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Bobby Corso is a morbidly obese patient who was brought into the ER with severe stomach pain.


Bobby came into the ER with severe stomach pain. Because of his large size, they were worried they wouldn't be able to handle his case. He had to be brought in by several firefighters. In the ER, they did x-rays and other tests to try to determine the cause of his pain. They also lifted his abdomen and found a severe skin infection over the skin that had been obscured. When they went to take him to get tests, they found that the gurney wouldn't fit through a doorway. They were going to try moving him, but he stood up and tried to walk himself, even though he hadn't walked in a year. He took several steps, but his ankle gave out and he fell to the ground. His ankle was broken. They needed to run a CT, but he was too heavy, so they had to rely on labs.

His wife told him he'd been laid off five years prior. He'd tried to find work, but after two years, he hadn't found anything and eating made him feel better and that's when he started to gain the weight.

He had a deep tissue infection, so they needed to operate to remove the infection. It was a very risky surgery, so Derek told them to refer him to a bariatric center. However, Webber convinced him to see Bobby as a patient, not as a potential lawsuit. He agreed to let them operate. When Bobby was told he needed surgery, he tried to decline, knowing he would die, but thinking it might be better if he dies before his kid is born because growing up with him for a dad would be no life for a kid.

After talking to Bobby's wife about him, Alex went to Bobby and convinced him to do the work, to let them operate and then change his lifestyle so he could be the father his kid deserves.

They took him into surgery, where they found a perforated colon. They were able to save him, but he was told he needed to make serious lifestyle changes or he would still not make it.



He is married to Melissa Corso.


He and his wife are expecting a baby together.


He'd been laid off from his job five years prior. After two years of job searching, he gave up trying to find another job.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He weighed 678 pounds.


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