Bob Schwartz is the husband of Georgie Schwartz.


Bob's wife, Georgie, was in a ski accident when she was 31 and never regained consciousness. However, Bob refused to give up hope. He perceived the remaining reflexes as signs of life. When Amelia was brought in to consult on her case, her husband insisted that Amelia run tests to see if anything could be done for Georgie. The results of the labs showed that Georgie was pregnant. They immediately assumed that she had been raped by a staff member at her care facility. However, when her husband found out, he admitted that he had gotten her pregnant and was excited about it. She had some bleeding and was taken to the hospital.

While Georgie was being treated, Bob spoke to Sheldon, who tried to get him to come to terms with Georgie's condition. Despite Addison's best efforts, she could not continue the pregnancy. Bob was devastated, but agreed to keeping seeing Sheldon to work on it. However, when Addison heard Bob telling Georgie they'd try again for another baby, she called the police on him.



He is married to Georgie Schwartz. Despite the assurances of several doctors, he still believed she was reacting to him beyond her primitive reflexes.

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