Caroline Hodges is a little girl who had a cancerous tumor in her throat.


Caroline had a large tumor in her larynx that was starting to invade her esophagus. Her mothers fought against laryngectomy because they wanted to preserve her ability to speak. When a potential donor for a larynx became available at the hospital, Jackson and April flew to the hospital to perform the transplant. However, the donor was found to have a lesion in his throat, making him not eligible to donate his larynx.

When Caroline's mothers, Risa and Mary, learned about the transplant not happening, they called Baylor and asked to have Caroline discharged so they could take her for a new treatment. Mary asked Jackson to convince them to stay by telling them what he had. He lied and told them he had an idea and wanted the time to figure it out. They agreed to give him until their flight.

Later, while talking to April, he had the idea to use Caroline's intestine and appendix to build her an organic larynx. Her parents liked the idea and quickly consented. Before surgery, Mary hugged Jackson and sent him all the love she could and told him to bring her daughter back alive.

The surgery went well and after Caroline woke up, she hesitantly said a few words and everyone celebrated.



Caroline's mothers wanted to be her voice because she was unable to speak.

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