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Can't Find My Way Back Home is the ninth episode of the fourth season and the 63rd overall episode of Private Practice.

Short Summary[]

Despite how Charlotte is choosing to deal with the aftermath of her sexual assault, her fellow doctors think they know what's best, teaming up to pursue criminal charges against her attacker. Pete gets a surprise visitor, his estranged brother, who has come to ask Pete to help release their sick mother from prison.

Full Summary[]

Episode in detail.


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Medical Notes[]


  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Julie, 15, came to see Addison because she was concerned that she hadn't started menstruating yet. Addison told her not to worry because it was normal to start anywhere between ages 10 and 16.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Seizure
    • Scar tissue
  • Treatment:
    • Anti-convulsants
    • Lorazepam
    • Surgery

Sharon had a seizure at the practice. Her daughter immediately jumped to action. She said she'd taken her medication late that morning. She'd been having seizures for seven years, since a car accident. At the hospital, Amelia ran some scans to map the seizures. She seized again in the hospital and stopped breathing. Amelia had found the lesion. She said she could operate, but it was risky because of the location of the lesion. Sharon decided to wait on the surgery until her daughter was an adult. However, Julie wanted her mom to have the surgery and asked her to do it. She had the surgery and was stable afterward.

Frances Wilder[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Atherosclerotic heart disease
  • Treatment:

Frances was in prison and dying. Pete took her scans to Sam and pressed him to diagnose something that required an internal defibrillator, something they couldn't monitor in prison, meaning they'd likely give her a humanitarian release. Sam agreed to sign whatever Pete wanted to write. Pete couldn't go through with it.


Song Performer Scene
"Juju's Theme" Undersea Poem
  • Addison and Sam talk about Charlotte.
  • Sam assures her she did the right thing.
  • Charlotte and Sheldon go to the police station.
  • Charlotte decides to wait outside the room.
"Red Rocking Chair" Black Prairie
  • Julie tells her mom she wants her to have the surgery, because she's always scared.
  • Charlotte tells Cooper the guy wasn't in the lineup and she's done with the investigation.
  • Pete talks to his mother about getting released. She's surprised.
  • He asks if she's sorry she killed Henry. She says she never saw the good in Henry the way Pete did, but either way, he won't get what he wants.
  • He tells her he doesn't want anything for her and tells her he won't lie for her.
  • Sheldon tells Charlotte what he learned about Lee.
  • Violet tells Cooper about Charlotte being raped and says he needs to be gentle with her.
"In the Morning" Fran Healy
  • Addison tells Sam she wants a baby and she doesn't want to wait.
  • Pete tells Violet he did the right thing. She tells him he did the right thing, but he thinks she's lying. She says sometimes lies are good.
  • Charlotte realizes Cooper knows she was raped.
  • He tells her that he will get a gun and shoot her rapist if that's what it takes.
  • Charlotte does another lineup and identifies Lee as her attacker.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode scored 8.01 million viewers.
  • Nicholas Brendon who plays Lee is best known as Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When Lee picks up his son at the park you can hear him say "Did you slay any monsters?" This could be a nod to his fans from Buffy.


Episode Stills[]


(talking about a patient)
Amelia: You are not a neurosurgeon!
Addison: You were promising her a cure!
Amelia: Because I can give her one, because I am a neurosurgeon! Look, I don't tell you how to handle vaginas!

Charlotte: You know.
Cooper: I love you. I'm in love with you. I will love you forever. No matter what. This doesn't... I'm yours, okay? I'm yours. I understand why you can't ID that man, I get it. You don't wanna go through that, I understand. I do. But he can't go free. That man, he can't go free. You have to able to sleep at night. You have to be able to breathe, to be you. He can't go free. So I don't want you to worry. You'll be protected. I will get a gun, make it look like a mugging. Or I... That man is not going free. It doesn't matter what happens to me. That man is not going free. I am not gonna let you...

Charlotte: It's number two.
Detective Price: Are you sure?
Charlotte: It's number two.

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