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Born to Run is the eighth episode of the third season and the 35th overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

The Station 19 crew responds to a drunk driver scene. Meanwhile, Dean receives advice from Pruitt on a difficult situation, and Sullivan seeks help from Dr. Amelia Shepherd.

Full Summary[]

JJ leaves the houseboat and TBD starts crying.

Sullivan walks away from the bunk.

Ben is pacing in the waiting room at Grey Sloan. Eva is comforted by other firefighters.

The crew, including Emmett, responds to a call. Sullivan watches the trucks pull out from his office, then takes the Fentanyl out of a locked drawer. He pours it into the trash.

After the call, Travis and Emmett shower next to one another.

Dean fails to make TBD stop crying. He tries calling JJ but ends up on her voicemail.

Sullivan hands Eva some coffee. They still haven't heard about Rigo's condition. Sullivan asks a nurse about scheduling an appointment.

At the station, Jack lies down with Andy and goes to sleep in her arms.

With TBD finally asleep, Dean tries to call JJ again but finds her number is no longer in service.

Bailey finally comes out to tell Eva that Rigo is stable in the ICU. Ben walks with her. She says it was touch and go but Ben saved his life with his work out in the field. Ben asks if Bailey ever thought about not turning Webber in when he was drinking on the job. She figures someone is drinking on the job at the station. Ben says it's probably just a counting error, which leads her to realize it's about drugs. He tries to brush it off but she says whatever's going on better not end with him in a hospital bed like Vasquez.

The crew is exhausted. John Finch has joined A-shift. Maya has made up a meal rotation for Eva. Jack is happy that he's stable. John can't hide his disdain for Jack. Maya tells Vic she's on desk duty for the rest of the shift. The rocket incident has people thinking there's an alien invasion and she needs to talk them down. Maya asks John for a word. She knows he was close with Rigo so she can find someone else if he can't be professional. He claims he can. The alarm goes off.

Dean drops the cup of formula with a crying TBD on his arm. Pruitt drops by with gifts. Dean thinks the baby is broken. Pruitt tells Dean to sit down and takes over. He decides to stay when he hears the baby doesn't even have a name yet.

March 2009

Dean is hanging out on his deck with Greg and Tom, two of his colleagues at his father's farm. Tom starts pissing into the water, which Dean doesn't like. Greg pulls out a little bag of drugs. Dean doesn't mess with that crap. He doesn't want that in his house. Tom and Greg go ahead anyway.


En route to the scene, Maya briefs the crew about the call. A truck drove into a group of bikers. They arrive and Maya estimates 6 victims. Maya calls in reinforcements. Andy spots a sixth motorcycle, yet no biker to go with it.

Sullivan is in Amelia's office. He explains he's refusing surgery because it might complicate his situation at work. She can't give him better odds than Tom. She sees Tom has prescribed some heavy opioids. She favors a different approach. He's familiar with her reputation, which is why he's here. He admits to using more than he'd like. She has him write down how much he's taking on an average day. As a recovering addict, she has learned that there is no getting over any pain without telling the truth.

Maya has Travis and John check on the truck driver. She, Dixon, and Cutler will triage the victims on the road while the rest has to look for missing victims. Emmett struggles to list all triage tags. The first victims they check out is deceased. Travis tells Emmett it gets easier but Emmett doesn't want any babysitting.

Travis and John check on the truck. There's no fuel leak. The driver smells like vodka. They put a collar on him and there are diminished breath sounds bilaterally. Maya joins them and orders intubation. After directing stations 23 and 15, she decides to switch John and Dixon. Travis thinks that's rough to do to Emmett.

Victoria convinces a caller that there is no alien invasion. Jackson walks in with two large bags of hers, which his housekeeper found in his back closet. She admits she has been living at his place. Since she lost her lease and sleeps at the station half the time anyway, she didn't think it'd be a big deal since they have sexy sleepovers all the time. He points out she should have told him. She apologizes and adds she didn't think he'd find out. He says this is too much. They'll talk later. She answers another call.

Pruitt has put TBD down. Dean tells him that JJ left and disconnected her phone.

March 2009

Tom and Greg are high. Greg wants to make the jump to the next houseboat but Dean stops him. He'll lose his homeowner insurance if something happens. Greg and Tom think he's a buzzkill and wonder why he hates fun. Dean does not hate fun but he dislikes drugs and lawsuits. The guys wonder what he does like. Dean takes a moment to answer. Greg then says his chest hurts, after which he collapses and falls into the water.


Andy and Jack are looking for more victims. They find a man calling for help. His wife was riding behind him. Jack finds her up in a nearby tree. He calls for assistance. There is a third man there.

Maya receives their call for help and sends over station 23. She then tells Emmett to tube the driver, which Emmett questions. She has Travis lower the seat and asks Emmett for the man's GCS score. He struggles to answer so Travis says it's less than 8, which means they intubate.

Andy starts examining Nate, who keeps asking about his wife. The other man, Steve, tries to help from where he's sitting. He's a doctor. Nate can't feel his limbs, which he thinks is due to shock. Jack and the others have managed to bring Lisa down to the ground. She's carried away and the firefighters start CPR on her while Nate talks about having convinced her to come on this ride, which she usually does not do. Jack signals that Lisa's gone, which Andy decides to withhold from Nate. Nate screams that he loves her. Steve watches them but stays quiet, too.

Ben and Claudia arrive, too. Ben checks out Steve, who figures a broken rib has punctured his lung. He's a plastic surgeon. His ex hated his riding and kept sending him links of what could go wrong. He wonders why a doctor like Ben is out here. Ben goes to fetch a gurney so they can transport him out. Just to be safe, they put a C-collar on him. Meanwhile, Nate asks Andy how many of the nine riders have died. Ben overhears him and radioes that they are still missing a victim. Ben explains the PRT to Steve, who says he always wanted to join Doctors Without Borders. Ben tells him that's an excellent goal and he has plenty of time to realize it.

The ninth biker is discovered in the bushes near the engine. They put him on a gurney. Maya introduces herself to the man, who asks her to call his boss to tell him he's going to be late. He notices the worried look on Maya's face shortly before losing consciousness. She briefs Olson and the man is taken to the aid car.

Emmett struggles to intubate the man. Travis encourages him. Emmett succeeds. He thinks it's time for the extrication but Travis says that's not a priority now that them an is stable.

Amelia is reading what Sullivan wrote down. She tells him there is a meeting in an hour downstairs. He says he needs to get back to work. He came here looking for a treatment for his pain. He's not an addict. She points out he's using drugs to get through the money, stealing, and he OD'd. She's been where he is. She talks about stealing her brother's prescription bed and Ryan's overdose. She tells him to take a sick morning because he is sick. He went from one problem, pain, to two, pain and drugs, to three, pain and drugs and lies. The road is long and terrible and it ends with the people that he loves hurt and him dead. He's the only person who can stop that from happening.

Ben returns with the gurney and finds Steve unconscious. His pupils are blown and he's not breathing. They need to get him to the PRT now.

Dean tells Pruitt he saw love in JJ's eyes after TBD was born. He thinks TBD knows that her mother is gone. Pruitt says TBD can't distinguish him from a chair so he doubts that she knows. Loving your kid makes you a parent, not having a functional family unit. Dean fears TBD will hate him. Pruitt says all teenage girls do but they always come around. Dean points out that Pruitt says he wants more time but it doesn't seem like he's willing to fight for it. He can't blame Andy for being upset over that. Pruitt closes the door so TBD won't hear him yelling at Dean.

March 2009

Dean pulls Greg out of the water while Tom calls 911. Dean starts CPR. He was a lifeguard in high school so he knows how to do this.


Emmett and Travis go back to the rest of the crew. Travis says the driver's gone. Maya checks if Emmett managed to intubate and then tells him he took too long, which could mean permanent brain damage. Travis adds that that might have been the case if the man had had the slightest chance to begin with. The steering column was the only thing holding his thoracic cavity together, so the moment Travis reclined the seat, he bled out. That's why Maya had Emmett tube him, for practice. Travis points out he learned to tube in the field under pressure, but Emmett's not in for a pep talk.

Amelia talks Robert through options for pain management. She shows him her own nerve-stimulation device and explains how it works. It allows him to keep the pain management in his own hands. She also brings up about TCA's. As they walk down the hallway, they pass an exam room where Bailey is working. She watches them walk by.

Ben examines Steve. Ben hates that there's nothing they can do. He told Steve he was going to be okay and get to do good. He herniated. Claudia starts looking through Steve's wallet to see if there's someone they can call. Ben then sees that Steve's an organ donor. If they keep Steve on the vent, he can keep the organs alive. He asks the driver to take them to Grey Sloan and tells Steve he's going to save a bunch of lives.

Nate still can't feel or move his limbs. He thinks Lisa's dead. Andy insists she's okay. His heart stops. Jack starts compressions.

March 2009

Captain Pruitt Herrera and his partner arrive. He sees the drugs on the coffee table while the guys tell him what happened. Pruitt wants to take over but Dean says no.


Pruitt doesn't know what's worse: the dying or everyone telling him about how he should do it. Dean apologizes. Pruitt says holding TBD made him think about never getting to meet his grandchildren, missing Andy's wedding and her promotion to Captain, and getting to witness Dixon fall on his face. He points out Dean's big problem is having a healthy baby and his whole life in front of him. He sees Dean's face and realizes Dean is not sure if he's keeping the baby.

Jack, Claudia, and Andy fail to resuscitate Nate. Jack keeps going. Claudia says it's a high spinal injury, maybe even an internal decapitation. He's gone. Andy makes him stop. Even if Jack gets his heart going again, Nate's going to crash over and over. Being alive isn't the same as living. She knows Jack needs a win but this is not it.

March 2009

Greg coughs up water. Dean steps back and lets Pruitt take over now. Pruitt and his colleague get Greg on a gurney. Pruitt asks Dean what he does for a living. Dean says he turns money into more money. Pruitt gives him his card and tells him to give him a call if he wants to do something different. He's got a lot of talent, unlike stupid Tom.


Dean says he went from a single guy to a guy expecting a baby to a guy with a baby to an abandoned guy with a baby over a few weeks. He knows nothing about fatherhood and he works a lot, so there must be better parents out there for TBD than him. Pruitt says the night they met each other, Dean saved a man's life. He was all-in. Everything is hard when you're on the fence. Once you decide you're all-in, though, love replaces the fear.

Maya checks on Charlie, who is still disoriented and asking about his boss. He's the last one to be taken to the hospital. Charlie says they are not a real gang. They only ride one weekend a month but they are like a real family.

The crew is back at the station. Maya wants to say something but Travis tells her no more speeches. Andy tells Emmett that he earned a drink. He says it's 8 AM. She doesn't see the problem.

Vic leaves the bar with takeaway food for Dean and JJ. Travis and Emmett join Andy and Jack at a table with more beers. They toast to Emmett's first rutabaga call. A rutabaga is patient with no brain activity, with no chance of survival. They joke about it. Emmett wonders how they can do that. Andy says people die every day, often in front of them. Jack says you always lose more than you win, even if you do everything right. Then you drink a little and make inappropriate jokes. Andy leaves for the bathroom. Emmett asks what if you screw up. Jack says it's pretty much the same thing.

He approaches Eva, who has just entered the bar. He heard Rigo's off the vent. He offers to help her out around the house but she shuts him down. She tells him to work out his guilt on his own time. She sits down with some other guys and tells him to walk away..

Jack intercepts Andy on her way back to the bar. He offers to blow off some steam. She thinks it's too messy. He thought they were trying to help each other. They were. She feels other things than anger again.

Andy leaves the bar. Travis tries to talk to Emmett, who tells him not to make this a thing because he has a girlfriend. Travis leaves.

Dean smiles as he watches TBD sleep. Vic arrives with the food. He tells her about JJ leaving and Pruitt convincing him to keep the baby. Vic brings up she got evicted recently. She proposes she move into the houseboat now that she and Jackson are basically over and help him out with the baby. He points out they work the same shifts. She says he can get a nanny. When they are home together, they can do crying shifts. Dean reveals he has decided on a name. It's Pruitt Arike Miller, or Pru. Since he could use the help, he accepts Vic's offer. They shake on it and do some quiet dancing.

Bailey finds Ben at the station. She came by to tell him they successfully recovered the organs. Ben's PRT work saved seven lives today. She asks if it's Robert who took the drugs. She saw him with Amelia at the hospital. He admits she's right. If Robert's problem is discovered, the PRT will be recalled and retired. Bailey points out Robert holds lives in his hands, too.

Carina and Maya have had sex. She has to go back to work but Maya breaks down. She says she's the truck. She drunkenly plowed into Station 19 and destroyed an entire family. Carina comforts her.

Andy shows up at Robert's apartment. She tells him she's done fighting. She's tired of being angry. She just wants to feel and be in a safe place. She doesn't know why but he's the safest place she has. Everything would be okay for the first time in a long time if he just starts kissing her. He does that and closes the door behind them.


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Bike Accident[]

Station 19 was called out to a vehicle accident, in which a truck swerved and hit a bunch of motorcycles. They arrived to find at least six victims, but then Andy noticed there were more bikes than riders, so Maya updated the victim count to seven. She sent the team out to find all the missing victims and treat the ones they could see. The first guy they went to was deceased. Travis and John went to the truck and found the driver unresponsive and noticeably drunk. They put a collar on him and noted diminished breath sounds, so Maya called Emmett over to intubate him. Meanwhile, Jack and Andy found Nate, who was trapped under a motorcycle and worried about his wife, Lisa. Jack noticed her hanging from a nearby tree. Steve, another victim, was also nearby and said Nate's breaths were getting shallower. Nate said he couldn't feel his arms and legs and believed he was in shock. They got Lisa down from the tree and determined she was dead. Ben and Claudia arrived and assessed Steve, who had a head injury. They put a collar on him. Nate then revealed that there were nine riders total, which meant there was one victim they hadn't found. They quickly found Charlie in a bush and put him on a gurney. Back at the truck, Emmett intubated the driver successfully, but soon afterward learned he was dead the whole time. Ben brought supplies for Steve, but found him unresponsive from what looked like a brain bleed. In the PRT, Ben noticed signs of brain death. Because he was an organ donor, they kept him on the vent and rushed him to the hospital, where his organs were retrieved for transplant after brain death was confirmed. Meanwhile, Nate coded and Jack started CPR. Despite his best efforts, Nate was pronounced dead in the field. Charlie, the lone survivor, was then loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital.


While high, Greg started having chest pains and fell off Dean's houseboat into the water. Dean fished him out of the water and started CPR. Pruitt and his partner arrived soon after and wanted to take over, but Dean refused to stop until Greg spat out the water and started breathing again. Pruitt then put him on a gurney and took him to the hospital.


Song Performer Scene
"Feeling Good" Victory
  • Dean reacts to his daughter crying.
  • Sullivan leaves Andy's bunk.
  • Ben waits at Grey Sloan Memorial.
  • Station 19 is called out.
  • Sullivan dumps out his last vial in the garbage can.
  • Travis gets into the shower at the same time as Emmett.
  • Dean holds his daughter and tries to call JJ.
  • Sullivan gives Eva coffee and then asks to schedule an appointment.
  • Jack goes to Andy and asks to sleep in her bunk with her.
  • With his daughter sleeping, Dean tries calling JJ again but her number is disconnected.
  • Bailey comes out to talk to Eva.
  • Pruitt takes Tom away and leaves Dean with his card.
  • Dean talks to Pruitt about what he should do about the baby.
"Bloom" Arch Leaves
  • The firefighters get drinks and talk about their shift.
  • They explain to Emmett how they cope.
  • Jack tries to talk to Eva.
"I'm Enough" Chance Peña
  • Emmett tells Travis he has a girlfriend.
"Change Is Gonna Come" Katie Pruitt
  • Vic celebrates Pru's name.
  • Bailey goes to see Ben and gives him good news, then bad news.
  • Carina tells Maya she has to go back to work.
  • Maya says she's the truck, the destruction.
  • Andy goes to see Sullivan and they kiss.

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy 16x17 Promo "Life on Mars?" (HD) Season 16 Episode 17 Promo

  • This episode scored 6.64 million viewers.
  • Caterina Scorsone makes her debut as Amelia Shepherd on Station 19 in this episode, making her only the second actress to appear as the same character in all three shows in the Grey's Anatomy universe. Chandra Wilson was the first.
  • In this episode Chandra Wilson was credited as guest star rather than a special guest star like all her previous and following appearances.


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