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Brian is a kid who came into the hospital after swallowing a marble.


Brian's parents brought him into the clinic after he swallowed a marble. George O'Malley examined him and said they'd just have to wait for it to pass. Having been told that he could get whatever he wanted after going to the hospital, Brian asked his parents to get a divorce. They fought all the time and put him in the middle. They dismissed his request. The marble passed that night.

The next day, the brought him in with severe abdominal pain. He said he'd swallowed eight more marbles, but when he spit some up, George saw that he'd actually swallowed eight magnets. One of the magnets had perforated his bowel and the magnets were still moving inside him. They rushed him into surgery and removed the magnets and repaired the damage they had caused. After his surgery, his mother was told he'd be okay.



His parents fought all the time and put him in the middle. Because of this, he wanted them to get a divorce and made himself sick so they'd take him seriously.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He was 8 at the time of his hospitalization.
  • He was a colicky baby.