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Carina DeLuca-Bishop is an OB/GYN attending at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and Andrew DeLuca's sister. She is the ex-girlfriend of Arizona Robbins and wife of Maya DeLuca-Bishop.


Early Life[]

While her mother moved to the United States with her little brother, Carina stayed in Italy with their father.[1]

After he and Sam Bello broke up the first time, Andrew spent three weeks on her couch.[2]

Research at Grey Sloan and Bonding with Arizona[]

When Carina learned that her brother was working for a female Chief of Surgery, she came to Seattle to meet with Miranda Bailey about doing her research at Grey Sloan Memorial. She talked with Bailey and got permission to use the hospital's MRI to take pictures of women's brains before, during, and after orgasm.

Amelia offered to participate in the study and her MRI showed a brain tumor.[3]

When Carina learned that Arizona had a patient who was having a difficult, slow labor and couldn't use any medical means to hasten her labor, she suggested clitoral stimulation to provide natural pain relief and speed up her labor. Despite her initial reservations, Arizona suggested it to her patient and with her husband's assistance, labor quickly progressed.[4]

While watching Amelia's surgery with Arizona, Carina was delighted that Amelia's tumor had been discovered because of masturbation, saying God works in mysterious ways.[5]

As they were bonding over strange objects they have pulled from people's bodies, Richard invited her to the intern mixer and she happily accepted the invitation. At the mixer, she got acquainted with Owen, who mistook her for an intern. She clarified she was a visiting doctor and that her specialty was orgasms. This sparked his interest and after some flirting, they ended up kissing in a hallway.[6]

Peggy and her wife came into the hospital when Peggy panicked during their planned home birth. When the power went out for a moment, Peggy panicked again and tried to leave for another hospital, but Arizona determined that her baby's head was already out and then coached her as Carina delivered the baby in the hallway.[7]

Carina later told Arizona that Peggy was healing and happily in love with her new daughter.[8]

When a psych consult for a patient who tried to cut off his hand because he was masturbating and believed it was sinful was delayed, they asked Carina to step in and talk to him because it was her area of expertise. She told him that God made sex pleasurable beyond procreation for a reason. She also admitted that she does it and wasn't ashamed of that. When he developed an erection, he covered himself with a pillow and demanded that she leave immediately, which she did.[9]

After a conversation with Carina about maternal mortality, Arizona was inspired to look into it and learned that the US has a much higher rate of death for new mothers than Italy. She wanted to study why this happened and how they could prevent it. After writing a proposal, Arizona went to Carina and asked if they could work together. In addition to that, they rekindled their romance.[10]

Carina went to Kate Lachman to get access to the patient files, but due to a misunderstanding, Kate declined. When Arizona stepped in, she gave them access. The research showed a climbing rate of c-sections, starting when Kate started working at the hospital. She encouraged Arizona to tell Kate about it, which Arizona did, offending Kate.[11]

Their research continued and Carina believed it was making Arizona more paranoid when she demanded every possible tool they need be nearby when Lanie was delivering her baby, despite a lack of complications. After the baby was born, Carina told Arizona that everything had gone well, but when another new mother suddenly hemorrhaged, Arizona used a cart she'd had Levi put together and then modified to suit her needs to rush to her aid. They were able to save her life and stop the bleeding quickly. Arizona told Carina she thought their research was done. The solution was the cart, which was stocked with everything they could possibly need.[12]

When the time came for Arizona and Carina to present their research for consideration, she was paged away for a laboring patient and wished Arizona luck. After hearing that Arizona had accidentally distributed and consumed weed cookies, Carina offered her a ride home.[13]

When Meredith went to Arizona to try to get Andrew off her couch, where he'd spent a whole week, Arizona referred her to Carina, who had admitted to Arizona that she doesn't believe in coddling children and believed Arizona was coddling Sofia. Carina came over to Meredith's house and got Andrew up off the couch and back to work.[14]

On the day of Alex and Jo's wedding, Carina was part of the group that went to the wrong wedding. When they realized what had happened, they all rushed to get on a ferry out to Bainbridge Island. When Taryn got drunk and said she was going to confess her love to Meredith, Carina stopped her, saying love's too precious to waste it on someone who can't love you back. After the wedding planner ended up having an allergic reaction to shrimp and was sent to the hospital, the wedding party and guests then boarded a ferry, where Alex and Jo were married by Meredith.[15]

When Barry Clemens came into the ER with something stuck in his rectum, Richard paged Carina for her help in determining what the object was. With her help, they got Barry to confess on his way to surgery that he had put his wife's "hair stuff" up there. After Barry died in surgery, Richard asked for her help explaining it to his wife.[16]

Family Troubles and Treating Colleagues[]

Carina told Andrew she'd probably have to leave town and go back to Italy for a bit because there were problems with their papa.[17]

Carina came back to Seattle after several months. She came to Andrew's place and revealed that she'd brought their father back with her.[18]

When her father pitched his research, which involved creating a gestational sac to allow premature babies to continue to live outside the uterus, Carina was reluctant to support it because of her father's untreated mental health issues. She went to Alex with her concerns, but Vincenzo's project was funded anyway.[19]

Carina continued to watch her father while he worked on his project. When one of the lambs died, she wanted him to stop his research, but he said she didn't know what she was talking about and dismissed her concerns. When he learned she was working on a patient who was going to lose her baby because she needed a hysterectomy and the fetus was not yet viable, he went around Carina and talked to the parents about using his gestational sac. The parents wanted to try it, but they were quickly told that it wasn't available for use yet. Instead, Carina delivered the baby and then Teddy removed her uterus. The baby was then wrapped in a blanket and given to her father, who held her while she died. Because of what he'd done, Alex decided to cut funding to Vincenzo's research, which upset him.[20]

When Teddy started having pains, she saw Carina, who diagnosed cervical insufficiency and put her in Trendelenburg.[21]

When Teddy went into labor, Carina came and attended her birth.[22]

Amelia approached Carina to ask her to be part of a threesome with her and Link. However, Carina assumed she was instead coming to her about her pregnancy, as she'd seen the changes in Amelia's body. Amelia said she wasn't pregnant, just gaining a little weight, then awkwardly tried to proposition Carina. Carina just waited while Amelia realized that she was, in fact, pregnant.[23]

When Bailey started bleeding while she was at work, she went to Carina, who did an ultrasound that showed she'd lost the pregnancy. She told Bailey she just had to wait. When Ben arrived, Carina left them alone together after telling Ben she was sorry. Later that day, she did an ultrasound on Amelia, who hadn't gotten one because she was worried that what happened with Christopher would happen again. Carina assured her that everything was fine, but told her she wasn't twenty weeks pregnant as she believed, but twenty-four, injecting doubt as to the paternity.[24]

Andrew's Mania and Relationship with Maya[]

Carina became increasingly concerned when she noticed that Andrew seemed to be struggling particularly hard with Suzanne Britland. She went to Meredith with her concerns, saying Andrew was the same age as as their father when he started showing symptoms of bipolar disorder. She also pointed out past events that showed similar alternating mania and depression, which led to Meredith going to Bailey and getting Andrew taken off the case.[25]

Not long after that, Carina became even more concerned when Andrew decided to walk to Seattle Pres during a blizzard to retrieve a liver for Elisa Tang. She called him every fifteen minutes while he was out. When he returned with severe frostbite, she tried to get him to understand that what he did wasn't normal or rational. He brushed off her concerns and said that his actions saved Elisa's life.[26]

Maya Bishop, captain of Station 19, came running into Grey Sloan after a bear attacked a civilian while the team was nearby on a camping trip. The civilian was rushed to the hospital with the help of the team, but was missing his nose. By the time they found it, the civilian had been taken to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital with the nose, Maya brought it in side and unknowingly caught Carina's eye. They serendipitously met up at a bar later that night and Carina introduced herself. Maya let her initial offer of a drink down, telling Carina she was looking to drink alone, but when Carina asked if she was sure, Maya changed her mind.

When JJ went into labor at the station during the blizzard, Maya called Carina for advice on things they could do to make her more comfortable. Carina suggested putting her in the shower with warm water to ease some of her discomfort. Later, Carina suggested that JJ masturbate to ease her pain and speed up labor, which she did happily. Soon afterward, she gave birth.[27]

Carina and Maya continued to hook up happily. When Carina heard from Ben that Maya had had a rough day, she brought lasagna to the station for Maya. Maya said they were just hooking up and she didn't need a girlfriend, so Carina put down the lasagna and went to leave, but Maya stopped her and apologized. She said she was broken. Carina said she's not in the habit of fixing broken people, but instead of leaving, she started kissing Maya, who said the lasagna smelled almost as good as Carina.[28]

Carina was present when Andrew started demanding that Opal be arrested for human trafficking. She cried and begged Andrew to stop and get help. When he finally left the circle they'd made, Carina followed him, though he brushed her off.[29]

After being told she could learn to rest and love in life, Maya invited Carina to take a few days off with her and go on vacation, which an invitation Carina accepted.[30]

On their vacation, Carina quickly noticed that Maya's head still seemed to be back in Seattle. She showed off her bikini and used it to entice Maya into bed. Then they finally left their room. While they were enjoying drinks by the side of the pool, Todd came by and flirted with them. When he wouldn't back off, Maya challenged him to a push-up competition. She easily won the competition, winning herself and Carina a round of drinks on him and the ability to go back to their peaceful vacation. Later, back in their room, Maya received a notification on her phone of a 5-alarm fire back in Seattle. She immediately started to have a panic attack, so Carina talked to her and got her to breathe and calm down.[31]

When Amelia's water broke, she went to OB, where Carina examined her and determined that she was already at five centimeters. Amelia admitted she'd been having contractions since that morning, but ignored them because she thought they were Braxton Hicks again. Carina continued to monitor her as her labor progressed. When Link was needed for Richard's surgery, Carina said they still had hours left. He left and Amelia continued her labor and gave birth to a healthy baby.[32]

Carina was at the station making out with Maya when Maya's mother came in. Carina introduced herself and was mistaken for a firefighter and Maya's doctor before excusing herself away. Later, she returned to the station and helped Maya's mother, Katherine, set up for the spaghetti dinner they were having that night. Carina was shocked to hear of the abuse they were put through and tried to comfort Maya. Maya made it clear that she didn't see her father's actions as abuse and left. Carina later went to Maya's office, where she was crying at her desk. She shared her own experience with her father's mental state and said denial was a powerful drug. Maya said she wasn't in denial, that she was just angry, so Carina got up and left.[33]

After that meeting, Carina checked in with Maya, asking how she was dealing with the new information. Maya continued to deny that her father was abusive because he'd never hit them. Carina shared her own experience with her father and said just because he never hit her or her bother doesn't meant they weren't abused. Maya didn't agree and when Carina wouldn't drop it, she said she needed to go for a run. Hours later, Maya returned and was surprised to find Carina still there. Carina said she thought about leaving, and giving Maya space, but she wanted to be there in case Maya wanted to talk. Maya told Carina to give her space and leave, also adding that she'd slept with Jack that evening.[34]

COVID-19 Pandemic and Andrew's Death[]

Carina was on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic as Grey Sloan was turned into the city's most prominent COVID treatment center. She and Maya moved in together at Maya's apartment so they could spend time together while complying with the quarantining rules.

One day, she ran into an agitated Andrew in the hospital parking lot as he pointed out Opal, a woman suspected of child trafficking who previously managed to escape from the hospital due to Andrew's untreated bipolar disorder causing him to chaotically share his suspicions. Andrew was determined to not let her get away this time. He assured Carina that he was sure and that he had been taking meds and gotten enough rest. Carina believed him and agreed to follow Opal but insisted she drive. They rushed to her car and pursued Opal.[35]

They tailed her and called the police, who found Andrew's story lacking evidence. They called Maya and Ben, who got involved and cut through the red tape to get police involved after all. After witnessing her making some kind of transaction in an alley, they followed her to a train station. Despite Carina's warnings, they followed her onto the train. As they reminisced about their childhood in Italy, Opal ended up spotting and recognizing Andrew. She got off at the next station. Andrew pursued her by himself. Opal managed to get away but was arrested outside the station. However, she had one of her companions stab Andrew as he pursued her. Carina found Andrew bleeding out on the floor and called for help. He was transported to Grey Sloan, where Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt fixed the damage to his diaphragm and ventricle. Carina awaited news on his status in the chapel with Maya and went to his see him in the ICU. However, later, he developed a cardiac tamponade. He was rushed back to the OR but he died on the table due to coagulopathy.

Carina grieved his death at Maya's apartment. Maya helped her let it out by allowing her to scream covered by the engine's sirens. Carina was surprised when a friend of hers from med school, Gabriella Aurora, dropped by the apartment to comfort her and reminisce about their years in med school and residency. When the President closed all immigration offices due to the pandemic, problems with Carina's visa could not be resolved. She did not mind as she had felt some sort of pull to go back to Italy to help out as it was one of the countries hit the hardest by the pandemic. She got her old job at the Paolo Calvino Hospital back and prepared to temporarily move back until the pandemic had settled and she could get the problems with her visa settled. Maya initially planned to move with her but her obligations as Captain in the midst of a growing war with the police department kept her from doing so, which Carina completely understood.


She is a feisty and confident woman. She is passionate about her family, especially Andrew and Maya, she loves them deeply.



Arizona Robbins[]

Soon after arriving in Seattle, she met Arizona Robbins at a bar. She ended up going home with Arizona and the two had sex.[36]

Even after Andrew came home and interrupted the events, they continued. The next day, when Arizona found out that Carina was at the hospital doing research, she went to see her and Carina continued her flirting.[37]

Arizona described the sex the two of them had as pain-relieving.[38]

After learning that Sofia was coming back home, Arizona inadvertently broke things off with Carina.[39]

Arizona and Carina kiss.

After not seeing Arizona for a few days, Carina asked her if she was okay. Arizona said she'd taken a few days off after Karin Taylor's death. Arizona was shocked to learn Carina had never lost a mom, while Carina was shocked to learn Arizona had lost more than one. That inspired Arizona to look into it as a surgical project and once she had written up a proposal, she asked Carina to work on it with her, a decision they sealed with a kiss.[40]

After Carina made a comment about moving countries at the drop of a hat, Arizona asked her if she was just going to leave suddenly and end their relationship. Carina said that she had no plans to leave or end their relationship.[41]

When Arizona decided she needed to move herself and Sofia back to New York, she ended things with Carina.[42]

Owen Hunt[]

After things ended with Arizona, she met Owen at the new intern mixer. They flirted and then started kissing at the hospital.[43]

Things progressed from there to her making breakfast naked with him.[44]

After their tryst, things were awkward between them around the hospital.[45]

Maya Bishop[]

Maya caught Carina's eye when she ran into the ER with Scott Burke's nose.[46] Later that night, they met again at the bar and introduced themselves. Carina started flirting and offered to buy Maya a drink in exchange for the story of how she ended up running a nose into the hospital. Maya tried to turn her down, but Carina asked if she was sure and Maya gave in.[47]

They continued to hook up and Maya called Carina for help when JJ went into labor at the station.[48] When Carina heard about Maya having a bad day at work, she brought lasagna to cheer her up. Maya snapped at her, saying she didn't need a girlfriend and they were just hooking up, shocking Carina. Maya quickly apologized and accepted the lasagna.[49]

After dealing with an accident in which a drunk driver took out 9 people on motorcycles, Maya called Carina to hook up. After they hooked up, Carina tried to excuse herself to go back to work, but Maya started crying, saying she was the truck that ran into station 19 and broke up a family. Carina held her and comforted her.[50] Maya then concluded that she wanted to step down to allow Andy to take her right place as Captain. The day she planned to tell Sullivan that, Carina told her to speak her truth.[51]

They later went on vacation together, the first vacation Maya had taken in her adult life. While on the vacation, Maya had a panic attack, but Carina was able to calm her down.[52]

Their relationship hit a snag when Maya's mother came to visit and revealed that she'd been in therapy and was leaving Maya's father because he was abusive. Maya refused to accept that that was true, even when Carina shared her own experience with her father.[53] Carina continued to try to get Maya to accept that what her father had done to her was abuse, but Maya refused to accept it. Maya eventually left to go exercise at the station. While she was there, she ran into Jack. They fought and then had sex. When she returned home, Carina was still there waiting for her and she told Carina she'd slept with Jack. [54] They broke up as a result of Maya's actions. However, after Maya's father visited her at work and assaulted her at a fire, she realized Carina had been right. She found Carina at the hospital and apologized, saying she loved Carina and she'd never said that to anyone but her brother before, so it was a big deal. With encouragement from Teddy, Carina told Maya she loved her, too.[55]

When the pandemic hit Seattle, Maya and Carina didn't get to see much of each other aside from the occasional video call. They later decided they would move in together so they could spend more time with each other.[56]


She is Andrew's older sister. When he moved to the United States with their mother, she stayed behind in Italy with their father.

When their mom went to Italy to visit Carina, she called Andrew to say their mom was sick and he needed to come immediately. When he arrived, he learned his mom had died before Carina even called, but she explained that she couldn't stand the thought of him knowing their mom was dead without her being there to hug him.[57]

She cares very deeply about her brother, despite feeling he's an idiot. When she learned that his ex-girlfriend, Sam, was working at the hospital and he'd had sex with her, she reminded him of the time he spent three weeks on her couch because of Sam.[58]

When ICE came for Sam at the hospital, Andrew went to Carina and ask if she had called them. She denied it, saying she wouldn't do that to Sam or to Andrew.[59]

Because of what happened with their mother, Andrew was worried when Carina said their papa was having problems. She assured Andrew that he wasn't dead.[60]

She lost a grandmother and several uncles to COVID.[61]


Carina is an attending OB/GYN at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, where she is regarded as the best OB on staff.[62] She went to med school in Italy and finished residency at the Paolo Calvino Hospital. When she failed to get funding for her research into female orgasms and the pain-control aspect of it, she visited her brother at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in order to ask its female Chief, Miranda Bailey, for permission to use their MRI to carry out her project. Having secured funding by using drug companies' interest in developing a female viagra, she was finally able to get her study going.

She was granted privileges when the OB/GYN department became short-staffed and ended up becoming part of the staff. When her visa was expiring in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to temporarily return to Italy to help out in her home country. She got her job at the Paolo Calvino Hospital back but ended up being re-hired at Grey Sloan when she decided to only go to Italy for a month.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She is Italian and speaks fluent Italian.[63]
  • She doesn't believe in coddling children.[64]
  • She had her first job at age nine, sweeping the floor of a cafe.[65]
  • She once stole a lipstick from a drug store.[66]
  • She'd never lost a mother in childbirth until the Covid-19 pandemic.[67]
  • She once pulled $10,000 in cash out of a woman who wanted to hide it from her ex-husband.[68]


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Notable Episodes[]

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Memorable Quotes[]



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