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The camping trip is an outing Derek and Burke planned that quickly expanded to include the other men.


Wanting a chance to bond with Burke and be "mountain men in the wild," Derek planned a camping trip he meant to be just the two of them. However, when Derek picked Burke up, he said he needed to make a quick stop. The stop was to pick up Richard, who had a fancy picnic basket packed by the concierge.

They then went to pick up George. From there, they went to Emerald City Bar, where the picked up Joe and Walter. George had asked them for an extra tent, but they misunderstood. Alex also came along from there.

After they arrived at their camp site, they started to erect their tents and prepare for the night. Richard, who had not brought his own tent, asked to share with Joe and Walter, not realizing they were a couple. When he realized his error, he awkwardly said he was okay with their relationship.

The group then decided to go fishing. While they were fishing, George noticed the tremor in Burke's hand, but Burke brushed it off as nothing. They continued to fish. Alex questioned George about Callie. Alex told George it wasn't a good idea for them to get back together and informed George that Callie had slept with Mark. This caused a fight between the two of them.

Not wanting them to hurt their hands, Richard said they could do open-handed combat, essentially a slap fight. They fought briefly when Alex tackled George, pushing him into Walter, who fell and hit his head against a rock.

The doctors jumped into action immediately, cleaning the wound and sterilizing a fishing hook with the barb cut off to stitch the cut. Burke did the stitches when Joe insisted on an attending doing it.

After realizing there was no wisdom to be found in the woods, they all agreed it was time to go home.

Characters Present[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • George brought treats Izzie had baked for them.
  • Neither Richard nor Alex had been camping prior to this trip.
  • The place where they camped was three hours outside Seattle.


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