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The Bomb Threat occurred when James Carlson came into the hospital with a bazooka shell in his chest.


James Carlson and his best friend, Paul, in the pursuit of recreating World War II, built a bazooka to specifications. Once it was put together, they tried shooting it. It didn't work, so James went to the front of the device to check it out. At that point, the bazooka fired a shell into James's chest.

James was taken to Seattle Grace Hospital via ambulance. On the way, Hannah Davies, unable to stop the bleeding through any other means, put her hand into the hole. Once they arrived at the hospital, James was taken into surgery, where the plan was to widen the incision and have Hannah remove her hand so they could remove the device and work. However, when Alex Karev learned that the shell was potentially explosive, he stopped them and the bomb squad was called in.

Dylan Young arrived and they worked to minimize the risk to the people in the hospital. They shut off the oxygen to the room and prepared to remove the shell and take it out of the OR. Before they could implement this plan, Dr. Milton, the anesthesiologist, told Hannah about Pink Mist and how he had kids before showing her how to ventilate James and leaving. Hannah panicked and removed her hand, forcing Meredith to put her hand in its place. ("It's the End of the World")

They discovered that the OR they were in was near the hospital's main oxygen line, meaning if there was an explosion there, it would blow up the whole hospital. So they planned to move James, Meredith, and the gurney very slowly down the hall to another OR where they'd have Meredith remove the shell. Once they were in the new OR, Meredith panicked and tried to have everyone leave, believing she'd die in the explosion. Dylan calmed her down and talked her through removing the bomb, which she then handed over to him. He took the bomb and started to walk down the hallway, but the device exploded, killing Dylan, injuring Meredith, and damaging the hallway. ("As We Know It")

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  • During the bomb threat, hospital employees were all offered the chance to leave without consequences.


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