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Carina's Orgasm Research is the research Carina conducted on using orgasms as pain relief.


When Carina learned that her brother was working for a female Chief of Surgery, she came to Grey Sloan Memorial to ask for Bailey's permission to use the hospital's MRI to take pictures of women's brains before, during, and after orgasm to study the orgasm's utility as pain relief. Her research was funded by a company looking to develop the female viagra, but her primary interest was pain relief and she hoped to kill two birds with one stone. Bailey approved her request and Carina started looking for volunteers. Amelia ended up volunteering and masturbated in the MRI for Carina. Carina was shocked when the MRI revealed that Amelia had a very large brain tumor. ("Get Off on the Pain")

When one of Arizona's patients was having a long, painful labor, Carina suggested clitoral stimulation and climax to induce oxytocin production. Arizona was initially reluctant to suggest it, but when labor didn't progress, she suggested it to her patient, Marnie, and Marie's husband. It worked and Marnie's labor quickly progressed. ("Go Big or Go Home")

Carina continued her research. During the hospital hacking, she had a patient in the MRI whom she thought had had the world's saddest orgasm, but then she realized the screen was just frozen. ("Out of Nowhere")

She later told Arizona that her research was nearly completed. ("Beautiful Dreamer")

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  • The conclusions of her research are unknown.


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