying under my blanket, all cold and feverish.. Yep, I'm delusional. I live in the City of Delusion (that's a song of Muse's by the way)

    So, here I am, lying under my three sets of warm woolly blankets and trying to heal myself with tea, chocolate and Grey's Anatomy's audio commentaries and extended episodes on DVD. I borrowed the DVD-sets from one of my best friends, seasons 2 …

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  • The Grey Josefina

    I need more time, seriously. Here where I live, our summer holiday lasts ten weeks, but somehow I realized what I can do on my holiday too late. Seven weeks have passed and I think I got my summer spirit just up, thanks to my super Grey marathon, which is over already, but I'm going through some flashbacks - not real flashbacks, but I keep returning to my favorite episodes and finding new favorite little things and nicknames and wow. Like when Mark calls Meredith "my favorite dirty mistress".

    But now I think I'm going to watch the finale of season four, then from season five I'll watch Derek have a breakdown. He's getting drunk, I hope my mom doesn't see it, because then she will start saying, yet again, that "Grey's Anatomy is no good for …

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  • The Grey Josefina

    It's hilarious to bring two (or more) episodes together just by their names. For example I brought these two: Superstition and Do You Believe in Magic .

    They're totally different episodes, one from season 2 and other from season 9. Probably the only thing they have together is a little bit of superstition over their names. When I started to compare these two, I actually had to watch them first (again :D) just to realize how funny it is!

    In Superstition, Meredith is still an intern, who gets "jujued" by Addison (who is still married to Derek). The doctors get hit by some kind of superstitious wave and they believe there is going to be many dead patients before the midnight comes.. Of course, that is just ridiculous - or is it....?

    Anyway, just…

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  • The Grey Josefina

    Usually, people write their fanfics or something similar to these Wikia Blogs. But I, on the other hand, am going to write about my super Grey marathon. Less than two weeks, and 196 episodes of Grey. Plus the specials. Crucial work on my opinion, but I did it.

    My family complains because I spend so much of my summer holiday with Grey - I named it my Grey time. For some reason..

    Also, I'm glad I got this super marathon finished, because next week I'm going to scouter's summercamp that's supposed to last for six days, but I'm leaving two days earlier with two of my friends, Mr.T and Dr.L. Us three - we are going to Muse's concert at Finland's olympic stadium.

    And all that means that I couldn't watch any Grey next week...

    BUT.. Yet again, I'm re-…

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  • AvatarAang2000

    I just rewatched George O'Malley's death. Why, Shonda Rhimes, why?!

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  • Megjfreedman

    Not really about GA but just wanted to say hi

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  • Katze17

    Hey Leute

    Hier sind nun ein paar Ankündiungen:

    Grey's Anatomy würde Gerüchte zufolge auf eine 10te Staffel verlängert. Jedoch ist dies noch nich ganz sicher somit würde ich gerne die Fragen dazu so gegen Sommer erst beantworten bis dahin möchte ich einfach nichts mehr davon hören.

    Zunächst einmal möchte ich das hier noch sämliche Folge sowie Charaktere der neunten Staffel geschrieben werden un Stubs sowar welche vorhanden sind beendet werden.

    Somit ran an die Arbeit und auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit!

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  • Tooniee


    February 23, 2013 by Tooniee


    As you all might know, there aren't any active admins left on this wikia. That's the reason why I requested to become an admin, so that we can go on to make this wikia even better! (That primarily involves deleting pages and some layout changes, since no active member on here has the power to do so.)

    However, to be granted admin powers, I have to create a blog post to ask for your consent. Please respond asap, the sooner we can get to make some necessary changes.

    Thank you!

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  • Erinsmclaughlin

    A little bit about me: My name is Erin, I'm 22 and I am a college student in North Carolina.The reason I love Grey's is still a mystery for me. I've hated the show for a long time and until a few years ago, I refused to watch it. The reason I hated the show, ironically, is part of the reason I watch today. When I was in highschool I participated in a gospel choir that met after school on Thursdays. We had a faculty director who watched both Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty almost religiously. When she would get frustrated with us, she would declare: "I'm doing this because I believe in you guys. If I didn't, I have better things to do with my time. I could be home watching Greys Anatomy and Ugly Betty!" She constantly repeated this at every …

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  • Gcheung28

    Prepare yourself, Grey's Anatomy fans, the season premiere is almost here!!! Get excited because on September 27th, 2012, we are finally going to see what happens to our doctors!

    Read these Season 9 spoilers at your own risk!

    1. Debbie Allen is coming back to Grey's to reprise her role as Catherine Avery, the mother of Jackson Avery, for at least one episode in the upcoming ninth season. She is also going to be behind the camera to direct this season's third episode!
    2. New faces are coming to Seattle! Tessa Ferrer will be joining Gaius Charles, Camilla Luddington and Tina Majorino in a recurring role next season. There's no word yet on who each of them will be playing, but when the show put out casting calls, here is what they were looking for:

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