Brad McDougall was the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital.


Softball GameEdit

Brad, as Chief of Surgery, put together a team to play in the softball game against SGMW. He was very competitive and spoke negatively about the SGMW team throughout the game. When Lexie threw a softball at Julia, effectively ending the game, he was upset when Owen took it to mean that he was forfeiting.


Brad is very competitive, as proven by the fact that he desperately wanted to win against Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital in the softball game.


Brad McDougall was an attending surgeon and Chief of Surgery at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital. Sometime later he was replaced by Larry Maxwell as Chief of Surgery.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • It is currently unknown the specialty that Dr. McDougall practices, however, it can be inferred, through his interaction with Dr. Owen Hunt, that he does not practice trauma surgery.


Episode StillsEdit

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