Brett Gibson is a police officer who came into the hospital after being shot during a bank robbery.



When he and his brother, Pete, were kids, Pete used to follow Brett around and do what he wanted, but they both always loved helping people according to their mother.

Pot LuckEdit

Some time before the shooting, Brett's mother hosted a pot luck for all the officers. While Brett's brother, Pete, was being treated in the ER, he told his mother they needed to hold another one and invite the doctors.


While working, Brett and his partner, Dan Pruitt, arrested a teenager named Jared, whom they described as a good kid, but susceptible to falling in with the wrong crowd. They put him in juvie and got him in the foster care system. They hoped he could get his moment, the moment when he would either turn his life around or ended up dead or in lockup.

Bank RobberyEdit

Jared was the getaway driver for an armed robbery in which Dan, Brett, and Pete were all shot. Brett was rushed to the hospital by his partner and even carried into the ER. Brett had been shot in the neck and abdomen. He was rushed into surgery to repair his trachea and abdominal injuries. As they were finishing his surgery and preparing to close, Brett threw a clot and had a stroke, after which he was declared brain dead. His mother had to make the difficult choice to donate his organs and after speaking with Dan about Jared, she agreed to allow a directed donation of Brett's liver to Jared. After his organ harvest was completed, Jackson Avery worked on his body to make it look nice for his mother.



Brett has a brother named Pete. According to their mother, when they were kids, Pete just followed Brett around. They both grew up to be police officers. When both her sons died on the same day, their mother was devastated.


Brett is friends with his partner, Dan. When they were both hospitalized, Dan kept asking for updates on Brett's condition.


While working, Brett met and dealt with a teenager named Jared. He and his partner showed great concern for Jared and worked hard to get him on the right path.


He was a police officer in Seattle. His partner was Dan Pruitt.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Brett always wanted to be a cop according to his mother.
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