Carl Murphy is a patient who was treated with leeches for multiple melanomas.


Carl was admitted to the hospital with multiple melanomas. He'd had reconstructive surgery for his ear, nose, and left index finger. He had slow capillary refill, so they used leeches to help his blood flow.

While trying to attach the leeches, Olivia was nervous, so the leeches wouldn't attach. George took over and go them to bite and start working. The leeches did their job and Carl was on his way to recovery. He asked to take the leeches home with him, as he wanted to release them near his house to thank them for helping him.



He's divorced, but still wears a wedding ring.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 52 at the time of his hospitalization.
  • He has been hiking for over 40 years and loves the outdoors.
  • He named the leech George attached "O'Malley." The others he named Isabella and Darcy.


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