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Bokhee is a scrub nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who is often seen in the OR.

Career[edit | edit source]

Bokhee is a scrub nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She is a common feature in most surgeries, but speaks very little. However, she has been shown to speak up when needed, as demonstrated when she suggested bypass during Jimmy Evans' surgery. Bokhee has also been a help to most of the major surgeons in the hospital, Preston Burke is a prime example. She also has most likely been working at the hospital for a while, which was shown when Richard Webber asked her if she still has his music that he likes to listen to in the OR. 

Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bokhee is a scrub nurse in real life and continues working with open heart surgeries in Los Angeles. She appeared in other TV shows such as Six Feet Under (2001).
  • Bokhee has appeared in every season of Grey's Anatomy, but has only had a few lines.
  • Additionally, she also appeared in Private Practice when she assisted on the surgery on Erica Warner, which was performed at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.
  • Her name was widely believed to be spelled "Bokey" until the producers of Grey's Anatomy cleared it up on Twitter, although on Netflix, the subtitles spell her name "Boki".
  • During surgery, Dr. Bailey once asked Bokhee if she bedazzles her vagina, to which Bokhee replied by rolling her eyes and looking away.[1]
  • Bokhee was one of the nurses to survive the rounds of firing during the merger with Mercy West.
  • She was the scrub nurse assisting Cristina while she was operating on Derek during the shooting in season six.
  • Bokhee is the favorite scrub nurse of Amelia Shepherd.[2]
  • Sandra Oh has said that the real-life Bokhee is like her second mom.
  • Like Bailey, Bokhee stands on a stool during surgeries.
  • During the shooting at Seattle Grace Mercy West, Bokhee passed Jackson Avery a tool to help save the life of Derek Shepherd.
  • Bokhee speaks Korean as shown when she tells her husband, Jae, that DeLuca loves Meredith.[3]

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