Boise Memorial Hospital is a hospital located in Boise, Idaho.


Conjoined TwinsEdit

The hospital requested for help in their upcoming conjoined twin surgery, calling for the presence of teams of surgeons from each specialty to represent Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. However, the surgery was never performed because the plane bringing the surgeons to the hospital crashed in a forest.

Almost a week after the surgery was supposed to take place, the surgeons were found and brought to the hospital. They stabilized the surgeons as best they could and were sent back to Seattle soon after.

Known StaffEdit

  • Dr. Krieger (Chief of Surgery)
  • Dr. Sheehan (Attending Surgeon)
  • Dr. C. Haberkern (Attending Physician)

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • No exterior shot of the hospital was shown. There were only scenes in their ER, OR, as well as the logo of the hospital.
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